Letters Sample Clauses

Letters. The Company has caused to be duly executed legally binding and enforceable agreements (except (i) as such enforceability may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or similar laws affecting creditors' rights generally, (ii) as enforceability of any indemnification, contribution or noncompete provision may be limited under the federal and state securities laws, and (iii) that the remedy of specific performance and injunctive and other forms of equitable relief may be subject to the equitable defenses and to the discretion of the court before which any proceeding therefor may be brought) a form of which is annexed as Exhibit 10.1 to the Registration Statement ("INSIDER LETTER"), pursuant to which each of the Initial Stockholders of the Company agree to certain matters, including but not limited to, certain matters described as being agreed to by them under the "Proposed Business" Section of the Prospectus.
Letters. To assist the Principal Recipient in the implementation of this Agreement, the Global Fund will from time to time issue Implementation Letters that will furnish additional information and guidance about matters stated in this Agreement. In addition, the Global Fund and the Principal Recipient may from time to time issue jointly signed Implementation Letters to confirm and record their mutual understanding on aspects of the implementation of this Agreement.
Letters in-Lieu of division orders or transfer orders executed by an authorized officer or Attorney-in-Fact of Buyer substantially in the form of Exhibit "M";
Letters. A. Employees shall receive a copy of any adverse statement written by employee's supervisor or management concerning their own work performance or conduct.
Letters. Tasking Letters issued under this Agreement shall be in a form substantially similar to that of Exhibit A. At a minimum, each Tasking Letter shall set forth:
Letters. OF CREDIT
Letters. Each of AOLTW, AT&T and Comcast has set forth information in the AOLTW Disclosure Letter, the AT&T Disclosure Letter and the Comcast Disclosure Letter, respectively, in a section thereof that corresponds to the Section of this Agreement to which it relates. A matter set forth in one section of either Disclosure Letter need not be set forth in any other section thereof so long as its relevance to the later section of the Disclosure Letter or Section of this Agreement is readily apparent on the face of the information disclosed in the Disclosure Letter. The fact that any item of information is disclosed in a Disclosure Letter shall not be construed to mean that such information is required to be disclosed by this Agreement. Such information and the dollar thresholds set forth herein shall not be used as a basis for interpreting the terms "material" or "Material Adverse Effect" or other similar terms in this Agreement except as otherwise expressly set forth in such Disclosure Letter.
Letters. If any repayment or prepayment by the Borrowers hereunder shall require the prepayment of a Letter on any day other than the day of payment thereunder by the Issuing Lender, the amount of such repayment or prepayment of a Letter shall be the then contingent liability of the Issuing Lender thereunder. Upon the payment by the Borrowers to the Agent of the then contingent liability of the Issuing Lender under all outstanding Letters, the Agent shall deposit such payment to the Cash Collateral Account and shall apply funds in the Cash Collateral Account to (a) satisfy any reimbursement obligations of the Borrowers to the Issuing Lender under Section 9.6 or (b) refund to the Borrowers any amounts payable by the Issuing Lender to the Borrower under Section 13.4.