First Completion Sample Clauses

First Completion. First Completion shall be conducted by remote exchange of documents or electronic documents on the later of (i) the Planned First Completion Date and (ii) the third (3th) Business Day after satisfaction or waiver of all of the First Completion Conditions and the conditions set forth Section 3.2 (except for those conditions which by their nature may not be satisfied until First Completion, but subject to the satisfaction or waiver thereof at First Completion), or at such other time as the Issuer and PAG may mutually agree in writing. The Issuer shall promptly notify PAG in writing after satisfaction of all of the First Completion Conditions (except for those conditions which by their nature may not be satisfied until First Completion, and for such purpose, disregarding any requirement that any First Completion Condition is subject to satisfaction of PAG).
First Completion. Subject to clause 7.2 and the satisfaction or waiver (where permitted by clause 5.5) of the Conditions, First Completion shall take place at the offices of Cooley (UK) LLP at 4 p.m. BST on 16 January 2017, or such earlier date, time and/or place as may be notified by the Purchaser to the Seller. On First Completion:
First Completion 

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Completion Without the consent of all parties, no well shall be drilled, Deepened or Sidetracked, except any well drilled, Deepened or Sidetracked pursuant to the provisions of Article VI.A.2. of this agreement. Consent to the drilling, Deepening or Sidetracking shall include: x Option No. 1: All necessary expenditures for the drilling, Deepening or Sidetracking, testing, Completing and equipping of the well, including necessary tankage and/or surface facilities. ¨ Option No. 2: All necessary expenditures for the drilling, Deepening or Sidetracking and testing of the well. When such well has reached its authorized depth, and all logs, cores and other tests have been completed, and the results thereof furnished to the parties, Operator shall give immediate notice to the Non-Operators having the right to participate in a Completion attempt whether or not Operator recommends attempting to Complete the well, together with Operator’s AFE for Completion costs if not previously provided. The parties receiving such notice shall have forty-eight (48) hours (exclusive of Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) in which to elect by delivery of notice to Operator to participate in a recommended Completion attempt or to make a Completion proposal with an accompanying AFE. Operator shall deliver any such Completion proposal, or any Completion proposal conflicting with Operator’s proposal, to the other parties entitled to participate in such Completion in accordance with the procedures specified in Article VI.B.6. Election to participate in a Completion attempt shall include consent to all necessary expenditures for the Completing and equipping of such well, including necessary tankage and/or surface facilities but excluding any stimulation operation not contained on the Completion AFE. Failure of any party receiving such notice to reply within the period above fixed shall constitute an election by that party not to participate in the cost of the Completion attempt; provided, that Article VI.A.6. shall control in the case of conflicting Completion proposals. If one or more, but less than all of the parties, elect to attempt a Completion, the provisions of Article VI.A.2. hereof (the phrase “Reworking, Sidetracking, Deepening, Recompleting or Plugging Back” as contained in Article VI.A.2. shall be deemed to include “Completing”) shall apply to the operations thereafter conducted by less than all parties; provided, however, that Article VI.A.2. shall apply separately to each separate Completion or Recompletion attempt undertaken hereunder, and an election to become a Non-Consenting Party as to one Completion or Recompletion attempt shall not prevent a party from becoming a Consenting Party in subsequent Completion or Recompletion attempts regardless whether the Consenting Parties as to earlier Completions or Recompletions have recouped their costs pursuant to Article VI.A.2.; provided further, that any recoupment of costs by a Consenting Party shall be made solely from the production attributable to the Zone in which the Completion attempt is made. Election by a previous Non-Consenting Party to participate in a subsequent Completion or Recompletion attempt shall require such party to pay its proportionate share of the cost of salvable materials and equipment installed in the well pursuant to the previous Completion or Recompletion attempt, insofar and only insofar as such materials and equipment benefit the Zone in which such party participates in a Completion attempt. A.A.P.L. FORM 610-MODEL FORM OPERATING AGREEMENT - 1989
Final Completion The point at which Substantial Completion has been achieved, all punch list items noted at Substantial Completion have been completed and all documents the Contractor is required to deliver to the Department as a condition to receiving final payment.
Project Completion The development of the Project may be abandoned for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, lack of interest from the public, lack of funding, lack of commercial success or prospects, or departure of key personnel.
Substantial Completion Substantial Completion" or "Substantially Completed" as used herein shall mean delivery of written notice to Tenant of the completion of construction of the Landlord's Improvements in the Premises pursuant to the approved Final Plans and Specifications with the exception of minor details of construction, installation, decoration, or mechanical adjustments and punchlist items as certified to by Landlord. Substantial Completion shall be deemed to have occurred, and completion of the Landlord's Improvements shall be deemed to have occurred upon issuance of a temporary or permanent certificate of occupancy, notwithstanding the requirement to complete "punchlist" items or similar corrective work. Tenant agrees that if Landlord shall be delayed in causing such work to be Substantially Completed as a result of any of the events as defined below (referred to herein as a "Tenant Delay"), then such delay shall be the responsibility of Tenant, and will result in the Commencement Date of the Term being the earlier of: (i) Tenant's opening of the Premises for business; (ii) the date of Substantial Completion or (iii) the date when Substantial Completion would have occurred if there had been no Tenant Delay, providing that Landlord shall not be required to work on an overtime basis in order to bring the Premises to Substantial Completion. For the purposes of this Work Letter, a Tenant Delay is defined as follows: (a) Tenant's failure to comply with any time frames set forth herein or in the Lease, (b) any changes in the Final Plans and Specifications requested by Tenant after execution of this Lease, or (c) Tenant's failure to perform any act or obligation imposed on Tenant by the Lease or this Work Letter as and when requested thereunder or hereunder, or (d) any other delay otherwise caused by Tenant, its agents, employees or contractors which operates to delay Landlord's Substantial Completion of the Landlord's Improvements, as reasonably determined by Landlord.
Completion Date The date on or before which the improvements must be completed in the manner specified in this Agreement, which date shall be the Construction Phase Maturity Date.
TIME OF COMPLETION The Owner shall issue a Notice to Proceed identifying the date for commencement of the Work. The commencement date shall be 10 or more days after the date the notice is issued. The Contractor shall achieve substantial completion of the Work within _____________________ (____) calendar days after the commencement date, as such completion date may be extended by approved Change Orders. The time set forth for completion of the Work is an essential element of the Contract.
DATE OF COMPLETION The Developer must ensure that the Developer’s Works reach Completion on or before the date or milestone referred to in clause 1 of Schedule 3 of this document.
Satisfactory Completion of Due Diligence The Company and the Shareholders shall have completed their legal, accounting and business due diligence of the Parent and the results thereof shall be satisfactory to the Company and the Shareholders in their sole and absolute discretion.
Phase 1 During Phase 1, WMR shall:
Commercial Operation The interconnection customer shall not operate the Small Generator Facility, except for interim testing as provided in 2.1, until such time as the Certificate of Completion is signed by all Parties.