Fence Sample Clauses

Fence. Seller has no legally binding obligation to build a fence on or around the Property except as and to the extent expressly set forth in the Government Lease, which has not been amended orally or in writing other than as set forth on Exhibit C hereto. The tenant under the Government Lease is obligated to reimburse the Seller for fence-related expenditures made by the Seller which the tenant requested and has agreed to reimburse. Any such reimbursements attributable to expenditures billed by the Seller prior to Closing which are paid by such tenant to the Purchaser after Closing will be paid by the Purchaser to the Seller within five (5) business days following Purchaser’s receipt thereof, in accordance with Section 9.1(ii) below. Purchaser may obtain additional information regarding the fence project during the Inspection Period, and Seller will reasonably cooperate with such Purchaser requests for additional information.
Fence. If applicable to the Leased Premises, City shall erect and, at all times during the term of this Lease, maintain an FAA-recommended fence as part of the 9 285103.2 4/2612011 Airport: perimeter fence line. The City's portion of the fence line shall be specified and approved by the Authority. The City's portion of the fence shall be constructed and maintained at City's sole cost and expense.
Fence or privacy screen shall be used as a support for any structure, object or thing that is, or is capable of, causing force to be exerted against or upon such fence or privacy screen.
Fence. The playground area must be surrounded in its perimeter by an ornamental fence of 1.22 m height (48”), self‐closing type, with self‐latching lockable hardware on the access point. The openings on the fence cannot be larger than 4” or 10 cm.
Fence shall commence no more than 100 millimetres above the finished grade;
Fence. The Contractor shall provide, assemble, and erect the fence in accordance with the drawings and specifications. Also, the contractor shall erect any needed temporary fencing to secure the site. S897PE01 Electrical Layout S897PG20 Ground Grid Layout S897PG25 Typical Grounding Details - Sub Fence (Sheet 1 of 2) S897PG26 Typical Grounding Details - Sub Fence (Sheet 2 of 2)
Fence. A 6’ (six foot) fence is allowed. Chain-link fence is not allowed.
Fence shall be made of medium grade pipe;
Fence in a rear yard shall not exceed 2 metres in height.