Ideas Sample Clauses

Ideas. You, for and on behalf of yourself and Users grant Us a fully-paid up, royalty free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable (including through multiple tiers) right to use, modify, distribute and incorporate into the Software and Services (without attribution of any kind) any suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations, proposals, correction or other feedback or information provided relating to the Services, Software and/or Support. If you give Us feedback relating to Third-Party Software then you similarly grant Us the right to permit the relevant licensor to use, modify, distribute and incorporate into its products, software and services your feedback on the terms set out above.
Ideas. Although the Partnership and/or the Affiliates may use the results of ***'s consulting services hereunder at the Florida Project and at Comparable Projects, except as provided herein no compensation shall be payable for such use whether such matters are first used in Florida, Universal City or at any Comparable Project.
Ideas. You and other users of a Community may have the ability to make available information, ideas, comments and other materials related to, and feature requests for, Salesforce products and services (collectively, “Ideas”) on or through such Community, including through a page or forum intended for the exchange of ideas or a page identified as an “Ideas” forum. Please note that any Ideas will be considered Feedback. No Idea, nor any other activity or material available on or through any Community, constitutes a promise or undertaking by Salesforce, including a promise or undertaking to develop, incorporate, implement or take any other action regarding any Idea (or to refrain from doing so). Any unreleased product or service (including any related feature) discussed on any Community or elsewhere may not be made available on time or at all, notwithstanding any comments that Salesforce or its representatives may make (e.g., by adding a status to a feature request). You hereby acknowledge and agree that any decision to purchase or use any Salesforce product or service will be based on the then-existing version and features of such product or service, and not on any unreleased or expected version or features. Please note that Salesforce does not waive any rights with respect to any idea that may be similar or related to any of your Ideas, including any idea previously known to or developed by Salesforce, or obtained from sources other than you. Salesforce may elect to develop and market products or services that incorporate, implement or are otherwise related to all or any part of your Idea.
Ideas. You grant Us a fully-paid up, royalty free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable (including through multiple tiers) right to use, modify, distribute and incorporate into the Services (without attribution of any kind) any suggestions, enhancement request, recommendations, proposals, correction or other feedback or information provided by you or any Users related to the operation or functionality of the Services.
Ideas. OPDC shall have the exclusive right during the Term to use any ideas generated pursuant to the Ideation. Artist agrees not to communicate, disclose or make available to any third party any non-public information which comes into Artist’s possession through Artist’s participation in the Ideation and Miscellaneous Services (including, without limitation, concepts for story ideas and character development, scripts content and other non-public intellectual property, budgets and other financial information). The terms of this Paragraph are of essence to this Agreement and shall survive the expiration or sooner termination of the term of this Agreement. After the Term, OPDC and Artist shall each have non-exclusive rights to exploit the ideas generated in the Ideation; provided, however, each party agrees that it will not engage in copyright infringement respecting the expression of any such ideas in a tangible form.
Ideas. CUSTOMER may choose or BAMS may invite CUSTOMER to submit comments or ideas about the Clover Service, including, without limitation, about how to improve the Clover Service (“Ideas”). By submitting any Idea, CUSTOMER agrees that: (a) BAMS expressly disclaims any confidentiality obligations or use restrictions, express or implied, with respect to any Idea, (b) CUSTOMER’s submission will be non-confidential, and (c) BAMS is free to use and disclose any Idea on an unrestricted basis without notifying or compensating CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER releases BAMS from all liability and obligations that may arise from BAMS’ receipt, review, use or disclosure of any Ideas or portion of any Idea.
Ideas. The electronic suggestion box. An idea to subject to the group, with Ideas, the ideas are better because shared and always improving. With Ideas, the teams get involved and bring to the others, it is the place of exchanges of ideas and answers to questions such as " what do you think of this idea? What can you bring to this idea? How much does it cost to implement? Who digs the subject? " The members of the group project have the possibility of commenting on the ideas and voting for or against, what allows getting closer to a consensus, to manage priorities, to value the ideas and their issuers.
Ideas. The customer must keep confidential and not use any ideas communicated by Planet to the customer without Planet’s written consent.
Ideas. The Community Q&A may be used as an online forum for posting feature requests for O ur products and services. By submitting content to the Community Q&A, You agree your disclosure is gratuitous, unsolicited and without restriction and will not place Us under any fiduciary or other obligation, that We are free to disclose the ideas on a nonconfidential basis to anyone or otherwise use the ideas without any additional compensation. You acknowledge that, by acceptance of Your submission, XXXX does not waive any rights to use similar or related ideas previously known or developed by TORO’s employees, or obtained from sources other than You.
Ideas. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to restrict either party from the use of ideas, features or elements similar to those furnished by the other party for any program hereunder which are derived by such first party from the public domain or from a source independent of this Agreement.