Extermination Sample Clauses

Extermination. The control or elimination of insects, rodents or other Vermin by eliminating their harborage places, by removing or making inaccessible materials that may serve as their food, by blocking their access to a Dwelling, by poisoning, spraying, fumigating or trapping, or by any other legal pest elimination method approved by the Code Official.
Extermination. Licensee shall cooperate fully with the University's extermination program for the Building and the Premises. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, Licensee agrees to take all reasonable actions requested by exterminators hired by the University to prepare the Premises for extermination, including without limitation removing all items from shelves and cabinets, giving such exterminator access to the Premises and vacating the Premises during the extermination process. The failure to comply with the requirements of this section 13 shall entitle the University, without limitation, to terminate the License pursuant to Section 8, above.
Extermination. If the University needs to exterminate bugs, fleas, ants, etc. in any room, suite, or apartment for any reason, students are required to follow the Facilities Services Supervisor and the exterminator’s rules regarding the timing, cleaning and/or removal of personal items, and any follow up instructions. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action, and/or cancellation of your contract and subsequent removal from campus housing. University officials will inspect all apartments once each semester to ensure that health and sanitation standards are being maintained. Students will be advised as to the time of inspections.
Extermination. Tenant shall be responsible for any extermination fees that are caused by tenant, including, but not limited to, bedbug infestations due to lack of mattress covers, pests that originate from kitchen sources, accumulated trash, or other Tenant actions.
Extermination. To provide extermination services as necessary. Tenant may be charged for special extermination services required as a consequence of Tenant’s failure to keep the leased premises in a clean and sanitary condition or failure to properly prepare the leased premises for scheduled extermination services.
Extermination. The Tenant shall, at its sole cost and expense, on at least a quarterly basis, employ professional exterminators to control pests within the Premises and supply Landlord with a copy of the contract therefor.
Extermination. Tenant agrees not to permit the extermination of vermin to be performed in, on or about the Property or any portion thereof except at times and by a person or company reasonably designated by Landlord.
Extermination. The TENANT is responsible for all extermination of insects, varmints and/or vermin excluding termites.
Extermination. Producer agrees to provide extermination service as needed.
Extermination. Tenant at its sole cost and expense shall maintain such extermination services as are necessary to keep the demised premises free of pests and vermin at all times.