FORCE Sample Clauses

FORCE. MAJEURE -------------
FORCE. MAJEURE In the event that any party shall be rendered unable to carry out the whole or any part of its obligations under this Agreement for any reason beyond the control of that party, including but not limited to acts of God, force majeure, strikes, war, riot and any other causes of such nature, then the performance of the obligations hereunder of that party or all the parties as the case may be and as they are affected by such cause shall be excused during the continuance of any inability so caused, but such inability shall as far as possible be remedied with all reasonable despatch. For the avoidance of doubt, this Clause shall not apply to cases where: (i) The PEI is declared to be insolvent and/or a winding-up order made or bankruptcy issued by the Singapore court against the PEI (or, any partner of the PEI if the PEI is a partnership); and (ii) The relevant authority(ies) issue(s) an order to cease and/or terminate the operations of the PEI, or the happening of anything of a similar nature under the laws of Singapore.
FORCE. If the terms of this Agreement modify teacher contract terms after individual contracts have been issued, teacher contract forms will be altered to conform with terms reached under this Agreement. It is understood that nothing herein contained shall be interpreted as attempting to circumvent the requirement that an individual contract of employment with each teacher employed by the Board must be executed as provided by law.
FORCE com Platform for FinancialForce Accounting. If You purchase the FinancialForce Accounting service, We may be required to provision to You the full Salesforce CRM service, instead of only the Platform, for proper functioning of the FinancialForce Accounting service. In such case, You shall use only the Accounts, Opportunities, Price Books and Products tabs, and no other functions, of the Salesforce CRM service, and only as needed to use the FinancialForce Accounting Service, unless You have purchased a full Salesforce CRM subscription for the applicable User.
FORCE. Clampco Products, Inc. shall not be liable for loss, damage, detention or delay, nor be deemed to be in default from causes beyond its reasonable control or from fire, strike, labor difficulties, act or omission of any governmental authority or of Purchaser, compliance with governmental regulations, insurrection or riot, embargo delays or shortages in transportation or inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or manufacturing facilities from usual sources or from defects or delays in the performance of the suppliers or subcontractors due to any of the foregoing causes. In the event of delay due to any such cause, the date of delivery and contract price will be adjusted as may be reasonably necessary to compensate Clampco Products, Inc. for such delay.
FORCE. MAJEURE 20.1 For the purpose hereof, ”force majeure” shall mean strikes, lock-outs, civil strife, Riots, insurrection, sabotage, national emergency, acts of war of a public enemy, rationing of supplies, flood, fire or any other like forces of nature beyond the reasonable control of the Party claiming force majeure and comprehended in the terms thereof. If force majeure causes delays in or failure or partial failure of performance by a Party or all or any of its obligations hereunder, this Agreement shall be suspended for a period agreed in writing between the Parties. 20.2 In the event of interrupting circumstances arising which a Party believes to be force majeure [the “Affected Party” then such Affected Party shall send, within 5 [five] days from the interrupting circumstances, a written notice to the other Party of the interrupting circumstances specifying the nature and date of commencement of the interrupting event to the other Party. The Parties shall agree, in writing to suspend the implementation of this Agreement for a specific period [“Agreed Period”]. 20.3 In the event that both Parties reasonably believe that the Affected Party shall be unable to continue to perform its obligations after the Agreed Period, then either Party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement on notice to the other Party. 20.
FORCE. MAJEURE No party shall be liable for the delay in performance or failure to perform this Agreement if such delay or failure is due to any occurrence beyond the control of the parties including, without limitation, fire, explosion, weather, disease, war, insurrection, civil strife, riots, government action or power failure; provided, however, that the party who is unable to perform resumes performance as soon as possible following the end of the occurrence causing delay or failure.
FORCE com Sites. The terms below apply to the Sites component of the Developer Services.