, delete Sample Clauses

, delete. Paragraph 1.1.3., renumber as 1.1.2. Annex 5Appendix, amend to read: "Annex 5 – Appendix Test reports examples of wet grip index Example 1: Test report of wet grip index using trailer or tyre test vehicle method Test report number: Test date: Track: Minimum: Maximum: Texture depth (mm): Wetted surface temp. (°C): µpeak,corr: Ambient temp (°C): Water depth (mm): Speed (km/h):
, delete. Paragraph, renumber as and amend to read:
, delete. Paragraph 5.1.6., amend to read:
, delete. Paragraph, amend to read:
, delete. Paragraph, renumber as 2.20.1. and amend to read:
, delete. 9.4 The Owner and Architect waive all rights against each other and against the contractors, consultants, agents and employees of the other for damages, but only to the extent covered by property insurance during construction, except such rights as they may have to the proceeds of such insurance as set forth in the edition of AIA Document A201, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, current as of the date of this Agreement. The Owner and Architect each shall require similar waivers from their contractors, consultants and agents. Amended to read:
, delete. Substitute: “The Employer may assign its entire rights and benefit under this Contract to any person having or acquiring an interest in the Works; and the Employer’s said rights and benefit may be charged and/or assigned by way of security and may be reassigned on redemption. The Contractor may not assign the benefit of this Contract without the written consent of the Employer.” Person-in-Charge
, delete. Paragraph 1.3., renumber as paragraph 1. and amend to read:
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