EPA Sample Clauses

EPA. See §6.19(b).
EPA. EPA's responsibility for the payment of claims to the Cooperator or its employees for loss of property, personal injury or death caused by the negligence or the wrongful act or omission of employees of EPA, while acting within the scope of their employment, is in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act, 28 U.S.C. '' 2671-80 and 40 C.F.R. Part 10.
EPA. The EPA will fulfill its responsibilities relevant to the siting of electric transmission facilities, including, but not limited to, commenting on EIS under section 309 of the CAA, and exercising the authority to participate in the CWA section 404 permit process and to restrict, in certain circumstances, the use of specific disposal sites for dredged or fill material pursuant to Section 404(c). In this regard, EPA, in coordination with the USACE, will review electric transmission facility proposals that involve the discharge of dredged or fill material in waters of the United States for compliance with the CWA Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines. Additionally, EPA has authority to issue and/or review state and tribe-based permits under the CAA or for activities that involve discharges of pollutants subject to the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, established under section 402 of the CWA.
EPA. Failure to: obtain or maintain any operating licenses or permits required by environmental authorities; begin, continue or complete any remediation activities as required by any environmental authorities; store or dispose of any hazardous materials in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations; or comply with any other environmental laws, if any such failure would have a Material Adverse Effect; or (O)
EPA. See §5.16(b).
EPA. The PIU shall ensure that the Program Implementing Entity takes all necessary actions to ensure that EPA’s capacities shall be strengthened so as to enable it to actively and efficiently carry out its responsibilities in the implementation of the Program, including to ensure compliance of the Program’s activities with the 0000 X Xxxxxx XX  Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 XXX Program Implementing Entity’s environmental laws and regulations, and diligent implementation of the recommendations of Section 7 (Recommendations and Proposed Actions) of the ESSA.
EPA. There are no EPA proceedings or investigations pending, or to the knowledge of Seller, threatened against Seller, which might adversely affect the business or financial condition of Seller.
EPA. Economic Partnership Agreements: The ACP countries and the EU have agreed to enter into economic integration agreements - concluding new WTO compatible trading arrangements, progressively removing barriers to trade between them and enhancing co-operation in all areas related to trade. To this end, Economic Partnership Agreements will be negotiated with ACP regions, engaged in a regional economic integration process. Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are thus intended to consolidate regional integration initiatives within the ACP. They are also aimed at providing an open, transparent and predictable framework for goods and services to circulate freely, thus increasing competitiveness of the ACP and ultimately facilitating the transition towards their full participation in a liberalising world economy - thereby complementing any initiative taken in the multilateral context. Formal negotiations started in September 2002 and EPAs will enter into force by 1 January 2008 at the latest. The non- reciprocal Lomé IV trade preferences will continue to be applied during the interim period (2000-2007). Escrow account - Account set up outside the buyer country (usually in a low risk country) in order to mitigate the transfer risk.
EPA. The acronym referring to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Also represented as USEPA.