EEA Sample Clauses

EEA. In relation to each Member State of the European Economic Area which has implemented the Prospectus Directive (each, a “Relevant Member State”), each underwriter has represented and agreed that with effect from and including the date on which the Prospectus Directive is implemented in that Relevant Member State (the “Relevant Implementation Date”) it has not made and will not make an offer of the Securities which are the subject of the offering contemplated by this Prospectus to the public in that Relevant Member State other than:
EEA. The countries of the European Economic Area plus Switzerland. Member A policyholder with Simplyhealth. Partner A husband, wife or civil partner under the Civil Partnership Act 2004, or a person who lives with you permanently as if they were your legal spouse or civil partner. Policy Our contract of insurance with you. Policy document This policy document and the table of cover, which comprises the terms and conditions that relate to your policy. Pre-existing condition Any condition for which you: • have been referred to a consultant or hospital for either investigation or treatment prior to the date of joining or • are receiving consultant or hospital treatment or investigations prior to the date of joining or • reasonably believe that you would be referred to a consultant or hospital for investigation or treatment within 12 months of joining the policy These conditions will be excluded for 12 months from your application to join the policy. Qualifying period A period of time that must elapse before we will accept claims for the particular benefit. This applies on an individual basis from the date you join the policy. Registration date The date the policy begins, as shown in your welcome letter. Table of cover A table (current at the date of treatment) issued by us giving the levels of cover that apply to each of the premium levels (where applicable) of your policy and terms and conditions for joining, changing your premium level and where applicable adding child or partner to your policy. The table of cover forms part of your policy document. We/our/us Simplyhealth Access trading as Simplyhealth, a company incorporated in England and Wales. You/your The member and, where applicable, any partner or children covered under your policy.
EEA for a period that has not exceeded 30 days within a 12 month period; and