COVER Sample Clauses

COVER. If the number of Shares represented by any Put Notices become restricted or are no longer freely trading for any reason, and after the applicable Closing Date, the Investor purchases, in an open market transaction or otherwise, the Company's Common Stock (the "Covering Shares") in order to make delivery in satisfaction of a sale of Common Stock by the Investor (the "Sold Shares"), which delivery such Investor anticipated to make using the Shares represented by the Put Notice (a "Buy-In"), the Company shall pay to the Investor the Buy-In Adjustment Amount (as defined below). The "Buy-In Adjustment Amount" is the amount equal to the excess, if any, of (a) the Investor's total purchase price (including brokerage commissions, if any) for the Covering Shares over (b) the net proceeds (after brokerage commissions, if any) received by the Investor from the sale of the Sold Shares. The Company shall pay the Buy-In Adjustment Amount to the Investor in immediately available funds immediately upon demand by the Investor. By way of illustration and not in limitation of the foregoing, if the Investor purchases Common Stock having a total purchase price (including brokerage commissions) of $11,000 to cover a Buy-In with respect to the Common Stock it sold for net proceeds of $10,000, the Buy-In Adjustment Amount which the Company will be required to pay to the Investor will be $1,000.
COVER. If (x) any Event of Default shall occur and be continuing, on the Business Day that the Company receives notice from the Administrative Agent or the Required Lenders (or, if the maturity of the Loans has been accelerated, Lenders with LC Exposure representing greater than 50% of the total LC Exposure) demanding the deposit of cash collateral pursuant to this paragraph or (y) the Company requests the issuance of a Letter of Credit with an expiry date that is later than the expiry date prescribed in clause (c) of this Section 2.06 (an “Extended Letter of Credit”), the Company shall either (A) cover by arranging for the issuance of one or more standby letters of credit issued by an issuer, and otherwise on terms and conditions, satisfactory to the Administrative Agent or (B) deposit cash in an account with the Administrative Agent, in each case in the name of the Administrative Agent and for the benefit of the Administrative Agent, the Issuing Banks and the Lenders, and in an amount equal to (1) with respect to a Letter of Credit denominated in Dollars, 100% and (2) with respect to a Foreign Currency Letter of Credit, 105%, in each case of the Dollar Amount of the LC Exposure in respect of such Extended Letter of Credit (in the case of the foregoing clause (y)) or in the aggregate (in the case of the foregoing clause (x)) as of such date plus any accrued and unpaid interest thereon; provided that (i) the portions of such amount attributable to undrawn Foreign Currency Letters of Credit or LC Disbursements in a Foreign Currency that the Company is not late in reimbursing shall be covered or deposited in the applicable Foreign Currencies in an amount equal to 105% of the actual amounts of such undrawn Letters of Credit and LC Disbursements and (ii) the obligation to provide such letter(s) of credit cover or deposit such cash collateral shall become effective immediately, and such cover or deposit shall become immediately due and payable, without demand or other notice of any kind, upon the occurrence of any Event of Default with respect to the Company described in clause (h) or (i) of Article VII. For the purposes of this paragraph, the Foreign Currency LC Exposure shall be calculated using the applicable exchange rates of the Administrative Agent on the date notice demanding letter of credit cover or cash collateralization is delivered to the Company. The Company also shall deposit cash collateral pursuant to this paragraph as and to the extent required by Sec...
COVER. A. The Company shall cede, and the Reinsurer shall accept as reinsurance, a quota share of all business reinsured hereunder. The Reinsurer shall pay to the Company the Reinsurer’s quota share of losses under the Policies, Loss Adjustment Expense, Extra Contractual Obligations, and Loss in Excess of Policy Limits covered under this Contract.
COVER. If, in the reasonable judgment of the Counties, a default by Contractor is not so substantial as to require termination, reasonable efforts to induce Contractor to cure the default are unavailing, Contractor fails to cure such default within 30 Days of receipt of Notice from the Counties, and the default is capable of being cured by the Counties or by another resource without unduly interfering with continued performance by Contractor, the Counties may, without prejudice to any other remedy it may have, provide or procure the Services reasonably necessary to cure the default, in which event Contractor shall reimburse the Counties for the reasonable cost of the difference between the original Agreement Charges for the Services in default and the replacement costs of such Services acquired from another vendor. In addition, Contractor must cooperate with these resources in allowing access to the Software Facilities, and Equipment.
COVER. The Issuer agrees and undertakes that the security interest created over specific movable property (as understood under Rule 18(1)(d) of the Companies (Share Capital and Debenture) Rules, 2014) in favour of the Debenture Trustee, for the benefit of the Debenture Holders, shall be sufficient to discharge principal amounts of the Debentures and the Coupon at all times.
COVER. Skuld shall cover the Assured’s reasonable costs for necessary legal assistance in relation to disputes which are directly connected with the operation of the entered yacht and which are in respect of any of the following:
COVER. A “Cover” is an Artist who is contracted and paid a retainer as negotiated between the Artist and the Engager to be available to replace a contracted Artist who is unable to perform. A Cover may not be required to rehearse or perform unless signed to a COA Engagement Contract.