Custom Sample Clauses

Custom. A Print Image printed on preprinted form paper or perforated paper as required and provided by DIR Customer For clarity, the single Print Images (15-Day Delivery) unit rate covers both Standard print and Custom print; however, Custom print paper is provided by DIR Customer.
Custom. All parties to this Agreement shall have the right at all times to enforce the provisions contained in this Agreement, and in all other agreements and documents required or provided for herein, in strict accordance with the terms thereof, notwithstanding any custom or practice in the area or any conduct or continuing conduct on the part of any party hereto to the contrary unless expressly agreed to in writing. The failure of any party hereto, at any time or from time to time, to enforce any of its rights under any provision herein, strictly in accordance with the same, shall not be construed as varying the terms hereof, in any way or manner, contrary to the specific provisions of this Agreement or be construed as modifying or waiving such provision.
Custom. Direct ULC shall take all necessary steps and corporate proceedings to cause (a) the Custom Direct ULC Notes issued by Custom Direct ULC to be duly and validly created, issued and delivered to the Fund at the Closing on the Date of Closing, free and clear of all Liens other than Liens, if any, granted by the Fund and (b) the Custom Direct ULC Notes issued by Custom Direct ULC to be duly and validly created, issued and delivered to MDC and Ashton-Potter at the Closing on the Date of Closing, frxx xxx xxxxx of all Liens other than Liens, if any granted by MDC or Ashton-Potter, as the case may be.
Custom designed in-house training programs sponsored and directed by the District or the LNSU not accredited at the bachelor's or master's level may be granted “recognized credit” for horizontal movement by the Superintendent, provided the program meets the terms of 6.1.2-3 above AND:
Custom coded processes created for TPA vendor to enable them to process the BPS files 3. HIPAA 834 eligibility files created for all capable insurance carriers.
Custom menus may require earlier guarantees set forth in the custom proposal document. A firm guarantee for meals (including multiple entrée menu breakdowns) is required no later than five (5) business days, excluding weekends & holidays, prior to the event date. Groups of one thousand (1000) guests or more will require final guarantees ten (10) business days, excluding weekends & holidays, prior to event date. *Final Guarantees not received by twelve o’clock (12:00) Noon on scheduled due date will default to the preliminary guarantee as final guarantee.
Custom. Notifications Important and personalized alerts appear in each user’s notification area, and custom applications can add their own notifications. Responsive Design support Web Applications are based on Twitter Bootstrap, making it possible to create responsive pages that look great regardless of device. Economy of scale Services constituting one aggregative infrastructure may be hosted over servers maintained at different sites
Custom. Master Records that are of a different layout or configuration than Standard Master Records. Standard information is maintained by Jeppesen in accordance with established Jeppesen criteria. Additionally, certain other information may be maintained in accordance with SVK MOD established criteria. SVK MOD specific information may not be monitored by Jeppesen.
Custom built Homes. If plans and specifications are available to be made a part of the Purchase Agreement, the following clause may be used: “and home to be built in compliance with the signed set of plans and specifications which are attached to and made a part of this Purchase Agreement; Seller agrees to grade, seed, and landscape all disturbed areas of the yard and finish interior and exterior of this home in a ‘turn-key’ manner.”
Custom. Enables you to specify custom settings for your PDF output. Refer to Setting PrimoPDF Custom Preferences for further details. Document Properties PrimoPDF Document Properties allows you to specify a title, subject, author, and keywords for your PDF document. This supplies users with basic information about the document, and provides a useful way to search for information. To set Document Properties