Definitive Sample Clauses

Definitive. Plan shall mean a written summary, signed by all entities or agencies that will participate in at least a limited production pilot and become signatories to the DURSA, which attests to the planned timeline, including substantive milestones, that will allow the parties to the attestation to begin, no later than December 31, 2010, actively exchanging health information in compliance with the NHIN Specifications in at least a limited production pilot that is consistent with priorities set by the NHIN Technical Committee. The purpose of the Definitive Plan is to provide a mechanism for the NHIN Coordinating Committee to evaluate an entity’s eligibility to serve on the Coordinating Committee, as described in Section 4.02 of the Agreement.
Definitive. System Restoration Bonds will be transferable and exchangeable at the offices of the System Restoration Bonds Registrar. With respect to any transfer of such listed System Restoration Bonds, the new Definitive System Restoration Bonds registered in the names specified by the transferee and the original transferor shall be available at the offices of such transfer agent.
Definitive. Notes representing the Notes will be available only under those limited circumstances set forth in the Indenture.
Definitive. Documentation The Parties shall negotiate the definitive documents necessary to complete the Restructuring Transactions in good faith and work in good faith to secure support for the Approved Plan by the Debtors. Any and all documentation necessary to effectuate the Restructuring Transactions, including the definitive documents, shall be in form and substance consistent with this Term Sheet and the Coordination Agreement. All consent rights not otherwise set forth herein shall be set forth in the Coordination Agreement.
Definitive. Forms The definitive forms of the documents contemplated by the Backstop Commitment Agreement, including the documents contemplated by the employee incentive plan term sheet attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “EIP”), in each case, substantially on the terms and conditions set forth on such term sheet or otherwise in accordance with the Backstop Commitment Agreement, will be substantially agreed to by (and will be reasonably acceptable to) the Company and the Requisite Commitment Parties and filed by the date on which the motion (the “Backstop Agreement Motion”) to be filed by the Debtors seeking approval of the BCA Approval Order (as defined below) is heard by the Bankruptcy Court and the Company and the Requisite Commitment Parties will enter into a letter agreement (the “Pre-Hearing Letter Agreement”) prior to such date acknowledging their agreement to such definitive forms. On or before the Effective Date, the Company, on the one hand, and the Commitment Parties, on the other hand, will each deliver to the other, copies of the final documents contemplated by the Pre-Hearing Letter Agreement, executed by such party to the extent applicable.
Definitive. Delivery Agreement August 2019 - Submission to Welsh Government May 2020 Commence Pre-deposit Preparation June 2020 Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit) Consultation August/September 2021 Deposit LDP Consultation July /August 2022 Indicative Submit Revised LDP to the Welsh Government January 2023 Independent Examination May/ June 2023 Adoption December 2023 Key Stage Timescale Definitive Delivery Agreement Submission to Welsh Government - August 2020 Commence Pre-deposit Preparation September 2020 Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit) Consultation November/December 2021 Deposit LDP Consultation October /November 2022 Indicative Submit Revised LDP to the Welsh Government April 2023 Independent Examination August / September 2023 Adoption March 2024 Further details on the projected timescales for plan preparation are set out in Table 2.
Definitive. (b) The Executive shall become physically or mentally disabled so that the Executive is unable substantially to perform his services hereunder for (1) a period of one hundred twenty (120) consecutive days, or (2) shorter periods aggregating one hundred eighty (180) days during any twelve (12) month period. Notwithstanding such disability the Company shall continue to pay the Executive his Base Salary through the date of such termination. In addition, the Executive shall be entitled to a pro rata annual performance bonus (prorated by multiplying the full year bonus that otherwise would be due by the percentage derived from dividing the number of days in the then-current year prior to the termination on account of disability of the Executive by three hundred sixty-five (365)) with respect to the fiscal year of the Company during which such termination occurs. Upon such a disability, stock options previously granted to the Executive that are vested and fully exercisable at the time of disability shall remain fully exercisable, by the Executive or his legal representatives, should he have such, for a period of one hundred eight (180) days from the date of disability, at which time they shall automatically be forfeited if not exercised. All stock options and stock awards (and similar equity rights) that have not vested prior to the date of disability shall be forfeited by the Executive.
Definitive. (b) a Prohibited Event occurs, provided that the Executive gives written notice of termination within ninety (90) days after such occurrence and such Prohibited Event is not remedied within thirty (30) days after such notice. For this purpose a “Prohibited Event” exists if the Executive is not continuously at least one (1) of President or Chief Executive Officer of the Company during the Term;
Definitive. LICENSE AND TRANSFER AGREEMENT This Definitive License and Transfer Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into with effect as of June 6, 2016 (the “Effective Date”) by and between Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Nevada corporation with a place of business at 200 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx, XX 00000 and Pieris Pharmaceuticals GmbH, a German company with a place of business at Lxxx-Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx 00, 00000 Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx (collectively and together with their Affiliates, “Pieris”) and Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation with a place of business at 200 XxxxxxxxxXxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 0000, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 (together with its Affiliates, “Enumeral”).
Definitive acting as trustee), is or becomes the Beneficial Owner, directly or indirectly, of securities of the Company representing more than forty percent (40%) of the combined voting power of the then outstanding securities entitled to vote generally in the election of directors (“Voting Securities”) of the Company; or