Introduce Sample Clauses

Introduce a number of international core programs and international instructors from famous foreign institutions, develop foreign teaching activities in China and vigorously improve Party B’s teaching level.
Introduce its customers to the products of the other party, when appropriate.
Introduce the provision to the Client of information by Advantage Angels which identifies the Temporary Worker (Bank*) and Introduction and Introduced shall be construed accordingly. Introduction Date: the date Advantage Angels Introduces the Temporary Worker (Bank*) to the Client in accordance with Clause 2 (Advantage Angels obligations).
Introduce. The provision to Client of information by Company by way of curriculum vitae, Shortlist or in such format as Client may from time to time require which identifies a Candidate. The terms Introduction and Introduced shall be construed accordingly. The introduction of a Candidate shall be deemed to have taken place notwithstanding that such Candidate may eventually take an Appointment with the Client in other than the Position in contemplation of the parties at the time of Introduction. Position: The position or positions Client seeks to fill, based upon Requirements detailed in Section 4 of these Terms and Conditions Requirements: The requirements provided to Company by the Client based on Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions. Search: A search by Company for Candidates to fill a particular Position (the Assignment) Shortlist: A written list of Candidates Company has and/or intends to Introduce to Client. Terms and Conditions: These terms and conditions as amended from time to time in accordance with Section 9A. Territory: The United States of America Total First Year’s Remuneration: Means all emoluments (whether in form of wages, fees or otherwise) payable to or receivable by the Candidate, together with all bonuses (whether guaranteed or anticipated), commission payments, allowances, inducement payments, and any other benefits (whether taxable or non- taxable), including, where a car or car allowance is provided, the sum of $4,000 (four thousand) or the car allowance, whichever is the greater. The heading names in these Terms and Conditions are provided for reference purposes only and shall not be independently interpreted. These Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon both parties based upon their respective conduct, notwithstanding any error or defect in the execution of these Terms and Conditions or other document.
Introduce. 2. Identify (research)
Introduce a student‐centered, contemporary approach to teaching and learning in the areas of English, science, technology and mathematics
Introduce. Nettaxi to potential underwriters for a secondary underwriting in an amount of Thirty to Fifty Million dollars ($30 - $50,000,000) and advise Nettaxi in their negotiations for the terms and timing of said financing.
Introduce the provision to the Client of information by the Employment Business by way of a curriculum vitae or in such format as the Client may from time to time require which identifies the Worker and Introduction and Introduced shall be construed accordingly. Introduction Date: the date the Employment Business Introduces the Temporary Worker to the Client in accordance with clause 2. Introduction Fee: shall have the meaning set out in clause 4.1.
Introduce the provision to the Client of information by Nurse Plus which identifies the Temporary Worker and Introduction and Introduced shall be construed accordingly. Introduction Date: the date Nurse Plus Introduces the Temporary Worker to the Client in accordance with Clause 2 (Nurse Plus’s obligations).

Related to Introduce

  • Introducer 33.1. In cases where the Client is introduced to the Company through a third person such as a business introducer or associate or affiliate (“Introducer”), the Client acknowledges that the Company is not bound by any separate agreements entered into between the Client and the Introducer. It is also made clear that the IBs are not authorized by us to bind the Company in any way, to offer credit in our name, to offer guarantees against losses, to offer investment services or legal, investment or tax advice in our name or collect your money.

  • Approach All investments are to be made using the value approach by investing in companies at prices below their underlying long term values to protect capital from loss and earn income over time and provide operating income as needed. With regard to equities, no attempt is made to forecast the economy or the stock market. The manager will attempt to identify financially sound companies with good potential profitability which are selling at large discounts to their intrinsic value. Appropriate measures of low prices may consist of some or all of the following characteristics: low price earnings ratios, high dividend yields, significant discounts to book value, and free cash flow. Downside protection is obtained by seeking a margin of safety in terms of a sound financial position and a low price in relation to intrinsic value. Appropriate measures of financial integrity which are regularly monitored, include debt/equity ratios, financial leverage, asset turnover, profit margin, return on equity, and interest coverage. As a result of this bargain hunting approach, it is anticipated that purchases will be made when economic and issue-specific conditions are less than ideal and sentiment is uncertain or negative. Conversely, it is expected that gains will be realized when issue-specific factors are positive and sentiment is buoyant. The investment time horizon is one business cycle (approximately 3-5 years). As regards bonds, the approach is similar. No attempt is made to forecast the economy or interest rates. The manager will attempt to purchase attractively priced bonds offering yields better than Treasury bonds with maturities of 10 years or less that are of sound quality i.e. whose obligations are expected to be fully met as they come due. We do not regard rating services as being an unimpeachable source for assessing credit quality any more than we would regard a broker's recommendation on a stock as being necessarily correct. In any form of investment research and evaluation, there is no substitute for the reasoned judgement of the investment committee and its managers.

  • ADVERTISERS Any correspondence or business dealings with, or the participation in any promotions of, advertisers located on or through our Services, which may include the payment and/or delivery of such related goods and/or Services, and any such other term, condition, warranty and/or representation associated with such dealings, are and shall be solely between you and any such advertiser. Moreover, you herein agree that Xxxxx Xxxxx shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any nature or manner incurred as a direct result of any such dealings or as a result of the presence of such advertisers on our website. LINKS Either Xxxxx Xxxxx or any third parties may provide links to other websites and/or resources. Thus, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the availability of any such external sites or resources, and as such, we do not endorse nor are we responsible or liable for any content, products, advertising or any other materials, on or available from such third party sites or resources. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that Xxxxx Xxxxx shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any such damage or loss which may be a result of, caused or allegedly to be caused by or in connection with the use of or the reliance on any such content, goods or Services made available on or through any such site or resource. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS You do hereby acknowledge and agree that Xxxxx Xxxxx'x Services and any essential software that may be used in connection with our Services ("Software") shall contain proprietary and confidential material that is protected by applicable intellectual property rights and other laws. Furthermore, you herein acknowledge and agree that any Content which may be contained in any advertisements or information presented by and through our Services or by advertisers is protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. Therefore, except for that which is expressly permitted by applicable law or as authorized by Xxxxx Xxxxx or such applicable licensor, you agree not to alter, modify, lease, rent, loan, sell, distribute, transmit, broadcast, publicly perform and/or created any plagiaristic works which are based on Xxxxx Xxxxx Services (e.g. Content or Software), in whole or part. Xxxxx Xxxxx herein has granted you personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive rights and/or license to make use of the object code or our Software on a single computer, as long as you do not, and shall not, allow any third party to duplicate, alter, modify, create or plagiarize work from, reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise make an attempt to locate or discern any source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in and/or otherwise transfer any such right in the Software. Furthermore, you do herein agree not to alter or change the Software in any manner, nature or form, and as such, not to use any modified versions of the Software, including and without limitation, for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to our Services. Lastly, you also agree not to access or attempt to access our Services through any means other than through the interface which is provided by Xxxxx Xxxxx for use in accessing our Services. WARRANTY DISCLAIMERS YOU HEREIN EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT:

  • Contact a. In accordance with section 215.971(2), Florida Statutes, the Division’s Grant Manager shall be responsible for enforcing performance of this Agreement’s terms and conditions and shall serve as the Division’s liaison with the Sub-Recipient. As part of his/her duties, the Grant Manager for the Division shall: payment.

  • Outreach Birmingham City University has always been committed to delivering and participating in outreach activities. The University’s Widening Participation Strategic Assessment contains further information on these and the other widening participation activities undertaken. The University consistently performs above widening participation benchmarks, particularly against the state school and social class indicators. The proportion of students from Black and other Minority Ethnic backgrounds is high and has been increasing. The proportion of mature students is high, although this has fallen somewhat over recent years. The proportion of female students is high and actions targeted at attracting male entrants in certain discipline areas have been implemented. We will undertake activities to maintain our performance at or above the sector adjusted benchmark in relation to entrants from state education, social class and low participation neighbourhoods. The types of activities will include subject enrichment workshops, master classes, campus visits, one-to-one surgeries giving advice on UCAS applications, attendance at parents’ evenings and careers fairs, talks on student finance and what to expect at university, and conferences for college students and their advisors. The outreach team will provide organisational support, previously funded by HEFCE, for activities initiated by the successor body to Aimhigher and continue to work closely with key feeder schools and colleges in communities with low participation rates to raise aspirations and encourage applications to higher education. Our evidence demonstrates that learners in such environments, when offered a range of targeted activities, are much more likely to consider higher education as a realistic option. The overall rise in applicants to the University between 2008/09 and 2009/10 was 25%. Analysis shows higher than average increases in applications from those feeder institutions where most outreach activity has already taken place. These institutions are all located in areas with low rates of participation in higher education. Walsall College applicants increased from 122 in 2008 to 184 in 2009 (50% increase) Dudley College applications increased from 206 to 275 (35%) Halesowen College applications increased from 292 to 382 (31%) Kingshurst City Technology College showed an increase of 27 applicants (69%) Heathfield School applications increased from 21 to 38 applicants (71%) Xxxxxx Xxxxx School applications increased from 11 to 18 applicants (82%). Monitoring and evaluation of outreach activities will be undertaken through a range of methods, including: Tracking learners who take part in intensive activities such as mentoring and master classes to monitor applications and progression to the University. Carrying out a sample of pre and post- event evaluations to monitor attitudinal shift and effectiveness. The indicator relating to the recruitment of students in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowance has in the past shown the University performing below benchmark. While the percentage of students in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowance has risen consistently year on year in the student populations analysed, this trend has been matched by a corresponding increase in the benchmark. The University proposed to improve the participation of students with disabilities to match or exceed benchmark and the most recent figures suggest that the University has now exceeded benchmark for full time and part time undergraduates. We will continue to devote resource to enable us to maintain this position.

  • Contractor Approach The Contractor shall develop, document, and implement BIDM Data Exchanges to obtain BIDM Imports from and to send BIDM Exports to COVIS.

  • Vendors Any vendors engaged by Tenant to perform services in or to the Premises including, without limitation, janitorial contractors and moving contractors shall be coordinated with any work being performed by or for Landlord and in such manner as to maintain harmonious labor relations and not to damage the Building or the Property or interfere with Building construction or operation and shall be performed by vendors first approved by Landlord.

  • Agreement to Provide Information Intermediary agrees to provide the Fund, upon written request, the taxpayer identification number (“TIN”), the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”), or other government-issued identifier (“GII”), if known, of any or all Shareholder(s) of the account and the amount, date, name or other identifier of any investment professional(s) associated with the Shareholder(s) or account (if known), and transaction type (purchase, redemption, transfer, or exchange) of every purchase, redemption, transfer, or exchange of Shares held through each account maintained by the Intermediary during the period covered by the request.

  • Suggestions We shall have a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sublicenseable, irrevocable, perpetual license to use or incorporate into the Services any suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations or other feedback provided by You, including Users, relating to the operation of the Services.

  • Provide Information Except as set forth in Section 16, Parent, SpinCo and Acquiror shall keep each other reasonably informed with respect to any material development relating to the matters subject to this Agreement.