Increased Sample Clauses

Increased costs If, by reason of the introduction of any law, or any change in any law, or any change in the interpretation or administration of any law, or compliance with any request or requirement from any central bank or any fiscal, monetary or other authority occurring after the date of this Agreement:
Increased. Value/Difference in Conditions - For Imports Only Depending on the Contracts of Sale, AlliedSignal will purchase various merchandise from vendors located outside the United States in which the Seller will arrange the Ocean Marine Insurance. Thus in the event of loss or damage, AlliedSignal will have to rely on the Sellers Insurance to be reimbursed for the loss. In order to fully protect AlliedSignal's interest, AlliedSignal has the option, provided such option is exercised prior to any known or reported loss, to insure all goods and/or merchandise purchased by AlliedSignal on Cost, Insurance, Freight (C.I.F.) or other terms of purchase whereby the Marine insurance is provided by the seller or others for Difference in Conditions and Increased Value as stated in the Corporation's Ocean Marine Insurance Policy. Policy Period Notice and Handling of Claims In the event of loss: - Make every reasonable effort to minimize the loss. Act as a prudent uninsured cargo owner would. Reasonable expenses incurred in minimizing a loss are recoverable. - Take proper delivery exceptions and file claim against the transportation carrier. Do the necessary to preserve insurer's recovery rights against the carrier. - Promptly report the loss to AlliedSignal's Risk Management Department (domestic shipment and imports) or insurer's settling agent (exports). INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS Import Shipments (From Foreign, to U.S.) Inspect Cargo Before accepting your shipment from the carrier, carefully inspect the cargo. If damages or shortages are observed, make the appropriate notation on the delivery receipt. If damage is suspected but not readily apparent, note on the delivery receipt "Subject to Inspection." At this time, take any practical steps to minimize the loss. File Claim on Carrier Promptly file written claim against the transportation carrier. (See sample claim letter). Prompt notice is very important as claims can be disallowed within a short period. For example, a claim for damage to an air shipment must be filed within seven days. FAILURE TO FILE PROMPTLY AGAINST THE CARRIER MAY PREJUDICE YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM. File Insurance Claim Promptly report the loss to AlliedSignal's Risk Management Department who will in turn notify insurer. If the loss exceeds $5,000 or involves unusual circumstances, the initial report should be made by telephone, so that insurer might arrange to have a surveyor inspect the damages promptly. The surveyor issues his report to insurer relating the ...
Increased. Insurance Tenant shall not, without Landlord’s prior written consent, do or permit to be done anything which will (a) increase the premium of any insurance policy maintained by Landlord covering the Premises or the Property, (b) cause a cancellation of or be in conflict with any such insurance policy; (c) result in a refusal by any insurance company in good standing to issue or continue any such insurance in amounts satisfactory to Landlord; or (d) subject Landlord to any liability or responsibility for injury to any person or property by reason of any operation in the Premises or use of the Property. Tenant shall, at Tenant’s expense, comply with all rules, orders, regulations and requirements of insurers and of the American Insurance Association or any other organization performing a similar function. Tenant shall promptly, upon demand, reimburse Landlord for any additional premium charges for such policy or policies caused by reason of Tenant’s failure to comply with the provisions of this section, it being understood that demand for reimbursement shall not be Landlord’s exclusive remedy.
Increased resources will continue to be directed into this area in order to increase access to the collection and to develop related educational resources and scholarship including cross-curricular lesson plans aimed at visual arts and cultural heritage learning.  Arts Education, Outreach and Training [GAL 3] - The NGCI is the leading education centre for visual arts education in the Cayman Islands. 55% of our annual staffing and financial resources are allotted to the outreach, educational and training department. Our programme schedule is designed to be fully inclusive with programmes ranging from primary level through to senior citizens; and across all three islands; such as Meet Me for the elderly in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, and Walkers Art Club for primary/secondary students and CAYMAN ISLANDS GOVERNMENT 2016/17 OWNERSHIP AGREEMENTS 471 teens, Creative Careers Programme; Art Camps and weekly art club in the Sister Islands, and Family Fun sessions, to name a few. Our outreach programmes are specific to various groups of people: Inside Art (Northward and Fairbanks) for prisoners, Art Haven for those struggling with substance abuse; Lighthouse and Sunrise Art Clubs; and continuing education programmes for adults, to name a just few. NGCI also offers an unparalleled arts scholarship, internship and work experience opportunities throughout the year, in addition to offering careers advice to arts students and participating in annual career expos to raise awareness about the breadth and depth of creative careers.  Art Information (Promotion, Scholarship, Publication & Facilities) [GAL 4] – NGCI is tasked with researching, developing, and disseminating information about Cayman Islands art and culture to local and international audiences via publications, lectures, scholarship, academic papers, traditional media outlets, social media, community events, marketing and promotions. In addition we support Government in matters relating to visual arts and cultural policy. Output 4 also includes the management of our retails areas (gift shop, café and facility rental department); annual reports and audit; and the ongoing execution, monitoring and evaluation of the NGCI Strategic Plan 2014-2019. CUSTOMERS AND LOCATION OF ACTIVITIES The services provided by National Gallery of the Cayman Islands are intended to be accessible to all members of the Cayman Islands community including all ages of students; amateur and professional artists; targeted outreach participants - the...
Increased. Increases in salary resulting from improved will be automatic on submission of proof of increased qualifications by the teacher concerned unless there is some reasonable doubt as to the approval by the Provincial Teacher Qualifications Service or the Ministry of Education of the increased classification. Any such increase in salary is subject to the increased being approved by or the Ministry Education and any overpayment is recoverable. Such increases will be paid: Prom September of the school Year when the application is submitted to the School Board and to or the Ministry of Education by October of that school year: and from January of the School Year when the application is submitted to the School Board and to or the Ministry of Education between November and the last day of February of that school year. RECOGNITION EXPERIENCE
Increased. (d) In case the Company shall, by dividend or otherwise, distribute to all holders of its Common Stock evidences of its indebtedness or assets (including securities, but excluding any rights, options or warrants referred to in subsection (b) of this Section 6, any dividend or distribution paid exclusively in cash and any dividend referred to in subsection (a) of this Section 6), the Exercise Price shall be adjusted so that the same shall equal the price determined by multiplying the Exercise Price in effect immediately prior to the close of business on the date fixed for the determination of stockholders entitled to receive such distribution by a fraction of which (i) the numerator shall be the Current Market Price at the close of business on the date fixed for such determination less the then fair market value of the portion of the assets or evidences of indebtedness so distributed applicable to one share of Common Stock , and (ii) the denominator shall be such Current Market Price, such adjustment to become effective immediately prior to the opening of business on the next Business Day following the date fixed for the determination of stockholders entitled to receive such distribution.
Increased. Medical care— full Ihere were no changes in benefits for workers or dependents payment of prevailing fee for enrolled in Medicare. hospital call, office call, home visit (subject to $2 charge for first visit); and for surgeon, assistant surgeon, and anesthesia. Increased: Maternity benefits— hospital, payment at 3-bed xxxx rate for up to 111 day per con­ finement; doctor, full payment of prevailing fee. Increased: Ambulance service— up to $45 per disability. Increased: Diagnostic X-ray and laboratory services— full payment of prevailing fee.
Increased. Potential to achieve benefits sooner - Revenue benefits explored 28 Financial Highlights Cost Synergies Remain Reasonable Pre-tax Cash Operating Cost Synergies ($ in millions - Excludes potential revenue synergies) Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 1999 2000 2001 2002 --------------------------------------------------------- Previous $2,350 $2,964 $3,770 $4,444 Revised $2,505 $3,567 $4,609 $5,596 As a % of combined 8%-10% 11%-12% operating expenses In addition: Reduced capex lowers depreciation Reduced cash cost lowers interest expense Presentation contains forward-looking statements. Actual result may vary. 29 Financial Highlights Non Cash Earnings Benefits (Purchase Accounting) - Purchase Accounting fair market valuation - R&D "write-down" Combined impact reduces annual depreciation and amortization by $360 million after tax 30 Financial Highlights Purchase Accounting EPS Impact (Price $51.00) EPS Accretion 1999 ------------------ MCI WorldCom No Revenue With Revenue % Ownership Price Synergies Synergies of WorldCom ----- --------- --------- ----------- $41.00 27% 33% 41% $36.00 20% 25% 44% $29.00 9% 13% 50% Presentation contains forward-looking statements. Actual results may vary. 31 Financial Highlights Potential Impact of Revenue Synergies 1999 ($ in billions) --------------- Revenue $1.00 EBITDA $0.25 Over the next five years, revenue synergies potentially increase revenue growth rate by 1.5 to 2.0% 32 Financial Highlights Revenue Synergy Benefits - Combined MCI WorldCom Networks - Long distance - Local - Internet - International - Enhanced revenue per customer - Market MCI's extensive product offerings to combined customer base - Improved customer retention from greater product bundling 33 Financial Highlights Roadmap to Completing Merger Timing ------ - MCI and WorldCom shareholders approve merger Q2/98 - WorldCom receives regulatory clearances Q2/98 Presentation contains forward-looking statements. Actual results may vary. 34 Financial Highlights Conclusion More Value and Opportunity - Higher value today and in the future - Larger ownership in faster growth company Superior Stock - Superior shareholder return history - 53% annual return to investors (1989-1996) Greater Identifiable Synergies - Reasonable at 8 - 12% of operating expenses Track Record of Performance - Operating and financial - Delivering synergies 35
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Increased. The Purchase Price will be increased, in the event the number of Billing Units is greater than 208,000, by the product of (A) $58.41, multiplied by (B) the difference between 208,000 and the actual number of Billing Units; or