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Investigate. A defect that does not have a major or medium impact on the general usability of the system c) Citizen Portal: 1) A single citizen cannot submit tips; 2) A single citizen cannot view wanted posters. During ShotSpotter's Normal Customer Support Business Hours, ShotSpotter will respond to emails in the order received, or the next business day. ShotSpotter will provide assistance during ShotSpotter's Normal Customer Support Business Hours for P5 Issues. ShotSpotter will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a resolution in a subsequent release. Subscription-Based Investigative Case Management for San Diego Police Department, California November 29, 2021 Proposal ID: SANDIEGO112921 Submitted by: Xxx Xxxxxx, Director – Investigate 000-000-0000 mobile 000.000.0000 fax ShotSpotter, Inc. 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 888.274.6877 Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 1 The Innovative Approach of Investigate 1 How It Works 2 Capture Everything In One Place 2 Organize Instantly 3 Solve Cases Faster 4 Get Courtroom-Ready 4 ShotSpotter Alignment with the San Diego Police Department Criminal Intelligence Unit’s Goals 5 Company History 6 Solution Overview 7 Interactions 7 Incidents 7 Investigations 7 Intelligence 8 Onboarding Services 8 Getting Started 8 Implementation 9 Best Practices 10 User Training 10 New System Roll-Out 10 Pricing 12 Payment Terms 13 Pricing Assumptions 13 Executive Summary Introduction ShotSpotter is pleased to present this proposal in response to the San Diego Police Department’s request by the Criminal Intelligence Unit. The proposed ShotSpotter Investigate™ cloud-based case management software solution will help the San Diego Police Department capture, track, and collaborate on investigations in one place. The platform’s investigative, analytics, and reporting tools provide real-time visibility into case progress—from the office or the fieldhelping your agency keep investigations moving forward. As a result, San Diego Police Department can better protect the community and achieve higher clearance rates, especially for violent crimes and shootings. The Innovative Approach of Investigate For investigative case management, police departments have traditionally relied on under- powered RMS modules and homegrown or manual systems. These approaches lack the analytics, collaboration tools, and workflow engine detectives need to solve cases quickly. As a res...
Investigate a. All reports will be promptly and thoroughly investigated by the Personnel Director or Risk Manager.
Investigate. To determine (a) the cause of the incident, (b) the nature and amount of the Protected Information involved, and (c) the identity of individuals (data subjects) whose protected information may have been improperly used.
Investigate. The appropriate manager / supervisor shall investigate the matter to establish (as far as is practicable), the facts. * This investigation should be conducted as soon as possible to ensure as clear a recollection of events as possible. * If the matter concerns the employee's conduct, any witnesses will be interviewed as soon as is practicable the witnesses should make written statements, in writing, in their own words and handwriting and signed by the witness. * The company should ensure that all practicable steps are taken to gather as much information as possible. * It may be necessary to stand-down the employee against whom the allegation is made whilst the investigation is carried out. * The employee/s concerned must also be interviewed to answer any allegation of unsatisfactory performance/conduct. At this interview the company will put to the employee directly the substance of the allegation, ask for a response to those allegations. * If the matter involves unsatisfactory performance, counselling involving a Remedial Action Plan (see annexure 1) may be appropriate. In the counselling process the supervisor will outline, preferably in writing, but in clear and specific terms to the employee, any areas of job performance, attitude, behaviour etc. that are not up to standard. The supervisor will then invite the employee's comments. Together, the supervisor and the employee will attempt to prepare a written statement of objectives, agreeable to the supervisor, which the employee makes a commitment to achieve. On-going monitoring of the situation should be undertaken. * It is important that performance issues are addressed sooner rather than later to prevent the situation deteriorating, thus giving the counselling and non-punitive measures a greater chance of success. * If the employee is unwilling to cooperate with this counselling procedure, the supervisor could immediately or soon after conduct a disciplinary interview and, if appropriate, issue a written warning. * At all meetings with an employee where disciplinary action is a possibility, the company should ensure that more than one management person is involved and present. This second management person will be a witness to the events and can ensure appropriate standards are met. * The employee will also be advised that they may have a witness present.
Investigate. Promptly investigate the root cause of the failure;

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  • Complaints Investigation ‌ An employee who complains of harassment under the provisions of the Human Rights Code of British Columbia may refer the complaint to either one or other of the following processes:

  • Provide Information Except as set forth in Section 16, Parent, SpinCo and Acquiror shall keep each other reasonably informed with respect to any material development relating to the matters subject to this Agreement.

  • Investigations The respective representations and warranties of the Parties contained in this Agreement or any certificate or other document delivered by any Party at or prior to the Closing and the rights to indemnification set forth in Article XI shall not be deemed waived or otherwise affected by any investigation made, or knowledge acquired, by a Party.

  • Monitor Monitor means to re-assess or re-evaluate, at reasonable intervals, a decision, determination or analysis previously made.

  • Independent Investigation Subscriber, in making the decision to purchase the Units, has relied upon an independent investigation of the Company and has not relied upon any information or representations made by any third parties or upon any oral or written representations or assurances from the Company, its officers, directors or employees or any other representatives or agents of the Company, other than as set forth in this Agreement. Subscriber is familiar with the business, operations and financial condition of the Company and has had an opportunity to ask questions of, and receive answers from the Company’s officers and directors concerning the Company and the terms and conditions of the offering of the Units and has had full access to such other information concerning the Company as Subscriber has requested. Subscriber confirms that all documents that it has requested have been made available and that Subscriber has been supplied with all of the additional information concerning this investment which Subscriber has requested.

  • Investigation (a) Each of the Company and Parent shall afford the other party and to the officers, employees, accountants, consultants, legal counsel, financial advisors and agents and other representatives (collectively, “Representatives”) of such other party reasonable access during normal business hours, throughout the period prior to the earlier of the Effective Time and the Termination Date, to its and its Subsidiaries’ personnel, properties, contracts, commitments, books and records and any report, schedule or other document filed or received by it pursuant to the requirements of applicable Laws for purposes of integration planning. Notwithstanding the foregoing, neither the Company nor Parent shall be required to afford such access if it would (i) unreasonably disrupt the operations of such party or any of its Subsidiaries, (ii) cause a violation of any agreement to which such party or any of its Subsidiaries is a party (provided that Parent or the Company, as the case may be, shall use reasonable best efforts to implement procedures to provide the access or information contemplated by this Section 5.3 without violating such agreement), or (iii) cause a risk of a loss of privilege to such party or any of its Subsidiaries or would constitute a violation of any applicable Law.

  • Enquiries All enquiries relating to this Agreement should be addressed to Student Services at the Arts University Bournemouth campus and no variation to this Agreement will be valid unless it has been confirmed in writing by a member of the Student Services on behalf of the Arts University Bournemouth. SCHEDULE 1 Rights granted to the Student Subject to the Student complying with all proper rules and regulations imposed by the Arts University Bournemouth the non-exclusive right, together with the Arts University Bournemouth and all others who are so authorised by the Arts University Bournemouth, the right to:- 1 use the Common Parts for their proper purposes during such hours as the Arts University Bournemouth designate. 2 deposit normal non-toxic rubbish in any receptacles provided by the Arts University Bournemouth.