Insert Sample Clauses

Insert. Your rent reference number is INSERT. You may need to refer to this number when paying your rent. Debt from a previous tenancy – DELETE WHERE NOT APPLICABLE I confirm that on DATE, I owe South Holland District Council a total of £INSERT for a previous tenancy at ADDRESS and agree to pay £XXX every week, or such other rate as we may agree from time-to-time, until the debt is cleared. It is a term of this tenancy agreement that you repay the debt of your former tenancy at the rate set out above. Nonpayment of this debt, will be considered a breach of your tenancy. We have the right to ask the court to make an order against you for possession of your home. Property condition Photographs are attached to this document to show the condition of the property at point of tenancy commencement. ENSURE PHOTOS ATTACHED Garden details None / Shared / Sole use. Utility meter readings Electric INSERT Gas (where applicable) INSERT Water (where applicable) INSERT Issue of keys: You have been issued with XX set(s) of keys for doors. Keys for the windows will be in the property. You are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of all keys for the doors and windows. I confirm that:  The information I gave in my housing application or transfer application was and is still true.  I understand that sharing inaccurate information may be considered a breach of tenancy and I may lose my home.  I do not own any residential property elsewhere in the world.  I agree to accept the property in its current condition. I have been given an opportunity to read the tenancy agreement and now agree to follow the terms and conditions. Tenant’s signature Tenant’s name Date Tenant’s signature Tenant’s name Date Signed on behalf of South Holland District Council Officer’s signature Officer’s name Date Contents
Insert. “Funds obligated hereunder are available for program expenditures for the estimated period September 30, 2008 to September 30, 2016 subject to approval of performance through September 30, 2015 (See A.3.4 below).” in lieu thereof.
Insert. Inserts pages in front of the current page in images that can be saved as multi-page images. Pages can be inserted in one of the two following ways. From scanner Inserts an image scanned from the scanner in front of the current page. • Select From scanner in Insert on the Page menu. • The Scan window will be displayed. Set the options before scanning the image. From file Inserts an image from a previously saved image file in front of the current page. • Select From file in Insert on the Page menu. • The Open window will be displayed. Select the file to be inserted. Add Adds pages after the current page in images that can be saved as multi-page images. Pages can be added in one of the two following ways. From scanner Adds an image scanned from the scanner after the current page. • Select From scanner in Add on the Page menu. • The Scan window will be displayed. Set the options before scanning the image. Scanning Master Pro Color 4 – 43
Insert. Lessor shall indemnify, protect, defend and hold harmless Lessee, its agents and employees from and against any and all claims and/or damages arising out of, involving, or in connection with the actions of Lessor or any of its agents or employees at the Building, or out of any default or breach by Lessor of its obligations under the Lease. The foregoing shall include, but not be limited to, the defense or pursuit of any claim or any action or proceeding involved therein, and whether or not (in the case of claims made against Lessee) litigated and/or reduced to judgment. In case any action or proceeding be brought against Lessee by reason of any of the foregoing matters, Lessor, upon notice from Lessee, shall defend the same at Lessor's expense by counsel reasonably satisfactory to Lessee and Lessee shall cooperate with Lessor in such defense. Lessee need not have first paid any such claim in order to be so indemnified.
Insert. All equipment used in relation to undertaking the Contract shall be at the Contractors own risk.”
Insert. Operating Protocols set forth in Exhibit ‘D,’” into the first sentence of Article 2.03.4 immediately after the term “…shall comply with…”.
Insert. “Article 26.12
Insert. Adds one or more new rows to a specified table. Available in SQL, DSQL, and isql. Syntax INSERT [TRANSACTION transaction] INTO <object> [(col [, col ...])]
Insert signs thereon. Landlord shall not unreasonably interfere with Tenants business activities."
Insert. Re: OCEAN POWER CORPORATION ----------------------- Ladies and Gentlemen: We are counsel to Ocean Power Corporation, a Delaware corporation (the "COMPANY"), and have represented the Company in connection with that certain Securities Purchase Agreement (the "PURCHASE AGREEMENT") entered into by and among the Company and the Investor named therein pursuant to which the Company issued to the Investor shares of its Common Stock, par value $0.01 per share (the "COMMON STOCK"). Pursuant to the Purchase Agreement, the Company also has entered into a Registration Rights Agreement with the Investor (the "REGISTRATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT") pursuant to which the Company agreed, among other things, to register the Registrable Securities (as defined in the Registration Rights Agreement) under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "1933 ACT"). In connection with the Company's obligations under the Registration Rights Agreement, on ____________ ____, the Company filed a Registration Statement on Form ________ (File No. 333-_____________) (the "REGISTRATION STATEMENT") with the Securities and Exchange SEC (the "SEC") relating to the Registrable Securities which names the Investor as a selling stockholder there under. In connection with the foregoing, we advise you that a member of the SEC's staff has advised us by telephone that the SEC has entered an order declaring the Registration Statement effective under the 1933 Act at [ENTER TIME OF EFFECTIVENESS] on [ENTER DATE OF EFFECTIVENESS] and we have no knowledge, after telephonic inquiry of a member of the SEC's staff, that any stop order suspending its effectiveness has been issued or that any proceedings for that purpose are pending before, or threatened by, the SEC and the Registrable Securities are available for resale under the 1933 Act pursuant to the Registration Statement. Very truly yours, [ISSUER'S COUNSEL] By: ------------------------------- cc: Cornell Capital Partners, LP