Functioning Sample Clauses

Functioning. The committee shall meet as needed, but not less frequently than monthly with the administration. The committee will prepare and post an agenda on the teachers' bulletin board, or appropriate alternative communication mode, two (2) days prior to the committee meeting. School/department committee minutes will be distributed to all teachers within two (2) days of a meeting. All members of the school/ department committee shall receive copies of the school/ department budget by October 1 of each school year and the regular monthly update each month thereafter.
Functioning. The SEC shall meet monthly throughout the year (unless adjustments in scheduling are made by the SEC). When school is in session, the SEC will meet during the normal school day. The SEC may appoint task force study committees to make recommendations to the SEC. The SEC will review the recommendations and recommend changes accordingly. These SEC recommendations will be considered for department implementation. Outcomes will be provided to the SEC regarding the recommendations and the decisions resulting from these recommendations. Existing special education committees will provide the SEC with information regarding their activities. An elections committee will be formed composed of a special education representative, ETA representatives and special education secretary. This committee will conduct elections. The SEC will be co-chaired by one regular education representative, one special education representative and the Director of Special Education.
Functioning. The Instructional Council shall meet during the normal school day, monthly throughout the school year; however, monthly meetings may be cancelled or additional meetings may be added as necessary. In addition, the Superintendent, or his/her designee, in the Superintendent’s /designee’s discretion, may also require additional meetings as needed. The Instructional Council may appoint task force study committees to make recommendations to the Council. Whenever feasible, school district proposals for special federal, state, or private grants may be initiated and processed by the Council before such proposals are submitted to the respective state, federal or private agencies. The Instructional Council may request the services of persons with specialized expertise for information and recommendations as necessary. The Instructional Council may encourage, receive, and act on suggestions and recommendations made by school district personnel or community members. The Instructional Council shall present its recommendations and reports to the Board through the Superintendent and Council Chairperson. The Board agrees to provide adequate secretarial/clerical assistance requested by the Instructional Council. All actions of the Instructional Council shall be consistent with the provisions of this Agreement.
Functioning. For every $100 in purchases charged to the Visa Desjardins card, one (1) point is credited (one (1) point equals one (1) dollar). Points may then be redeemed for any trip offered by the Canadian travel agency of the authorized representative’s choice. The authorized representative is in no way restricted in the choice of airline, destination or departure date.
Functioning. The Commission shall:
Functioning. You may contribute up to a maximum of six (6 %) percent of your wages, including overtime. Kraft Canada Inc. will make contributions equal to forty (40%) percent of your contributions. In other words, each dollar that you will contribute to the program, Kraft Global Inc. will contribute forty ($0.40) cents. Detailed information on the Program is contained in the SAVINGS PROGRAM brochure, available at the Human Resources Department.
Functioning. The Global Assessment of Functioning, GAF (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) is a standardised measure used to assess overall level of functioning on a scale from 0- 100. The clinician or researcher makes an overall judgment about current and highest level of psychological, social, and occupational functioning based on level of functioning at the time of evaluation. Researcher CK consulted guidelines for the ratings using the GAF (Caldecott-Hazard & Hall, 1995).
Functioning. 4.1 To effectively discharge its responsibilities, the Board shall meet four times annually. To assist it in discharging its responsibilities, the Board has formed the following standing committeesAudit Committee and Nominating Committee. In addition, the Board has appointed a Chief Executive Officer. However, the vast majority of tasks and responsibilities ordinarily carried out by a chief executive officer will in fact be carried out by KPLP as the administrator under the Administration Agreement.
Functioning. You acknowledge that BCA may be interrupted from time to time. You further acknowledge that BCA is not error free. Amway and its licensors cannot accept any responsibility under these Terms for the functioning of your wireless device with respect to BCA. Amway and its licensors will be entitled, on reasonable grounds, including the reasonable belief of fraud or illegal activity by any user in their use of BCA, to suspend access by you to BCA. You understand that Amway and its licensors may be required by law enforcement agencies to disclose information regarding your use of BCA and that Amway and its licensors will comply with such requests.
Functioning. The Board of Directors takes scientific and technical advice from a Scientific and Technical Board. The Board of Directors delegates the everyday running of the VAMDC Consortium to the Executive Committee and appoints its Chair who is the Executive Director of the "VAMDC Consortium".