Insert Sample Clauses

Insert. Your rent reference number is INSERT. You may need to refer to this number when paying your rent. Debt from a previous tenancy – DELETE WHERE NOT APPLICABLE I confirm that on DATE, I owe South Holland District Council a total of £INSERT for a previous tenancy at ADDRESS and agree to pay £XXX every week, or such other rate as we may agree from time-to-time, until the debt is cleared. It is a term of this tenancy agreement that you repay the debt of your former tenancy at the rate set out above. Nonpayment of this debt, will be considered a breach of your tenancy. We have the right to ask the court to make an order against you for possession of your home. Property condition Photographs are attached to this document to show the condition of the property at point of tenancy commencement. ENSURE PHOTOS ATTACHED Garden details None / Shared / Sole use. Utility meter readings Electric INSERT Gas (where applicable) INSERT Water (where applicable) INSERT Issue of keys: You have been issued with XX set(s) of keys for doors. Keys for the windows will be in the property. You are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of all keys for the doors and windows. I confirm that:  The information I gave in my housing application or transfer application was and is still true.  I understand that sharing inaccurate information may be considered a breach of tenancy and I may lose my home.  I do not own any residential property elsewhere in the world.  I agree to accept the property in its current condition. I have been given an opportunity to read the tenancy agreement and now agree to follow the terms and conditions. Tenant’s signature Tenant’s name Date Tenant’s signature Tenant’s name Date Signed on behalf of South Holland District Council Officer’s signature Officer’s name Date Contents
Insert. 26.1.1 After Redemption, and provided (a) SPE Opportunity makes a capital contribution of R$ 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million reais) to the Company before the Bid Settlement date and (b) SPE Opportunity owns, on the date of the respective appointment of the members of Board of Directors, equity interest in the Company's capital stock in the percentage corresponding to, on the Bid Settlement date and after the Company's capital increases set forth in items 8.1 of the Investment Agreement and 3.12 of the Shareholders' Agreement (the latter, as the case may be) a certain number of common shares of CVRD's capital in the amount of R$ 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million reais) at the final price obtained at the Bid, SPE Opportunity is entitled to appoint one of the members of the Company's Board of Directors and its respective substitute, and the criteria set forth under item 6.2 shall apply to the parties only, except for SPE Opportunity." The Parties hereto shall, within a maximum period of 60 days counted from the Settlement, provide for the restatement of the Agreement, so as to encompass all provisions set forth herein, with the intervention of Banco Opportunity S.A., in the quality of manager of the Prime Fund that holds SPE Opportunity's corporate control. The other sections of the Shareholders' Agreement not amended hereby remain unchanged, being expressively ratified by this Instrument, which becomes an integral part of the Shareholders' Agreement.
Insert. Funds obligated hereunder are available for program expenditures for the estimated period September 30, 2008 to September 30, 2016 subject to approval of performance through September 30, 2015 (See A.3.4 below).” in lieu thereof.
Insert. Analysis of Claimed Current and Cumulative Costs and Fee Earned."
Insert. This section for distortion and filtering effects has two controls in the Main area that allow you to enhance the sound. The first control adjusts a parameter specific to the se- lected INSERT mode, while the second control adjusts the blend between the input signal and the processed signal (except in LOWPASS and HIGHPASS mode). For more information, refer to ↑11.3, Insert Section. Display Area
Insert. .."repairable within thirty days from the happening of said injury, or if comparable space in the building can be provided to accommodate Tenant during the repair period, the Landlord may enter" ...
Insert. Article 26.15
Insert. [The Fee paid will be subject to the maximum funding available of [ ], at a daily rate of [£] All costs exclude applicable VAT. DATA PROTECTION SCHEDULE WHERE THE CONSULTANT PROCESSES PERSONAL DATA, THE TERMS SET OUT BELOW SHALL APPLY: DEFINITIONS In this Schedule, capitalised terms which are not defined below shall have the meanings attributed to them in the Conditions. The following words shall have the following meanings:
Insert. Article 26.14