Logo Sample Clauses

Logo. Current logo, with correct spacing, color or black and white shall be requested directly from Civic Life communications staff or assigned program staff.
Logo. The Secretary [of Transportation] shall design a logo to be displayed by a facility designated under this section.’’ VENDING MACHINES; PLACEMENT IN REST, RECREATION, AND SAFETY REST AREAS; STATE OPERATION OF MA- CHINES Pub. L. 97–424, title I, § 111, Jan. 6, 1983, 96 Stat. 2106, provided that notwithstanding section 111 of this title before Oct. 1, 1983, any State could permit placement of vending machines in rest and recreation areas and in safety rest areas constructed or located on rights-of- way of National System of Interstate and Defense Highways [now Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx System of Inter- state and Defense Highways] in such State. Such vend- ing machines could only dispense such food, drink, and other articles as the State highway department deter- mined were appropriate and desirable. Such vending machines could only be operated by the State. In per- mitting the placement of vending machines under this section, the State had to give priority to vending ma- chines which were operated through the State licensing agency designated pursuant to section 2(a)(5) of the Act of June 20, 1936, known as the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxx Act (20 U.S.C. 107a(a)(5)). DEMONSTRATION PROJECT FOR VENDING MACHINES IN REST AND RECREATION AREAS Pub. L. 95–599, title I, § 153, Nov. 6, 1978, 92 Stat. 2716, authorized Secretary of Transportation to implement a demonstration project respecting placement of vending machines in rest and recreation areas and to report not later than two years after Nov. 6, 1978, on results of such project. REVISION OF AGREEMENTS RELATING TO UTILIZATION OF SPACE ON RIGHTS-OF-WAY Pub. L. 87–61, title I, § 104(b), June 29, 1961, 75 Stat. 123, authorized Secretary of Commerce [now Transpor- tation], on application, to revise any agreement made prior to June 29, 1961, to extent that such agreement re- lates to utilization of space on rights-of-way on Na- tional System of Interstate and Defense Highways [now Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx System of Interstate and De- fense Highways] to conform to section 111 of this title as amended by subsection (a). § 112. Letting of contracts
Logo. Logo Usage guidelines are attached to this contract as Exhibit B. All promotional literature and display advertising must display the “Florida Keys & Key West Come As You Are” logo/trademark (as per attached logo sample – Exhibit B). This logo/trademark was adopted by the TDC and County in April, 2010.
Logo. 10. All the Publications and Announcements of the Conference – whether electronic, paper or on the Web - shall recognize the conference as “name of the Conference”, “abbreviation of the Conference name”, and shall display the logo of the IFMBE.
Logo. Attached hereto as Exhibit B is the CDMA designated logo (the ---- "Logo"). The Parties agree that QUALCOMM is the owner of the Logo. QUALCOMM claims all common law trademarks in the Logo and has filed, or will file, applications to obtain trademark registration for the Logo. If, for whatever reason, registrations are not granted or use of the Logo is deemed by QUALCOMM to be inadvisable, QUALCOMM shall have the right to either designate a new logo, subject to LICENSEE's approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, or terminate LICENSEE's right to use the Logo, or continue LICENSEE's right to use the Logo under QUALCOMM's common law rights. Until the Logo is properly registered, LICENSEE shall acknowledge QUALCOMM's ownership of same by displaying a superscript "TM" to the Logo (e.g., Logo (TM)), or stating that the Logo is a trademark of XXXXXXXX Xxxxxxxxxxxx.
Logo. Licensee has adopted the logo shown in the Identity Standards for use in connection with its operations (“Logo”). Licensee is the owner of all rights associated with the Logo and will be responsible for the registration and enforcement of those rights. Licensee may, without Licensor’s consent, modify the Logo and develop one or more new logos, provided the modified Logo and any new logos comply with the requirements of this Agreement and will not result in a likelihood of confusion with logos used by Licensor.
Logo. The building of the project’s image started with the design of a simple and effective logo. This logo has been included in the design and production of BIOPOOL website, factsheet, as well as in all the internal and external communication material produced by the consortium. The logo shows the image of a microscope, to evoke the activities of BIOPOOL project. Figure 1: BIOPOOL logo The logo is available on the project document server.
Logo. The Merchant agrees that it will use its best effect to display promotional materials, including but not limited to, tent cards, posters, stickers, leaflets, digital signages to promote the use of the Merchant Services.
Logo. All mentions of the Grant (including media, print and signage) during the Term must carry the Foundation’s name and Logo in a form and style to be approved by the Foundation.
Logo. 1Vstore.com allows Vtailers xxx xxx xx our logo for their promotional purposes. We ask that Vtailers email Vstore.com for prior approvax, clearly stating their intended use of the logo. Contact us at vtaileradmin@vstore.com.