Drug Sample Clauses

Drug. Drug" means marijuana metabolites, cocaine metabolites, ampheta- mines, opiate metabolites, narcotics and phencyclidine (PCP). Legally prescribed drugs shall be handled in the same manner as fitness for duty medical exams.
Drug. The term “drug” includes cannabis, as well as other controlled substances including alcohol as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.
Drug any controlled substance listed under section 102(6) of the Controlled Substance Act (21 U.S.C. 802(6)) as specified by the administrator of the federal department of transportation.
Drug. “Drug” means marijuana metabolites, cocaine metabolites, amphetamines, opiate metabolites, phencyclidine (PCP), any illegal substances, and any substances regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for employees subject to DOT regulations.
Drug. “Drug” means marijuana metabolites, cocaine metabolites, amphetamines, opiate metabolites, and, phencyclidine (PCP) or any illegal substances.
Drug. A controlled substance as defined by Chapter 3719 of the Ohio Revised Code, entitled "Controlled Substances" or Section 202, Schedules I through V,of the Federal Controlled Substance Act, including but not limited to marijuana, hashish, "crack", cocaine, heroin, morphine, codeine, opiates, amphetamines, "ice", barbiturates and hallucinogens.
Drug. During the term of this Agreement, CHS shall purchase from Supplier and Supplier shall sell and provide to CHS, or arrange for the provision of, such units of Drug, which are required by CHS to meet the needs of its Drug Therapy Business. Said Drug will be sold and provided to CHS when and as requested by CHS for resale by CHS to its patients. Supplier shall only be obligated to provide Drug to, or on behalf of, CHS for resale to patients pursuant to a physician's prescription. Supplier shall provide such Drug as is prescribed by the Physician, (or if not specifically described in the prescription, as determined by CHS), subject to product availability. If Drugs are not available, Supplier shall promptly notify CHS. In the event of Drug unavailability, Supplier shall provide Drugs to CHS on a "most favored nations" basis and CHS shall be free to purchase any shortfall of Drugs elsewhere. "Most favored Nations" basis shall mean that Supplier shall provide Drugs to CHS on the same basis that it provides Drugs to any other entity with which it has a management contract, but shall not require Supplier to treat CHS the same as Supplier's direct patients.
Drug. Any substance, including alcohol, that is restricted or prohibited by this Policy, state, or federal law.
Drug. Xenova has transferred or will complete the transfer, as the case may be, to QLT of approximately [*] of the Drug in its possession or control, including quantities of the Drug ordered from [*] but not released as of the Effective Date. Xenova will supply such quantities of the Drug to QLT at no charge to QLT.
Drug. Provide investigational product in sufficient quantities to supply MGH throughout the course of the Regimen Study, and any open-label extension study that may be incorporated with approval of and input from Company. Packaging and labeling is the responsibility of XXXXXX ALS Platform Trial Central Pharmacy vendor unless otherwise determined by the Company. Company shall ship drug directly to XXXXXX ALS Platform Trial Central Pharmacy vendor for distribution to Study Sites in an appropriately temperature-controlled manner as specified by the Company.