Discontinuance Sample Clauses

Discontinuance. If payment of amounts due as described herein is not received by the xxxx date in the month after the original xxxx date, BellSouth will provide written notice that BellSouth may Discontinue the provision of existing services to OneTone if payment of such amounts, and all other amounts that become past due before Discontinuance, including requested security deposits, is not received by wire transfer, automatic clearing house or cashier’s check in the manner set forth in Section 1.4.1 above or in the case of a deposit in accordance with Section 1.3.1 above, within thirty (30) days following such written notice; provided, however, that BellSouth may provide written notice that such existing services may be Discontinued within fifteen (15) days following such notice, subject to the criteria described in Section 1.5.5 below.
Discontinuance. The Employer has the right, at any time, to suspend or discontinue its contributions under the Plan, and to terminate, at any time, this Plan and the Trust created under this Agreement. The Plan will terminate upon the first to occur of the following:
Discontinuance. (Discontinuance provisions to be set out in this Article. In preparing discontinuance language, the parties shall make provisions for a full-time employee who has transferred to a regular part-time position as part of a job sharing arrangement to have the first option of returning to that full-time position on the collapse of the arrangement.) Dated this day of , 20 . FOR THE UNION FOR THE HOSPITAL NOTE: Employees presently covered by a job sharing arrangement shall be subject to its terms and conditions until such job sharing arrangement is discontinued.
Discontinuance. If the claimant, following the submission of a claim under this Section, fails to take any steps in the proceedings during 180 consecutive days or such periods as the disputing parties may agree, the claimant shall be deemed to have withdrawn its claim and to have discontinued the proceedings. The Tribunal shall, at the request of the respondent and after notice to the disputing parties, take note of the discontinuance of the proceedings in an order and issue an award on costs. After such an order has been rendered the authority of the Tribunal shall lapse. The claimant may not subsequently submit a claim on the same matter.
Discontinuance. If it should become necessary to discontinue the SLB, unused sick leave in 17 the bank will be distributed in the following manner:
Discontinuance. Nuix may discontinue offering the Software at the conclusion of the Term. Nuix will have no liability to Licensee or any third party in relation to any such discontinuance.
Discontinuance. Google will notify Customer at least 12 months before discontinuing any Service (or associated material functionality), and at least 36 months for any Key Service (or associated material functionality), in each case unless Google replaces such discontinued Service or functionality with a materially similar Service or functionality.
Discontinuance. Landlord's obligation to furnish services under Section 7.(a) shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the supplier of such services and governmental rules and regulations. Landlord may, upon not less than 30-days' prior written notice to Tenant, discontinue any such service to the Premises, provided Landlord first arranges for a fully functioning, equivalent capacity direct connection thereof through the supplier of such service. Tenant shall, however, be responsible for contracting with the supplier of such service and for paying all deposits for, and costs relating to, such service.
Discontinuance. Nuix may discontinue offering the Software at the conclusion of the Term or thirty-six (36) months after the Commencement Date, whichever is earlier. Nuix will have no liability to Licensee or any third party in relation to any such discontinuance.
Discontinuance. In the event this sick leave pool is discontinued, unused days remaining in the pool will be divided equally among plan participants.