END Sample Clauses

END. USER NOT AVAILABLE Time after a service has been restored but End-User is not available to verify that the Service is working. If the service is later determined by the End-User to not have been restored, the Stop Clock shall apply only for the time period between Contractor’s reasonable attempt to notify the End-User that Contractor believes the service has been restored and the time the End-User notifies the Contractor that the Service has not been restored. 4 WIRING Restoration cannot be achieved because the problem has been isolated to wiring that is not maintained by Contractor or any of its Subcontractors or Affiliates. If it is later determined the wiring is not the cause of failure, the SCC shall not apply. 5 POWER Trouble caused by a power problem outside of the responsibility of the Contractor. # Stop Clock Condition (SCC) SCC Definition 6 FACILITIES Lack of building entrance Facilities or conduit structure that are the End-User’s responsibility to provide. 7 ACCESS Limited access or contact with End-User provided the Contractor documents in the trouble ticket several efforts to contact End-User for the following: a. Access necessary to correct the problem is not available because access has not been arranged by site contact or End- User representative; b. Site contact refuses access to technician who displays proper identification; c. Customer provides incorrect site contact information which prevents access, provided that Contractor takes reasonable steps to notify End-User of the improper contact information and takes steps to obtain the correct information ; or, d. Site has limited hours of business that directly impacts the Contractor’s ability to resolve the problem. If it is determined later that the cause of the problem was not at the site in question, then the Access SCC shall not apply. 8 STAFF Any problem or delay to the extent caused by End-User’s staff that prevents or delays Contractor’s resolution of the problem. In such event, Contractor shall make a timely request to End-User staff to correct the problem or delay and document in trouble ticket. 9 APPLICATION End-User software applications that interfere with repair of the trouble. 10 CPE Repair/replacement of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) not provided by Contractor if the problem has been isolated to the CPE. If determined later that the CPE was not the cause of the service outage, the CPE SCC will not apply. 11 NO RESPONSE Failure of the trouble ticket originator or responsib...
END. This Agreement shall continue for a period of five (5) years from the Effective Date. The obligation to keep the received Confidential and Proprietary Information confidential shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
END. The person appearing is known to me, civil-law notary. This deed was executed in Amsterdam on the date stated at the beginning of this deed. The summarised contents of this deed were stated and explained to the person appearing. All parties were informed of the consequences of the contents of this deed. The person appearing declared to dispense with a full reading of the deed, to have taken due note of the content of the deed well before its execution and to agree with its content. Immediately following the limited reading, this deed was signed by the person appearing and by me, civil-law notary.
END. (a) The Lease Term ends on ten (10) years from the Start Date.
END. The person appearing is known to me, civil-law notary. This deed was executed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on the date stated in the first paragraph of this deed. The contents of the deed have been stated and clarified to the person appearing. The person appearing has declared not to wish the deed to be fully read out, to have noted the contents of the deed timely before its execution and to agree with the contents. After limited reading, this deed was signed first by the person appearing and thereafter by me, civil-law notary in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Exhibit B FORM OF SHARE TRANSFER AGREEMENT SHARE TRANSFER AGREEMENT dated as of , 20 (this “Agreement”) between VimpelCom Ltd., an exempted company organized and existing under the laws of Bermuda (“Newco”), and VimpelCom Holdings B.V., a company organized and existing under the laws of the Netherlands (“HoldCo” and, together with the Newco, collectively, the “Parties” and, individually, each a “Party”).
END. This deed, drawn up in one original copy, was executed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on the date first before written. The person appearing is known to me, Notary. I, Notary, have determined the identity of the person appearing by means of a document designated for that purpose. After the substance of this deed had been made known and explained to the person appearing, she declared that she has noted the contents of this deed timely before its execution, agreed to its contents and did not require it to be read out in full. Subsequently, after a partial reading in accordance with the law, this deed was immediately thereupon signed by the person appearing and by me, Notary. The articles of association of Merus B.V., currently read as laid down in the deed of amendment of the articles of association of 21 August 2015 ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION CHAPTER I Definitions
END. USER is granted a license to install and use the licensed Motion Assets on an unlimited number of computers of the END-USER.