Intentionally Sample Clauses

Intentionally passing any part of the body through the window; intentionally climbing in or out of any window for the purpose of entering or exiting a room.
Intentionally. Deleted The maximum width of any driveway between the curb and the front property line shall be 3.66 metres (12 feet) per dwelling, and shall not exceed 4.27 metres (14 feet) in width in the front yard.
Intentionally left blank. ------------------------
Intentionally. Omitted] ---------------------
Intentionally altering the files and/or the hardware on District computers will be viewed as vandalism.
Intentionally. DeletedNot a lease (item previously described herein is a special use permit)
Intentionally. Deleted ---------------------
Intentionally deleted .6 Retainage withheld pursuant to Section 12.1.8. § 12.1.8 Retainage
Intentionally. Left Blank ------------------------