Conveyancing Sample Clauses

Conveyancing. At Closing, Sellers will convey the Realty to Holdings or its designated Permitted Affiliate Purchasers and the Timberlands to Timber Co. or its designee, in each case by special limited warranty deeds (the "Deeds") in a form customary and suitable for recordation in each applicable jurisdiction and sufficient to convey fee simple title to the Realty and Timberlands, subject only to Permitted Encumbrances, and otherwise in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Holdings. For the avoidance of doubt, when used in this paragraph the term "special limited warranty deed" shall be interpreted to mean a customary form of deed in which the warranties of Sellers relate only to the period during which the Sellers had title, and in which Sellers represent that they have no knowledge that such warranties are untrue for any period prior thereto.
Conveyancing. Expenses The legal and statutory charges and real estate agents commission involved in the sale of the employee's pre-transfer residence and purchase of the employee's new residence.
Conveyancing. (b) Litigation
Conveyancing. At Closing and upon payment of the Purchase Price as provided for in this Agreement, Seller shall convey the Property to Buyer in fee simple by a general warranty deed. Seller shall convey marketable fee simple title to Buyer, subject only to: (A) the lien for real estate taxes not yet due and payable; (B) existing easements for public utilities recorded among the Land Records; ( C ) such tenancies as Buyer shall gave given prior written consent to following disclosure by Seller; and, (D) restrictions, covenants and other matters affecting title (other than mortgages, mechanics' liens and other matters that may be discharged by the payment of money at Closing, which Seller covenants to do), recorded among the Land records as of the date of this Agreement.
Conveyancing. Marketable, insurable, fee simple title to the Land, Improvements and Fixtures shall be conveyed via Warranty Deed at Closing, subject only to the Permitted Exceptions, and to the Property Rights via a Quit Claim Deed at Closing, subject only to the Permitted Exceptions.
Conveyancing. In this context, the work carried out by lawyers to transfer property from one person or entity to another. Covenant An agreement to abide by a particular condition, for example, an undertaking not to fence the front portion of a plot of land. This is registered on the title to the land. Cross-lease Where a number of people share in the ownership of a piece of land and the houses built on the land are leased from the other land owners. Deposit A proportion of the purchase price (usually 5-10%) is paid by the buyer when either the Agreement is signed or the Agreement conditions are met. Disbursements Disbursements are out-of-pocket expenses (such as title search and registration fees) incurred by a lawyer, on a client’s behalf, and reimbursed to the lawyer by the client. Discharge When a mortgage is discharged, it is repaid in full and formally removed from the title (hence ‘clear’ title). Easement A right over the property of another, such as a drainage easement over a neighbouring property, or a right-of-way.
Conveyancing or Transfer Tax Forms or Returns. Such conveyancing or transfer tax forms or returns, if any, as are required to be delivered or signed by Seller by applicable state and local law in connection with the conveyance of the Real Property; Agreement of Purchase and Sale - (1111 Durham Ave., S. Plainfield, NJ) - Page 14 ----------------------------------------------------------------------