Licensor and Sample Clauses

Licensor and its Affiliates may operate (or may authorize others to operate) a full-service O'Charley's restaurant or other similar food service facilities offering the same products and services offered by a full-service O'Charley's restaurant or an Alternative Distribution Facility in any area of retail sales establishments, food courts, transportation facilities (e.g., airports, train stations, bus terminals or port authorities), hospitals and other healthcare facilities, cafeterias, commissaries, schools, hotels, sports and entertainment facilities (e.g., stadiums, arenas, ball parks or convention centers) and other mass gathering locations or events designated by Licensor (each, an "Excluded Area"). Licensor may first offer to Developer the right to offer and sell the O'Charley's restaurant products in the Excluded Area within the Territory. Developer must meet each of the conditions outlined in Section IV(B), and any other criteria and qualifications deemed necessary by Licensor, or any other third party involved in the arrangement such as an airport or stadium authority, educational institution or other facilities operator ("Facilities Operator"), to offer and sell the O'Charley's restaurant products and services in the Excluded Area. If Developer does not meet all of the criteria and qualifications required by Licensor and the Facilities Operator, then Developer shall not be granted the right to offer and sell such products and services within the Excluded Area and Licensor may conduct such business, or authorize any other person or Entity to do so. If Developer meets all the conditions, criteria and qualifications, Licensor shall offer to Developer the right to offer and sell such products and services on such terms and conditions as such arrangements may be offered to third parties as determined by Licensor or such Facilities Operator, as applicable. Once such offer has been made to Developer by Licensor in writing, Developer shall have the right to accept such offer within thirty (30) days after receipt of such written notification. If Developer fails to notify Licensor in writing of Developer's intent to accept the offer within such thirty (30) day time period or Developer fails to meet any criteria or qualifications imposed by Licensor or the Facilities Operator, Licensor may conduct such business itself, or authorize any other person or Entity to do so.
Licensor and or its suppliers shall retain title and all intellectual property and other proprietary rights in and to the Software and the media on which the same is furnished (and all copies of the foregoing) and no right, title or interest to the intellectual property rights in the Software is transferred to End-User. End-User will not remove, alter, or obscure any Notices of Licensor or its suppliers on or in the Software.
Licensor and. Licensee warrant that they have not assigned or subrogated any claims settled by this Agreement.
Licensor and its Affiliates shall have the right and ability to, and to permit others to: (i) transmit or re-transmit in any electronic form or other means, from any television station in Mexico, or via satellite which receives its signal from any earth station or other facility in Mexico, any Programs which may also be covered by this Agreement, notwithstanding the fact that such transmissions or re-transmissions may be viewed in the Territory, provided that neither Licensor nor its Affiliates consent to the retransmission of such Programs by any television station in the Territory or by any cable system in the Territory that is located beyond 35 miles from the community of license of any transmitting television station in Mexico transmitting the Programs (any such cable re-transmission within such 35 mile limit being hereby expressly permitted); and (ii) market and promote and otherwise generate revenues (including, but not limited to, the sale of advertising time) attributable to the ability of viewers in the Territory to receive such Programs.
Licensor and. Xxxxxxxx will jointly and severally defend Licensee against any and all Claims, and hold Licensee harmless against any and all Losses or Expenses, subject to the limitations of warranties, remedies, and liability herein, arising from or otherwise in respect of:
Licensor and. SKCC reserve and retain the --------------- rights to use any or all Licensor Patent Rights and Future Patent Rights for research by Licensor or SKCC or its designees, so long as the same is not used for any commercial purposes.
Licensor and or its Affiliates shall own all intellectual property rights developed, authored, invented, first reduced to practice or otherwise created during the development of any Enhancements or the performance of any Supplemental Services.