Delete Sample Clauses

Delete. The requirements of this section apply to the deletion of a PM Session. [R3] A SOAM PM Implementation MUST support the capability to delete a PM Session. [R4] After a PM Session is deleted, further SOAM PM Frames relating to the session MUST NOT be sent. [R5] After a PM Session is deleted, further measurements associated with the deleted PM Session MUST NOT be made. [O1] Before the data from a deleted PM Session is lost, a SOAM PM Implementation MAY issue a report (similar to the report that would happen when Stop Time is reached). [R6] After a PM Session is deleted, all the stored measurement data relating to the deleted PM Session MUST be deleted. Note: a PM Session may be deleted at any point in its lifecycle, including before it has started.
Delete. Paragraph 5.1.6., amend to read:
Delete. 36. Landlord agrees that Landlord, its servants, agents or representatives shall not enter the demised premises without a representative of the Tenant being present, except in cases of emergency.
Delete. Article 25.05 Employees, while working from a swinging scaffold, crane basket or bosun’s chair, shall be paid five percent (5%) per hour over their prevailing rate.
Delete. Substitute: “The Employer may assign its entire rights and benefit under this Contract to any person having or acquiring an interest in the Works; and the Employer’s said rights and benefit may be charged and/or assigned by way of security and may be reassigned on redemption. The Contractor may not assign the benefit of this Contract without the written consent of the Employer.” Person-in-Charge
Delete. 9.4 The Owner and Architect waive all rights against each other and against the contractors, consultants, agents and employees of the other for damages, but only to the extent covered by property insurance during construction, except such rights as they may have to the proceeds of such insurance as set forth in the edition of AIA Document A201, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, current as of the date of this Agreement. The Owner and Architect each shall require similar waivers from their contractors, consultants and agents. Amended to read:
Delete. Delete the selected character from the Edit Area. In the Edit Area, select the character which you wish to delete. Click the Delete button to delete the selected character.
Delete. The production employees will continue to be provided with uniforms and laundry service in keeping with the current practice.
Delete. Deletes the selected preset permanently from the list. When you select one your presets and click on this button, a confirmation dialog box will appear and when you confirm by clicking the OK button, the preset will be removed from the list. This button will not delete any of the factory presets.