DEFAMATION Sample Clauses

DEFAMATION. The Parties covenant and agree that in no event, and at no time during the Term or at any time thereafter, shall either of them disparage, denigrate, slander, libel or otherwise defame the other or the other’s businesses, services, properties or assets, or employees, personnel, agents, or representatives.
DEFAMATION. Exhibits or Exhibitors who defame or disparage the products or integrity of another Exhibitor, or exhibits which disturb or disrupt the exhibits of another in any way, are prohibited. If such occurs at GISA / Host School, the Exhibitor will be asked to stop any unacceptable conduct. GISA will shut down an Exhibit not in compliance with that stated above. No refunds will be granted in the event of dismissal from the Annual Conference.
DEFAMATION. 24 The Parties and the Mediator agree that no statements or comments, whether written or oral, made or used by them or their representatives during the mediation shall be relied upon to found or maintain any action for defamation, libel, slander or any related complaint, and this document may be pleaded in bar to any such action.
DEFAMATION. During the Restricted Period, (i) you agree that you will not disparage or criticize the Company or its Affiliates, or their respective businesses, management, directors, business practices, or equity holders (the “Company Entities”) and that you will not otherwise do or say anything that could disrupt the good morale, or otherwise harm the interests or reputations, of the Company Entities and (ii) the Board and executive management team of the Company and CCS will not publicly disparage or criticize you.
DEFAMATION. The Underwriters will indemnify the Insured for the Damages and Defence Costs resulting from any Claim for any libel, slander or defamation by the Insured.
DEFAMATION. We agree to extend cover to any Damages resulting from a Claim for unintentional defamation by You in the Provision of professional services. We shall not be liable to make any payment under this Policy for any Claim directly or indirectly caused by, arising out of or in any way connected with intentional defamation.
DEFAMATION. You agree not to post or transmit any content in violation of any applicable law of libel or defamation in the United States or elsewhere.
DEFAMATION. Client hereby warrants, states, understands, contends and promises to not make any defamatory statements of VVS Academy, Xxxxx or any of their employees, agents, independent contractors, coaches, borrowed servants, or representatives at any point, irrespective of whether Client is still under the coaching and supervision of VVS Academy and Xxxxx in the past or is no longer.
DEFAMATION. Any programs or announcements that are slanderous, libelous or defamatory in nature, including in theme, treatment or audio content.
DEFAMATION. During the pendency of this Letter of Intent, neither party shall defame or make bad faith derogatory statements to third parties about the other party, which restriction shall not apply to statements made in legal, arbitration, administrative or investigative proceedings, or statements required to be made under applicable laws, court order or subpoena, or in a mandated discovery process in any legal proceeding.