Majority Approval Sample Clauses

Majority Approval. Whenever any matter is required or allowed to be approved by the Members under the Act or this Agreement, except as otherwise provided herein, such matter shall be considered approved or consented to upon the receipt of the affirmative approval or consent, either in writing or at a meeting of the Members, of a Majority in Interest of the Members. Assignees shall not be entitled to vote on any matter relating to the Company unless and until admitted as a Member.
Majority Approval. 11 3.10. Auxiliary Committees...................................... 11
Majority Approval. The following matters shall require the approval or consent of a Majority of Members:
Majority Approval. The vote of five (5) Directors (“Majority Approval”) shall be required for the Company to take action on any of the following items: (i) approval of the Company’s annual budget and business plan and any changes thereto, (ii) adoption of vision, mission and values statements and policies consistent with those statements, (iii) approval of administrative or management services arrangements with any Affiliate of GHS or UHC, (iv) the creation of any subsidiary or risk pool (other than those existing on the date hereof), (v) approval of any capital expenditure that would have a fair market value greater than two percent (2%) of the Company’s statutory net worth, (vi) the appointment of the Independent Joint Director, (vii) authorization to incur, create, assume or become liable in any manner with respect to any indebtedness that is in excess of three percent (3%) of the Company’s statutory net worth, (viii) the determination of a Reserve Deficiency, and (ix) any other matter requiring Board approval pursuant to applicable Law.
Majority Approval. Where any act or event hereunder is expressed to be subject to the consent or approval of the holders of the Securities without reference to a specific percentage of such holders, such consent or approval shall be capable of being given by the holder or holders evidencing in the aggregate not less than 51% of the Percentage Interests.
Majority Approval. As long as any shares of Series B Preferred Stock are outstanding, the Company shall not, without first obtaining the approval of the holders of at least a majority of the shares of Series B Preferred Stock then outstanding: (i) pay any dividends to holders of Common Stock; (ii) alter or change the rights, preferences or privileges of the Series B Preferred Stock; (iii) increase the authorized number of shares of the Series B Preferred Stock; (iv) create any new class or series of shares having preference over the Series B Preferred Stock; (v) authorize any amendment to these Articles of Incorporation which would adversely affect the rights of the holders of the Series B Preferred Stock or reclassify any shares of any class of capital stock into a class ranking prior to or in parity with the Series B Preferred Stock; or (vi) repurchase any equity security except redemptions of stock purchased from employees upon such employee(s) termination of employment.
Majority Approval. 11 3.10. Auxiliary Committees.....................................11
Majority Approval. Long agrees to vote all of the Majority Shares in favor of the Asset Purchase Agreement and the transactions contemplated thereby, and agrees to vote all of the Majority Shares against any other Acquisition Proposal, whether solicited or unsolicited. In addition, immediately upon execution of this Agreement, Long further agrees to execute an irrevocable proxy in the form attached as Exhibit A."