Fence Sample Clauses

Fence. Seller has no legally binding obligation to build a fence on or around the Property except as and to the extent expressly set forth in the Government Lease, which has not been amended orally or in writing other than as set forth on Exhibit C hereto. The tenant under the Government Lease is obligated to reimburse the Seller for fence-related expenditures made by the Seller which the tenant requested and has agreed to reimburse. Any such reimbursements attributable to expenditures billed by the Seller prior to Closing which are paid by such tenant to the Purchaser after Closing will be paid by the Purchaser to the Seller within five (5) business days following Purchaser’s receipt thereof, in accordance with Section 9.1(ii) below. Purchaser may obtain additional information regarding the fence project during the Inspection Period, and Seller will reasonably cooperate with such Purchaser requests for additional information.
Fence. The enclosure is accomplished by posts in the soil (depth of 1.30 m) made up of poles of a C profile, 30x60x120x60x30 thickness 3, separated from each other by 2.5m. They serve as support for the network of panels of Orsopanel type, 6x3 (h 1930 mm)
Fence. Within ten (10) days after the Close of Escrow Buyer, at Buyer's cost and expense (including any fees) and subject to the approval of Seller, shall install a temporary chain link fence separating the Purchase Property and the Remaining Property.
Fence. The Owner/Developer agrees to install a six-foot high chain link fence on the south property line of the 0.63-acre parcel immediately adjacent to the Urbana Fire Station upon completion of construction of the convenience store. Fencing along the property line shall be in conformance to the requirements of the Urbana Zoning Ordinance once a commercial development is approved for the 0.63-acre parcel.
Fence. If applicable to the Leased Premises, City shall erect and, at all times during the term of this Lease, maintain an FAA-recommended fence as part of the 9 285103.2 4/2612011 Airport: perimeter fence line. The City's portion of the fence line shall be specified and approved by the Authority. The City's portion of the fence shall be constructed and maintained at City's sole cost and expense.
Fence. The Owner shall be responsible for the future maintenance of fencing adjoining the western edge of the Strip.
Fence. As partial consideration for the transaction contemplated herein, the Buyer agrees, upon the request of the Seller, to immediately transfer all right, title and interest, in whole or in part, in and to the fencing materials currently installed around the perimeter of the Subject Property except the fencing materials comprising the fence located on or near the south boundary of the Subject Property. The Buyer hereby authorizes the Seller, at the Seller's sole option and expense, to remove said fencing materials (subject to the above exception), in whole or in part, from the Subject Property using reasonable care not to damage the Subject Property or any of the landscaping thereon. The right of the Seller to remove the fencing materials, as provided herein, is subject to the Seller giving written notice to the Buyer of the Seller's election to remove fence materials prior to the commencement of any construction activities by the Buyer on the Subject Property and the Seller's removal of the fencing material is fully completed within ten (10) days after the date said written notice is delivered to the Buyer. The election by the Seller to remove the fencing materials from the Subject Property shall constitute the agreement by the Seller, without the requirement of any further writing to: (i) indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Buyer and the Subject Property from any claim, lien or charge resulting from the Seller's removal of the fencing materials; and (ii) promptly repair any damage to any landscaping or other improvements resulting from the Seller's removal of the fencing materials.
Fence. Grantor hereby grants to Grantee a temporary license for Grantee and its contractors, agents, employees, and designees to access and use such portions of the SCL Property that are shown on the Construction Plan for installation of a construction fence and related improvements, including, without limitation, screening and security lights, around the construction jobsite in the approximate location shown on the Construction Plan (the “Fence License”). If Grantee determines that additional area on the SCL Property or other property owned by Grantor is required to facilitate completion of the Project, Grantee may, with Grantor’s prior written approval, expand the boundaries of the Access License, Staging and Parking License and Fence License to include such additional area. Grantor shall not unreasonably withhold, condition or delay its approval to a request by Grantee to expand the Access License, Staging and Parking License and Fence License.
Fence. The fence along the north side of the building shall be of a more commercial character with a combination of wood and metal strapping andƒor welded wire mesh.
Fence. The County shall construct, at its sole cost and expense, a livestock fence of sufficient size and length along common boundary between the Xxxxxxx-3 Homestead lot and the Xxxxxxx-1 lot (acquired through this Option).