Marshall Sample Clauses

Marshall. March 7, 2017 • Termination: General: You will be eligible to receive severance benefits afforded to Company Executive Vice Presidents under the American Tower Corporation Severance Program, in the case of defined circumstances of involuntary termination. All severance benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the Severance Program and the policies thereunder. In the event that your assignment is terminated by the Company without Cause (as defined in the American Tower Corporation Severance Program), then the Company will reimburse all reasonable expenses associated with your relocation back to the United Kingdom. Further, though severance would not be applicable, should there be a mutual decision for an early termination of the assignment, or, if there were a mutual decision for an EVP position to be based out of the United Kingdom, such reasonable relocation expenses would be reimbursed. This letter agreement supersedes the previous agreement entered into with the Company, and unless earlier terminated, its terms and conditions, including, its allowances and benefits, will remain in effect until February 28, 2019, but may be extended by the mutual written agreement of the parties. Sincerely, /s/ Jim Taiclet Jim Taiclet Chairman, President and CEO American Tower Corporation By my signature below, I acknowledge receipt and my agreement with the terms and conditions set forth in the letter and also acknowledge the adequacy of the consideration provided to me in connection therewith. /s/ Steven C. Marshall 7th March 2017.
Marshall. So as a result of the screening curve process, where all the options were compared, the three potentially lowest cost alternatives were identified. And those three alternatives are the conversation at Coleson Cove Generating Station to Orimulsion fuel. The continued operation of Coleson Cove on blended oil with additional boiler NOx controls. And a new 400 megawatt natural gas combined cycle plant combined with the continued operation at Coleson Cove on oil. And in the third case, the NOx controls were deferred to 2014, but the operation on oil would also be blended oil if necessary to stay below the 40,000 tonne limit at Coleson Cove. Now in response to interrogatories there were requests for additional analysis. That analysis was done. And two natural gas options were also considered as alternatives for Coleson Cove. One being the refuelling conversion of Coleson Cove burners to burn natural gas. And it's this particular option in which the error was determined in reevaluating and going back through the details of those calculations where we found that error. Initially it was not found because the results that we got on the Coleson Cove conversion were in the same ranges as we expected the results to be. In looking at them we didn't see there was any error to be detected until we went back through in a lot more detail to find where it was. The additional option that was evaluated was replacement of the entire Coleson Cove plant with new natural gas capacity, 800 megawatts of combined cycle and 200 megawatts of combustion turbines. And these two options really were done in response to interrogatories from the City of Saint John, I believe it
Marshall. A. Loeb ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Marshall. T. A., Morris K., Law G. T. W., Mosselmans J. F., Bots P., Parry S. A., and Shaw S., 2014. Incorporation and Retention of 99-Tc(IV) in Magnetite under High pH Conditions, Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (2014), pp. 11853-11862,
Marshall. OFFICERS PRESENT: County Executive Robert W. Tucker, Jr.; Deputy County Executive Mr. Richard E. Huff, II; Assistant County Executive Mrs. Roxanne White; County Attorney Mr. Larry W. Davis; School Division Superintendent Dr. Kevin C. Castner; Deputy County Attorney Mr. Mark Trank; Director of Finance Mr. Melvin Breeden; Director of Building Services Mr. Al Reaser; Director of Fiscal Services Mr. Agenda Item No. 1. Call to Order. Agenda Item No. 2. Presentation: FY 1998-99 Projected General Fund Revenues. Agenda Item No. 3. Memorandum of Understanding/Allocation of Revenues.
Marshall. I. Wais shall have entered into a shareholder guaranty (a "Shareholder Guaranty"), substantially in the form of Exhibit B and such guaranty shall be in full force and effect;
Marshall. B. Coyne Building The following additional transfers are 49 1620 Eye Street permitted without the prior consent of the lender: (a) a transfer of any or all of the corporate stock, partnership interests and/or membership interests in Mortgagor, or in any partner or member of Mortgagor, or any direct or indirect legal or beneficial owner of Mortgagor to and among H. Henry Elghanayan, Kamran Elghanayan and/or Frederick Elghanayan (each, a "Principal"), or any spouse, former spouse, lineal descendent or other immediate family member of a Principal (each, a "Family Member"), any trust or trusts for the benefit of Principal or a Family Member, or any entity owned, directly or indirectly, by any of the foregoing persons or trusts, and (b) a transfer of any or all of the corporate stock, partnership interests and/or membership interests in Mortgagor, or in any partner or member of Mortgagor, or any direct or indirect legal or
Marshall. The Surprising Effects of Sympathy, 145. annihilating actor highlights the opposition with the citizen who knows and owns his proper place: The orator and the preacher, it could be said, make use of their persons as does the actor. The difference is, however, very great. When the orator appears in public, it is to speak and to show himself off: he represents only himself; he fills only his role, speaks only in his own name, says, or ought to say, only what he thinks, the man and the role being the same, he is in his place; he is in the situation of any citizen who fulfils the functions of his estate [l’homme et le personnage étant le même être, il est à sa place; il est dans le cas de tout autre citoyen qui remplit les fonctions de son état]. But an actor on the stage, displaying other sentiments than his own, saying only what he is made to say, often representing a chimerical being, annihilates himself, as it were, and is lost in his hero [s’anéantit, pour ainsi dire, s’annule avec son héros]. And, this forgetting of the man [cet oubli de l’homme], if something remains of him [s’il en reste quelque chose], it is used as the plaything of the spectators.53 In this latter quote on the proper citizen we can recognize Austin’s framework for the “ordinary” and “serious” state of language. This framework insists on the normal speech being controlled, governed, owned and indeed, issued and authenticated by the speaking subject who sincerely only says what he really means. Also, this last quote reveals yet another similarity between Rousseau and Austin. Rousseau’s portrayal of the actor as both an irresistible mesmerizer, capturing his audience by their inherent readiness to abandon themselves in hypnotic passivity as well as a plaything of the same audience, suggests a problem of thinking this figure in relation to intention. As I have suggested before, Austin’s discussion of illocution also suggested that his exclusion was triggered by the impossibility of the thinking of intention in relation to what he excluded.54 53 Rousseau, Letter to d’Alembert, 80-81. For the original, see Rousseau, Lettre à M. D’Alembert, 165.
Marshall v. Baltimore & O.R.R., 57 US. (16 How.) 314, 345-46 (1853) (dissenting opinion).