Lobbies Sample Clauses

Lobbies. Empty all wastebaskets and recycling receptacles, change liners. X Spot clean all wastebaskets and receptacles. X Remove wastepaper and waste material to designated area. X Vacuum all carpeted areas using a certified Hepa (or better) filtered vacuum, including mat(s) at vestibule entrance. X Spot clean all carpeting using manufacturer's process & materials X Sweep and or dust mop and wet mop all marble and composition flooring X Spray buff, to a high gloss, all marble and composition flooring; sweep and clean corners so as to remove buffing residue. X Spot clean all spillage on marble and other hard surface flooring. X Clean door glass (both sides) at main entrances. X Dust and clean thoroughly all Building Directories, including all surrounding metal and trim. X Dust and wipe metal trim surrounding main entrances. X Clean floor and empty wastebaskets and recycling receptacles behind guard station. X Spot clean and wipe front lobby atrium rails and glass up to 96". X Dust all high ledges, counters, and moldings located six (6) feet from floor and above. X Dust and wipe as needed all low ledges, counters, sills, and moldings located within six (6) feet from the floor. X Vacuum all ventilation grills. Spot clean as needed to remove built-up dust and dirt. Schedule with the Client Agency Designee in Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. X Dust and wipe all surfaces located above main entryway doors. X High dust all vertical surfaces, down lights, and other light fixtures. X ELEVATOR CABS AND DOORS Vacuum all carpeted areas using a certified Hepa (or better) filtered vacuum. X Detail vacuum all carpeted flooring including edges. X SERVICE DESCRIPTION FREQUENCY DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY QUARTERLY Spot clean all carpeting (using Manufacturer process & materials). X Clean all doors, door frames and bright metal work with a treated cloth. Dry polish leaving no streaks. X Clean all Plastic laminate wall surfaces with a treated cloth up to 96" X Clean and polish all thresholds/tracks X Clean and polish cab bright metal work and doors at floor door frames. X Wipe down all hand rails, walls, doors, ceilings, metal work and lights to remove all dust, fingerprints, and smudges, wipe call buttons X Vacuum and/or dry dust ceiling, walls, doors, fans and lights X Elevator carpeting: Hot water extract/shampoo X EMERGENCY EGRESS STAIRS Remove all trash & litter X Sweep all stairs & landings utilizing sweeping compound, to reduce dust X Wipe clean with a damp cloth all stair hand rails X Wash ...
Lobbies. So long as Tenant is satisfying the Office Space Leasing Requirement, the ground floor lobby areas of each Building (as identified on Exhibit A-1 attached hereto) (each a “Lobby”, collectively, the “Lobbies”) shall be deemed to be part of the “Premises” under this Lease, and, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary set forth in this Lease, all of the TCCs of this Lease (except as set forth in this Section below) applicable to the Premises shall apply with respect to the Lobbies, including without limitation, Tenant’s repair and maintenance obligations set forth in Section 7.2 below, and Tenant’s obligations relating to compliance with Applicable Laws set forth in Article 24 below. At anytime that Tenant is no longer satisfying the Office Space Leasing Requirement with respect to a particular Building, the Lobby of such Building shall become Building Common Areas, as well such other areas on each floor as are required for multi-tenant use. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary set forth in this Lease: (i) Tenant may only use the Lobbies for ingress and egress to and from the exterior of each Building and the elevators, or such other use as permitted by Landlord in its reasonable discretion, and which use is consist with the lobby areas of other Comparable Buildings occupied by a single-tenant office user, (ii) Tenant shall have the right to make Improvements to the Lobbies in accordance with the terms of the Work Letter, (iii) any Alterations (including any Cosmetic Alterations, as that term is defined in Section 8.1 below) made by Tenant to the Lobbies shall require Landlord’s consent, not to be unreasonably withheld, or delayed, and (iv) Landlord and Landlord’s Terrace Users (as defined in Section 1.5 below) shall have the right to enter the Lobbies in order to obtain access to the Terrace during the exercise of Landlord’s Use Rights.
Lobbies. All stone, and other un-waxed or untreated flooring are to be swept as needed daily. Vacuum and spot clean all entrance mats as necessary to maintain clean condition and appearance. Clean all unpainted metal and remove fingerprints as necessary. Polish all lobby entrance door hardware daily. Wipe clean and polish as necessary all stainless steel and other bright work. Day staff will maintain lobby floor in a clean condition throughout day and, during wet weather, keep entrance mopped dry. Day staff will put down, remove and clean lobby rain mat runners as necessary. Vertical surfaces, such as walls, partitions, doors and bucks, of all corridors and lobbies are to be dusted, spot cleaned, treated and polished as necessary. Day staff will keep lobby in clean condition.
Lobbies. 5. Toilets for drivers/ servants
Lobbies. Tile Finish LIFTS : 8 Persons Passenger lift and stretcher lift of reputed make GENERATOR : A suitable standby generator shall be provided as standby for all common lighting and water pump. THE THIRD SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO: PART - I (COMMON AREAS, AMENITIES AND FACILITIES)
Lobbies. 1st& 2nd floor lobbies shall be enhanced by an open stair with decorative stainless steel handrails.