Loan Note Sample Clauses

Loan Note. The loan note shall be an integral part of this Contract. In the event that there is no record in this Contract, or the loan amount, withdrawal amount, repayment amount, borrow date and maturity date of the loan, loan term, loan interest rate and loan purpose as recorded in this Contract is inconsistent with those recorded in the loan note, the loan note shall prevail.
Loan Note. The obligation of the Borrower to repay the unpaid principal amount of the IHS Line of Credit, together with interest thereon, and Lender's fees and costs in connection therewith shall be evidenced by that certain Subordinated Note dated December 27, 1996 (the "Note") of Borrower of even date herewith, payable to the order of Lender in a face amount equal to the maximum loan amount set forth in Section 1, above, and having a maturity date which is on the second anniversary of the date hereof (the "Maturity Date").
Loan Note. The Loans made hereunder shall be evidenced by the promissory note issued by AESOP Leasing pursuant to the Original Loan Agreement (herein, as from time to time supplemented, extended or replaced, the "Loan Note"), a copy of which is attached as Exhibit A, dated as of the Initial Closing Date, payable to the order of the Lender and assigned to the Trustee pursuant to the Indenture.
Loan Note. “Loan Note” means a promissory note payable to the order of Borrower, that is secured by a deed of trust or mortgage on real property.
Loan Note. 3.8.1 Loan note is a component of this contract. In case the loan amount, withdrawal amount, repayment amount, issuing date and maturity date of the loan, term of the loan, interest rate, purpose of loan recorded in this contract are not in consistency with those in loan note, or the above contents are not recorded in this contract, the records of loan note shall prevail.
Loan Note. Contemporaneously with the execution of this Agreement, Borrower shall execute and deliver the Loan Note to Lender. The principal amount owing to Lender under the Loan Note at any given time shall be the aggregate amount of all advances made under the Loan, less all payments of principal theretofore paid by or on behalf of Borrower. The Loan Note shall (i) be payable to the order of the Lender, (ii) be dated the date hereof, and (iii) mature on the Maturity Date.