Infractions Sample Clauses

Infractions. Disciplines up to and including written warnings shall be cleared from an employee’s file after one year, provided that the one year shall be free of infractions.
Infractions. The Artist agrees to abide by all contractual obligations stated in the Artist’s COA Engagement Contract and all riders attached thereto. Breaches of this agreement may subject the Artist to disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of Equity.
Infractions. The Board shall oversee the handling of all infractions. The Board 27 shall ensure fair, consistent and appropriate enforcement of this Agreement, the Harvesting 28 Rules, the ACE (as hereinafter defined) requirements set forth on Exhibit B hereto, the Plan, 30 Agreement or the Sector’s Bylaws. The Board is responsible for reviewing the “Schedule of 31 Penalties” attached as Exhibit A and shall either approve it or, if it determines appropriate, it 32 shall make changes to it. The Schedule of Penalties shall address any unauthorized fishing 33 activities (whether under applicable laws, rules and regulations or otherwise) and violations of 34 this Agreement, the Harvesting Rules, the ACE requirements, the Plan, Amendment 16, and 35 other Sector requirements as may be adopted under the terms of this Agreement or the Sector’s
Infractions x. Xxxxx – timecard punched within the first two hours of the work shift
Infractions. Grounds for imposition of discipline shall be limited to:
Infractions. 3.1 Level 1 infractions are student behaviors which violate school regulations but are generally described by administrators or teachers as mildly disruptive, committed without malice, or not purposefully disrespectful, but which nonetheless disrupt the safe, orderly, and appropriate educational process in the classroom, on school grounds, or at any school-related function or activity.
Infractions. 37. Infractions consist of single or multiple incidents of failing to achieve expected standards of conduct that may result in harm to others, to Individuals, the LETA, or to the public. Examples of infractions can include, but are not limited to, incidents of:
Infractions. 8 Grounds for imposition of discipline shall be limited to:
Infractions. A minor infraction by an employee shall normally be cause for a written reprimand as an initial discipline step. A major infraction by an employee shall be cause for suspension or discharge as an initial discipline step, depending on the nature of the offense. Subsequent minor and/or major infractions are subject to discipline up to and including discharge, depending on the nature of the offense.
Infractions. 4.1 The following offenses will be reprimanded according to their severity. The sanctions may vary from a simple warning and may go to your immediate return home at your own expense: Minor Infractions: − use of tobacco products, including snuff and chewing tobacco − a minor disturbance or disruption after quiet time in the Athletes' Village − disrespectful behaviour (includes online activities) − unsportsmanlike conduct − failing to follow the dress code for official functions Major Infractions: − repeated minor infractions − unsportsmanlike conduct such as fighting − curfew violations or major disruptions after “quiet time” − use of alcohol or drugs − activities or behaviour that disrupt competition − pranks, jokes or other activities that endanger the safety of others − offensive, abusive, racist or sexist comments (includes online activities) − criminal activities