Drains Sample Clauses

Drains. 7.16.1 Not to overload, block up or damage any of the drains, pipes, wires, cables or any apparatus or installation relating to the services serving the Premises.
Drains. You are responsible for keeping all gutters, drains, toilet bowls, cisterns, basins, baths, showers, water pipes and ducts (and other fittings you have reasonable access to) free from blockages and for the cost of unblocking these if they become blocked as a result of something you have done. You must report any blockages to Get Living London as soon as possible.
Drains. You are Jointly and Severally required to not cause any blockage to the drains, gutters and pipes of the premises and clear and clean the drains in baths, showers and sinks as frequently as required to keep them unblocked of hair or other waste. Remove and clean the shower trap and any hair that maybe clogging it regularly.
Drains. Seller shall require the Title Insurer to search the office of the drain commissioner for the counties in which the Real Property is located and to include any Drain Agreements as part of the Title Commitments and supporting documents to the Title Commitments required to be provided to Buyer under this Section 2.2. Seller shall also ensure that any preliminary and updated ALTA Survey and the Final ALTA Survey identify the location of any Drain Agreements within the Real Property (regardless of whether it is recorded in the office of the register of deeds for the applicable county or in the office of the drain commissioner for the applicable county) that is not released during any cure period provided for in this Section 2.2. Buyer's Title Objection Notice and/or Buyer's Pro Forma Objection Notices may include objections to the Drain Agreements and Seller shall follow the same process for curative efforts to assure that the Pro Forma Title Policy and Final ALTA Survey only include or reflect Drain Agreements that are deemed Permitted Encumbrances by Buyer.
Drains. The ceilings will have a drain system with piping and canalization with the respective inspection xxxxxxxx.
Drains. 11. To bear and pay and indemnify the Landlord against all the costs and expenses which the Landlord as the Owner of the Premises or any part thereof during the continuance of the Term ought or would be liable to bear or contribute to in or about any works, drainage or sewerage in respect of the Premises by any Act or Acts of the Oireachtas already made or hereafter to be made or by any direction or requirement of any local or public Authority in pursuance of any such Act or Acts.
Drains. 20.1 To keep all gutters sewers or cesspits (if any), drains, sanitary apparatus, water and waste pipes, air vents and ducts free of obstruction.
Drains a) Drains, Sewers and pipelines from each flat to the pits in the Ground Floor and from pits to master trap.
Drains. You are responsible for unblocking and keeping all gutters, sewers, drains, toilet bowls, cisterns, basins, baths, showers, water pipes and ducts (and other fittings you have reasonable access to) free from blockages.