Expenditure Sample Clauses

Expenditure. No Borrower shall incur any expenditure, except for expenditure reasonably incurred in the ordinary course of owning, operating, maintaining and repairing its Ship.
Expenditure. The Director shall be responsible for the implementation of the approved operational and capital budget of the department.
Expenditure. 5.1 In order to fund the activity described above and make progress against our targets, the University plans to invest a total of £13.8m in additional access measures in 2017-18, representing 31.2 per cent of total income from additional fees.
Expenditure. Except as permitted by any Transaction Document, make any expenditure (by long-term or operating lease or otherwise), excluding those relating to foreclosure, for capital assets (both realty and personalty), unless such expenditure is approved in writing by the Agent.
Expenditure. This assessment of our current progress has led us to conclude that substantial investment in additional access measures is called for. In 2012/13, a total of £7.8m will therefore be invested in these measures, rising to £11.89m in 2015/16 (steady state).This represents 35% of the total income from additional fees. A high level summary of how this investment will be attributed in steady state is provided in the table below. The amounts quoted will rise annually in line with inflation (assuming that fee levels also rise to reflect inflation). The balance of investment across the different categories reflects our assessment of current priorities. For example, increasing investment in outreach has been prioritised over supporting retention but we have nevertheless recognised the need for some additional transitional support for students recruited from under represented groups. This balance will be kept under review in the light of levels of progress. In particular, improved recruitment of students from low income backgrounds has the potential to impact significantly on the cost of our student finance package, which may need to be adjusted accordingly in future years. Further detail (including details of proposed investment during the intervening years) is provided in Appendices One and Three. Outreach activities £2.01m Progression/retention activities £0.57m Other continuing activity (e.g. job shop; student funding advisers) £0.43m Student Hardship Funding £0.25m Student Finance Package £8.63m TOTAL REINVESTMENT £11.89m
Expenditure. No Borrower shall incur, or commit to, any expenditure except:
Expenditure. Figure 5.2 shows the total (public and private) expenditure on tertiary education institutions in a range of comparator countries as a % of GDP and how this has changed in the period 1995–2001. 1.5 1995 2001 1 0 OECD country % GDP
Expenditure. Key Controls How they may be addressed All goods, services and works to be ordered in accordance with the Company’s Purchasing Policy Adoption of, and compliance with, a robust commercial procurement policy and any applicable legislative requirements (in so far as they relate to procurement). All goods, services and works to be ordered by appropriately authorised persons and correctly recorded Formal order / contract documents, formal delegation as to who can order and to what financial threshold, commitment accounting All goods, services and works received are checked to ensure that they are in accordance with the order Delivery and supervision procedures Payments are made: On proper / formal and accurate VAT invoices (where appropriate) Goods, services and works have been supplied to the correct price, quantity and quality Effective payment procedures All expenditure, including VAT, is accurately recorded against the correct budget Effective payment and VAT management procedures Any xxxxx cash holdings are efficiently and effectively managed Effective xxxxx cash procedures All appropriate expenditure records are retained and stored for 6 years Appropriate retention of financial documents SCHEDULE 3 - GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK A Governance Framework for Hertsmere Developments Limited 1. Constitution and Composition of the Board Main Principle
Expenditure. 26. The Office for Fair Access guidance suggests that an institution with low or very low proportion of under‐represented students should spend between 30 and 35 per cent of its fee income above £6,165 per fte on access commitments. The University is committing a figure of 31.0% in 2017/18. Therefore, with a fee of £9,250, this approximates to £10.9 million per annum, to be divided primarily between financial support packages and access outreach activity.
Expenditure. Such budget funds will be spent to fund approved conferences, conventions and other in-service activities for Principals in the bargaining unit.