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Human. RIGHTS 2.1 LUKOIL respects fundamental human rights and will be guided in its operations by the provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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Human. The Company and the Union agree that discrimination and/or harassment of any Employee because of race, marital status, ethnic origin, colour, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age, political belief, place of residence, a conviction of an offence for which a pardon has been granted, family status or Union membership and/or activity is absolutely unacceptable. Every Employee has the right to work in an environment of mutual respect, free from discriminationand harassment. New Employees will be provided with a copy of the Company’s Discrimination Harassment policy (Revision Issued October 2000) as part of the documentation contained in the new Employee hire package. Additional copies of the Company’s Discrimination Harassment policy may be obtained from the Human Resources Department. An Employee who believes has been harassed or discriminated is encouraged to report the alleged misconduct to the Company and to the Union. Reports of alleged discrimination and/or harassment shall be dealt with in confidence and as quickly as possible, respecting the dignity of the complainant and the right of the harasser to due process.
Human interaction The alert system shall be visible in case of low visibility and not be source of distraction for the driver C System developer/ implemente r NF - - CRF 1.05.03 3.01.08 Usability The alert system shall provide to the driver clear information avoiding misunderstanding S System developer NF Clarification will come with the specification - CRF 1.05 3.01.09
Human. (a) An employee shall have access during normal business hours, or such other time as may be arranged, to the Human Resources file that relates to the employee. Such access shall be granted with twenty-four (24) hours’ advance notice and in the presence of a Human Resources Officer or other designated by the Director of Education. An employee shall receive a copy of any documentation placed Human Resources file which may raise an issue of concern with respect to performance or be detrimental to the employee. An employee shall have the right to respond in writing to any document contained in or to be placed in the employee’s Human Resources file or records. The written response by the employee shall become part of the employee’spermanent Human Resources record. Where the Employer is required to furnish information on an employee to an outside agency by a court order or legislative requirement, the employee will be notified that this information has been requested and has been or will be provided. Access to and the disclosure of any personal information on an employee shall be governed by the provisions of the Ontario Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Act. If an employee disputes the accuracy or completeness of any information in file, the employee may make application in writing to the Director of Education, or designate, to have the information corrected. A copy of the employee’s letter will be placed in the employee’s file. Where the parties agree that the information is inaccurate, it shall be corrected. ARTICLE38
Human. Neither the Company nor the Union will discriminate in any manner against any employee because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, status, political affiliation, family status, disability or conviction for an offence for which a pardon has been granted, all of which are subject to the exceptions provided under the Canadian Human Rights Act. No employee covered by this Agreement will be interfered with. restrained, coerced, or discriminated against by the Company because of membership in or lawful activity on behalf of the Union. UNIFORMS The wearing of uniforms shall be in accordance with published Company regulations. The conditions of payment shall be in accordance with Articles and between the Company and the employees. Prior to the introduction of any new uniform or of any changes to an existing uniform, the Joint Uniform shall meet to discuss the style, colour and material of the uniform, its components and accessories. the frequency of replacement, and the Company regulations regarding the wearing of the uniform. The recommendations of the Union representatives shall be considered by the Company before making any such changes. The compulsory uniform items, which shall be on a cost sharing basis between the Company and the employees, will be as follows: blazer pants pants skirt (combination of short and long sleeved) tie belt overcoat Employees may buy any of the following additional optional pieces at a sharing basis up to the quantities indicated: I blazer skirt dress pants (combination of short long sleeved) tie belt Employees may buy additional pieces at to the employee. Any pieces purchased under this Article will not be Considered part of the initial issue. Employees in Labrador may also buy on a cost basis a down-filled parka The Company will pay SO% to a maximum of All new uniform pieces will be in with Article If damaged or if wear warrants, the Airport Services Manager may require issue of a replacement piece at cost share basis. The Company shall repair or replace, at no cost to the employee, any part of a damaged uniform when such damages were caused while performing duties and not by the negligence of the employee and provided proof thereof is furnished. The employee shall not be liable for the cost of such repair or replacement provided advises the Airport Services Manager of the situation immediately. The Company will decide whether to repair or replace such uniform. Request for reimbursement of such repairs ...

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  • Accident Prevention Health and Safety Committee (a) The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Home in order to prevent accidents, injury and illness.

  • Safety Contractor shall execute and maintain its work so as to avoid injury or damage to any person or property. In carrying out its Services, the Contractor shall at all times be in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and shall exercise all necessary precautions for the safety of its employees and subcontractors appropriate to the nature of the Services and the conditions under which the Services are to be performed. Safety precautions as applicable shall include, but shall not be limited to: (1) adequate life protection and lifesaving equipment and procedures; (2) instructions in accident prevention for all employees and subcontractors, such as safe walkways, scaffolds, fall protection ladders, bridges, gang planks, confined space procedures, trenching and shoring, equipment and other safety devices, equipment and wearing apparel as are necessary or lawfully required to prevent accidents or injuries; and (3) adequate facilities for the proper inspection and maintenance of all safety measures. Contractor shall be responsible for all costs of clean up and/or removal of spilled regulated substances as a result of Contractor’s services or operations performed under this Agreement, including, but not limited to: • Hazardous and toxic substances, • Hazardous waste, • Universal waste, • Medical waste, • Biological waste, • Sharps waste.

  • Environment 6. The Borrower shall ensure or cause the State and the DISCOMs to ensure that the preparation, design, construction, implementation, operation and decommissioning of each Subproject comply with (a) all applicable laws and regulations of the Borrower relating to environment, health, and safety; (b) the Environmental Safeguards; (c) the EARF; and (d) all measures and requirements set forth in the IEE and EMP, and any corrective or preventative actions set forth in a Safeguards Monitoring Report.