Funded Debt Sample Clauses

Funded Debt. No Borrower Party will, or will permit any of its Subsidiaries to, create, assume, incur, or otherwise become or remain obligated in respect of, or permit to be outstanding, any Funded Debt except:
Funded Debt. Section 7.03(o) Governmental Entity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Section 4.03(d)
Funded Debt. Consolidated Indebtedness of the Borrowers for borrowed money, the net present value (using the Base Rate as the discount rate) of every obligation of such Person issued or assumed as the deferred purchase price of property or services (including securities repurchase agreements but excluding trade accounts payable or accrued liabilities arising in the ordinary course of business which are not overdue or which are being contested in good faith), and guarantees of such Indebtedness, recorded on the Consolidated balance sheet of the Borrowers, including reimbursement obligations of the Borrowers with respect to letters of credit and the amount of any Indebtedness of such Persons for Capitalized Leases which corresponds to principal. generally accepted accounting principles or GAAP. When used in general, generally accepted accounting principles means (1) principles that are consistent with the principles promulgated or adopted by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and its predecessors, in effect for the fiscal year ended on the Balance Sheet Date, as shall be concurred in by independent certified public accountants of recognized standing whose report expresses an unqualified opinion (other than a qualification regarding changes in generally accepted accounting principles) as to financial statements in which such principles have been applied; and (2) when used with reference to the Borrowers, such principles shall include (to the extent consistent with such principles) the accounting practices reflected in the consolidated financial statements for the year ended on the Balance Sheet Date. Guaranteed Pension Plan. Any employee pension benefit plan within the meaning of Section 3(2) of ERISA maintained or contributed to by the Borrowers or any ERISA Affiliate, the benefits of which are guaranteed on termination in full or in part by the PBGC pursuant to Title IV of ERISA, other than a Multiemployer Plan. Hazardous Substances. See Section 5.16(b).
Funded Debt. With respect to the Company or any Consolidated Subsidiary, without duplication, (a) all Indebtedness for money borrowed of such Person, (b) in respect of Capitalized Leases, the capitalized amount thereof that would appear on a balance sheet of such Person prepared in accordance with GAAP, (c) all reimbursement obligations of such Person with respect to letters of credit, bankers’ acceptances, or similar facilities issued for the account of such Person, (d) Indebtedness in respect of the securitization of 12b-1 Fees, (e) all guarantees, endorsements, acceptances, and other contingent obligations of such Person, whether direct or indirect, in respect of Indebtedness for borrowed money of others, including any obligation to supply funds to or in any manner to invest in, directly or indirectly, the debtor, to purchase Indebtedness for borrowed money, or to assure the owner of Indebtedness for borrowed money against loss, through an agreement to purchase goods, supplies, or services for the purpose of enabling the debtor to make payment of the Indebtedness held by such owner or otherwise, (f) net obligations of such Person under any Swap Contract in an amount equal to the Swap Termination Value thereof, and (g) Attributable Indebtedness of such Person. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Funded Debt shall not include Broker-Dealer Debt.
Funded Debt. No Loan Party shall, nor shall it permit any of its Subsidiaries to, create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Funded Debt, except for:
Funded Debt. The Company does not have outstanding any Funded Debt except as set forth on Schedule I to this Agreement; and there exists no default under the provisions of any instrument evidencing such indebtedness or agreement relating thereto.
Funded Debt. 4 GAAP........................................................................................................4
Funded Debt. Redeem, call for redemption, purchase or otherwise acquire or retire, directly or indirectly, or make any optional prepayment of principal on, any Funded Debt (as defined below), or amend, alter or otherwise modify the provisions relating to any Funded Debt if the effect of such amendment, alteration or modification would or might be to accelerate (or otherwise result in earlier payment of) such Funded Debt and/or if such amendment, alteration or modification could be expected to impair the interests of Lender. For the purposes of this Section 8.15, “Funded Debt” shall include any obligation of Borrower to any person other than Lender payable more than one (1) year from the date of its creation which, under GAAP, is shown on the balance sheet as a liability (excluding reserves for deferred income taxes and other reserves to the extent that such reserves do not constitute an obligation).
Funded Debt. With respect to any Person, without duplication, all outstanding Indebtedness of such Person, other than Indebtedness described in clause (f) of the definition of Indebtedness herein.
Funded Debt. Not permit Consolidated Funded Debt to exceed 60% of total capitalization.