Custom Sample Clauses

Custom. A Print Image printed on preprinted form paper or perforated paper as required and provided by DIR Customer For clarity, the single Print Images (15-Day Delivery) unit rate covers both Standard print and Custom print; however, Custom print paper is provided by DIR Customer.
Custom. All parties to this Agreement shall have the right at all times to enforce the provisions contained in this Agreement, and in all other agreements and documents required or provided for herein, in strict accordance with the terms thereof, notwithstanding any custom or practice in the area or any conduct or continuing conduct on the part of any party hereto to the contrary unless expressly agreed to in writing. The failure of any party hereto, at any time or from time to time, to enforce any of its rights under any provision herein, strictly in accordance with the same, shall not be construed as varying the terms hereof, in any way or manner, contrary to the specific provisions of this Agreement or be construed as modifying or waiving such provision.
Custom. In the mobile application you can add business rule that implements custom logic (custom business rule). The method is provided for this type of business rules. Filter values Advanced Example 1
Custom. Dirxxx Xxxxxx xxall take all necessary steps and corporate proceedings to cause the Custom Direct Canada Common Shares issued by Custom Direct Canada to be duly and validly created, issued as fully paid and non-assessable and delivered to the Fund at the Closing on the Date of Closing, free and clear of all Liens other than (i) the restrictions on transfer, if any, contained in the articles of Custom Direct Canada and (ii) Liens, if any, granted by the Fund.
Custom. Add a “Source codeschema in a custom package (e.g. ). In this schema, define a class that implements IHeaderPropertyHandler the interface, e.g.: namespace Terrasoft.Configuration { using System; public class NoreplyHandler: IHeaderPropertyHandler { public bool Check(object value) { return string.Equals(value.ToString(), "No", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase); } } } JunkFilter Save and publish the new schema. IHeaderPropertyHandler The package dependency. interface is defined in the package, so it must be added to the custom
Custom built Homes. If plans and specifications are available to be made a part of the Purchase Agreement, the following clause may be used: “and home to be built in compliance with the signed set of plans and specifications which are attached to and made a part of this Purchase Agreement; Seller agrees to grade, seed, and landscape all disturbed areas of the yard and finish interior and exterior of this home in a ‘turn-keymanner.”
Custom. This option will allow you to edit the tiles by dragging the division lines and nodes. Regular Grid - This option will resize the tiles to maintain width and height dimensions for the individual tiles, rather than sizing them according to the media size specifically. Margin - This option will create an overlap of the resulting cut, which may be useful as overlap in the final resulting job may be required. Show Dimensions - This option toggles the tile sizes on and off. All Tiles - This option will have all tiles selected to be cut. Selected Tiles Only - This option allows for selected tiles only to be cut. Alternately, you may click in the Design View on the tiles to toggle them on or off. Separation- This option toggles the tile sizes on and off.