Informing Sample Clauses

Informing. Fully inform the Company’s board of directors, upon request from time to time, of the matters and things done, and to be done, by the Director in connection with the provision of the Services and, if so requested by the board of directors, submit such information in writing to the board of directors in a timely manner.
Informing and Attracting applicants from all backgrounds: Considerable resource is dedicated to outreach and access activity carried out across the collegiate University, with the intention of widening access to Oxford. Notable activity includes highly targeted work to inform teachers and guidance advisers in schools so that they can best support their students through the admissions process; targeted, frequently residential, activities in Oxford to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply and to help them make competitive applications; activity to assist and inform candidates at key points in their school education about the choices and options available to them; and a coordinated programme of visits to schools and colleges which covers the whole of the UK. The University is also involved, locally, in activities to increase awareness about higher education in general, particularly among pre-16- year-olds. Much of this work is delivered through collaborations with other universities and partner organisations.
Informing i. The District, pursuant Labor Code Section 6409.6 and other law when applicable, will provide STA with notice should it learn of a confirmed COVID19 infection of an employee or student and at which campus or work site the infection was found or suspected. The Parties understand this notification is subject to guidance by public health officials, as well as confidentiality rights. The District shall identify individuals who have been in close contact (within six feet for 15 minutes or more, cumulative in a 24-hour period) of an infected person, or a person who is suspected to be infected, and take steps to isolate the infected person and close contacts.
Informing. The party undertakes to notify the other party immediately about the fact of disclosure or threat of disclosure, illegal receiving or illegal use of Confidential Information by third parties that has become known to him. 1.1
Informing. Each partner, by signing this agreement, commits to including reference to Integrated Care Records and Population Health Management in their existing ‘fair processing/privacy notice’ activities. This will be supported by core web based materials and posters designed specifically for the programme that can be linked to each partner’s existing web based, print based and other materials. Partners can choose to use the materials they think will be effective in their circumstances. The ICR programme will also periodically review the opportunities for wider publicity.
Informing. All the inform related to the contract should be written, and The contract for party A is For party B is It is the signed letter, the date when the recipient sign is regarded as acceptance, For the fax or e-mail, it is the day when the fax or e-mail is sent out, if there are any changes for each party’s address should be informed on time, otherwise should take the potential risk.
Informing. 1. OPR is obliged to inform Member without undue delay of important facts related to the establishment and operation of the System of Associated Handling. In particular, OPR is required to provide Member with an overview of the collection and treatment of WEEE / B&A used as the extent of fulfillment of the reserved obligations, indicating the share of collected and processed WEEE / waste B&A accruing to the Member according to its share (hereinafter referred to as "Share of the Member"). The share of the Member shall be determined by share: ☒ the amount of WEEE whose collection, transport and processing is required by the Member under the Act and the related legislation to ensure the total amount of WEEE whose collection, transport and processing are required to be ensured by all members together. The OPR shall submit that Report and determine the Member's share of the quantities of EEE and WEEE duly and timely reported by members for the whole calendar year and by March 31 of the following year at the latest. ☒ the amount of used B&A, the collection and processing of which is required by the Member under the Act and the related legislation and the total amount of used B&A, the collection and processing of which is required to be ensured by all members together. The OPR submits the Report and determines the share of the Member according to the B&A quantities duly and timely reported by members for the whole calendar year and no later than March 31 of the following year. The OPR shall determine the share of the Member separately for portable, industrial and automotive B&A and for portable B&A particularly also for individual types of B&A with different rates of contribution to the Recycling Fund (B&A weighing up to 1 kg and over 1 kg, for industrial B&A, assuming they have always over 1 kg).
Informing. The party claiming Force Majeure shall promptly inform the other party in writing and shall furnish within 15 days thereafter sufficient proof of the occurrence and duration of such Force Majeure. The party claiming Force Majeure shall also use all reasonable endeavors to terminate the Force Majeure.
Informing the Authorised Officer pursuant to Sub-clause 8.1 shall include giving details of the circumstances, reasons and likely duration of the inability, failure, prevention or hindrance to comply with this Contract or to provide the Services.
Informing a Resident Pet Owner, in-writing, of any-allegations of violations-of the-MHA Pet Policy. • Prohibiting the keeping of-any animal- on MHA property by any resident who is charged with-or has been-convicted of-cruelty-to an animal; • The strict enforcement of the MBA Pet Policy up to and including the -right of Management to seek impoundment and sheltering of any animal found to be in violation of MHA -rules, pending resolution of any dispute regarding such violations. • Enforcing the prohibition of keeping any dog in any dwelling unit contained in a building structure that is not contiguous with- an outdoor common area measuring at least four hundred (400) square feet in area. • Accepting a written request for a second animal only if the-animal is compatible with the first and only if the dwelling unit has an area spanning at least seven hundred (700) square feet. • The annual review by each retrospective Property Manager with the Resident Pet Owner of: − Each animal's registration, if- applicable, including a copy of the annual veterinary examination. Documentation of current rabies vaccination Copy of the license issued by the City of Medford. Name and telephone number of the-veterinarian who provides care- to- the animal, and the two caretakers for the pet who may be contacted if the resident is unavailable. If a pet constitutes an immediate, serious threat to health or safety, Management may have the pet removed immediately. Whenever it is reasonably determined that-a-pet constitutes a non-immediate threat to- the health or safety of public housing residents; or otherwise creates a nuisance which disturbs the rights, comfort, peace, and quiet enjoyment of-other-residents, or if-the owner of the pet becomes incapacitated or unable to care for `the pet, after-receipt-of a written demand from Management, the Resident Pet Owner may request a meeting with the Authority. Management may make a-reasonable determination as to-whether the pet is a threat to the health or safety of the public housing residents or caused a nuisance which disturbs the rights, comfort; peace, and quiet enjoyment of public housing residents_ and take appropriate remedial action, Management may also make the reasonable determination whether the Resident is able care for the pet. All residents of the Medford Housing Authority who- are eligible under HUD's Final Rule to keep a pet, will demonstrate that they have-the physical, mental and financial capability to care for the pet (unless o...