Lenses Sample Clauses

Lenses. One pair in each twelve (12) consecutive month period is covered. Payment is made for the actual charge for one or two lenses or contact lenses, but not more than: Per Lens: Per Pair: Single Vision $20 $40 Bifocals $30 $60 Trifocals $40 $80 Lenticular $100 $200 Contact Lenses (cosmetic) $35 $70 Contact Lenses (medically necessary) $200 $400 Note: the amount for a single lens is fifty percent (50%) of the amount for a pair of lenses. The plan will pay the actual charge for the services and supplies up to the maximum; the difference will be added to the maximum amount applicable to any other service or supply for which a charge is incurred within sixty (60) days.
Lenses. (a) The Canon 24-70 2.8L Lens and Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS Lens both come fitted with Hoya Pro1D UV 77 and 82mm filters, and must remain fitted to the lens under all circumstances. You may screw the extra filters onto the UV filter without removing the UV filter.
Lenses xx shall have the exclusive right to defend at its expense any such Infringement Claim, and to make settlements thereof at its own discretion, and the Licensee may not settle or compromise any such Infringement Claim, except with the prior written consent of Xxxxxx.xx. The Licensee shall give such assistance and information as Xxxxxx.xx may reasonably require in connection with the investigation, defense or settlement such Infringement Claims. In the event any such Infringement Claim is brought or threatened, Xxxxxx.xx may at its sole option and expense:
Lenses xx shall ensure that all faults in the Software shall be classified and handled as shown below. Failures shall be classified as to the severity that they have on the working system. The severity classification shall be used to determine the response time for returning the system to its fully operational state, as further set out in the Service Level Agreement set out in the Order. The severity classification shall be:
Lenses xx may collect, store, transfer and process data regarding the Licensee’s authorised use of the Software (“Telemetry Data”), such as but not limited to IP addresses, information about the browser or device, information regarding the usage: for example when it’s used or how often, which function is used or related statistical information, information about the software for example the version or usage history of the Software. In no case does Xxxxxx.xx collect any information from content or data processed by the user. Telemetry Data collection serves exclusively for statistical purposes and for guiding the development of Xxxxxx.xx’s products and services. The Licensee may at any time disable the collection of Telemetry Data via the configuration settings of the Software.
Lenses xx shall inform the Licensee promptly of any improved version of the Software that Xxxxxx.xx shall make from time to time and shall deliver to the Licensee as soon as reasonably practicable the object code of the new release in machine-readable form together with the Program Documentation published on Xxxxxx.xx’s website.
Lenses xx does not warrant that the Software will function in any environment other than on the Supported Technologies and Xxxxxx.xx shall not be liable for any failure by the Licensee to properly install the Software on the Supported Environment.
Lenses xx may terminate this Agreement or any Order in the event of any of the following: