Licensed Compounds Sample Clauses

Licensed Compounds. This Agreement will be exclusive with respect to the Development, Manufacture, and Commercialization of [*] that are intended to [*] as described below [*].
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Licensed Compounds. Each Active Compound which meets the criteria set forth in Exhibit 2.3 to the satisfaction of the Research Committee may be recommended by the Research Committee to Dainippon which shall have the right to select from those so recommended the Active Compound for the GLP Toxicology Study and further development and commercialization under the License Agreement. Such selection shall be made by written notice to RiboGene. Each Active Compound so selected shall be designated a Licensed Compound and shall be covered by the terms of the License Agreement.
Licensed Compounds. Roche shall pay to Pharmasset the following nonrefundable payments (shown in [***] of US dollars) upon the first occurrence of the following events for Licensed Compound: Event Payment for First Achievement of Event Payment for Second and Each Subsequent Achievement of Event [***] [***] [***]
Licensed Compounds. The Development Plan for the Primary Compound is attached hereto as Schedule 1. For a given Potential Licensed Compound, promptly following the exercise by Roche of its Option designated such Potential Licensed Compound as a Licensed Collaboration Compound, the Parties shall, through JDMC, develop and adopt a Development Plan for such Licensed Collaboration Compound. Each Development Plan shall specify, among other things, that Roche shall conduct, at its own cost and expense, all activities in support of obtaining Regulatory Approval in the Roche Territory. Such Development Plan may be amended from time to time in accordance with Article 8.
Licensed Compounds. For a period of [***] after selection of a Candidate Compound, Sankyo shall have the right to conduct more extensive preclinical development and evaluation of such Candidate Compound as a clinical candidate, and to determine in its sole discretion whether such Candidate Compound should be deemed a Licensed Compound in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. If, at any time within such [***] period, Sankyo determines in its sole discretion that such Candidate Compound should be deemed a Licensed Compound, Sankyo shall provide written notice thereof to MTI. Thereafter, such Candidate Compound shall be a Licensed Compound for all purposes under this Agreement. Licensed Compounds shall also include any Research Compound that Sankyo determines meets the Recommended Compound Criteria, Recommended Compound and/or Candidate Compound which Sankyo may further develop following the termination or expiration of the Research Program Term in accordance with Sections 6.1.1, 14.2 and 14.3 and which Sankyo may determine, in its sole discretion, to deem as a Licensed Compound pursuant to this Section 4.4.
Licensed Compounds. Schedule 1.62 lists those compounds which Sanofi Developed in its [***] for which Sanofi has generated data which is included in the Licensed Know-How or Other Data. Sanofi does not represent and warrant to Licensee that Schedule 1.62 lists all compounds which Sanofi Developed in its [***].
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Licensed Compounds. The license in Section 5.2.1 grants to Roche rights to develop and commercialize Licensed Compounds (and corresponding Products) in the Field. Roche agrees that such license does not grant to Roche any right to develop and/or commercialize any Compounds other than Licensed Compounds (and corresponding Products) in the Field, and further agrees that, during the term of this Agreement, Roche will not develop, make, have made, use, import, sell, offer for sale or otherwise commercialize, any Compounds other than Licensed Compounds (and corresponding Products) for use in the Field, and will not authorize, facilitate or assist any Affiliate or Third Party to conduct any such activities. Notwithstanding the above, during the term of the Agreement Roche shall have the right to conduct pre-clinical research with any E Compounds (except those that are then Maxygen Compounds) to assess which such E Compounds Roche wishes to select as Licensed Compounds.
Licensed Compounds. During the term of this Agreement, for so long as Roche retains its exclusive worldwide license to any Product set forth in Section 5.2.1, Maxygen will not, without Roche’s written consent, develop, make, use or commercialize itself, and will not grant to any Third Party a license, to develop or commercialize any Licensed Compound or corresponding Product.
Licensed Compounds. Section 1.29 of the Agreement is hereby amended and restated as follows:
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