Exams Sample Clauses

Exams. A nurse shall be entitled to leave of absence without loss of earnings from her or his regularly scheduled working hours for the purpose of writing exams arising out of the Quality Assurance Program required by the College of Nurses of Ontario. The period of the leave may include the night shift prior to and any scheduled shifts commencing on the day of the examination as long as payment under this clause does not result in payment for more than one regularly scheduled shift. Part-time nurses will be credited with seniority and service for all such hours paid as provided above for the purpose of writing such exams.
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Exams. Annually, the Hospital shall arrange to provide Mantoux skin test and/or chest X ray at no cost to the nurse, should the nurse become exposed to TB. All nurses shall be permitted a complete blood count, chest X ray, urinalysis, and pap smear annually when ordered by a physician at no cost to the nurse.
Exams. 56.6.1Exams for all levels will be made available upon request. Those who write exams will be advised of the results and for those who pass, accreditation will be valid for a two (2) year period.
Exams. Microsoft retains all right, title, and interest in and to the Exams subject to the limited license grant in this Section 2.
Exams. The Employer will pay for one mammagram or one prostate exam (over 40 years age) for each employee annually.
Exams. The hospital will reimburse for USMLE Step 3 exam first attempt, or Comlex Level 3 exam first attempt, as required by program. Any exam fees paid by the resident/fellow prior to receiving and signing an AdventHealth resident agreement will not be reimbursed.