Consolidations Sample Clauses

Consolidations. Any one or more Trustees or the Secretary may prepare consolidated copies of the Contract of Trust as it may from time to time be amended or amended and restated and may certify the same to be a true consolidated copy of the Contract of Trust, as amended or amended and restated.
Consolidations. .01 When, through the application of paragraphs 5.05, 5.06, and 5.07, the recommended candidate for one or more Course Instructor positions has previously been awarded a concurrent Course Instructor position, with the result that the combined appointments, if made, would require a consolidation into a single position within the full-time bargaining unit, the appointee may be awarded the position(s) in accordance with this Article. While it is understood that a Tutorial/Workshop Leader position might occasionally be part of the consolidation, a Tutorial/Workshop Leader position cannot be part of a consolidation unless it is held in addition to two Course Instructor positions. .02 There shall be no more than three (3) such consolidations in any twelve-month period from September 1 to August 31. Consolidations in excess of this number require the agreement of the Union. Such agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld. .03 The Union shall be advised of any proposed consolidations prior to any offer of appointment. In addition and upon request, the Employer will provide the Union with all relevant non- confidential information regarding the need for the consolidation. .04 If the Employer is considering a consolidation beyond the limit specified in .03 above, the Union shall be promptly notified prior to any offer of appointment being made. In such cases, the Union agrees to meet promptly with an authorized representative of the Department of Human Resources to discuss the matter. .05 Where a candidate for a Course Instructor position has previously been awarded a concurrent Course Instructor position and would otherwise be entitled to the subsequent position, but the Employer prefers to not consolidate the positions as per .01 above, the candidate may request that that appointment be split in two such that he or she may then accept a .5 Course Instructorship position in that course. This request shall be made through the Office of the Dean and will be given consideration in consultation with the affected Department/Program(s).
Consolidations. In the event of any consolidation or consolidations of the Shares of the Corporation as they were constituted at the time any Options granted hereunder were granted into a lesser number of Shares, the Optionee shall accept at the time of the exercise thereof, in lieu of the number of Shares in respect of which the Option is then being exercised, the lesser number of Shares that results from such consolidation or consolidations.
Consolidations. If vacancies occur in rooms during the course of a semester, the remaining residents must consolidate with other residents in similar situations, or choose to pay the adjusted rate according to actual room occupancy. Available options depend upon occupancy at the time of vacancy. Refusal by the remaining residents to consolidate could result in an increased rate for lower occupancy and subject to student conduct. Open Room Spaces Every effort will be made to assign a new resident to a space that matches the current resident in compatibility. The current resident does not have the right to deny the unpaid space to another student by: refusing a roommate/suitemate, occupying the empty space, ) cluttering and/or refusing to clean and keep ready the space for a roommate to move-in, or by harassing new residents in an effort to persuade the new resident to not live with them. If any of these issues are discovered, the current resident would be in violation of the Guide to Community Living and subject to disciplinary action, removal from that space, as well as any additional cost of the other space (Buyout). Non-Occupancy Non-occupancy of a residence hall space does not cancel the contractual obligation. Registered students who do not check into their assigned rooms may lose the specific space assigned to them and be transferred to a different room based upon the needs of the University or community, but will still be billed for the room to which they are officially assigned. Temporary Expanded Occupancy Housing There may be a need to assign students to temporary expanded occupancy housing to accommodate the number of requests for residence hall space. These students will receive permanent assignments as space becomes available and will be required to move. The available space that a student is reassigned to may not match their room or roommate preferences on their application. Expanded housing accommodations are provided at a reduced daily rate. The Housing Contract Binding Date is 72 hours after the Housing Contract and Intent to Live on Campus is e-signed. Any student who is not already required to live on campus for that year such as new first year students and second year Residential College students have the ability to cancel their Housing Contract during this time. Upon 72 hours after the e-signing date the cancel option will expire.
Consolidations. In the event that CLIENT acquires the rights to a product serviced by a competitive AGENCY in the territory, CLIENT will follow the procedures as developed in FSMA Policy Statement #3 on Consolidations.
Consolidations. 49. Transportation when Transferred
Consolidations. For the purposes of this Article, references tothe Companyinclude all constituent corporations absorbed in a consolidation or merger as well as the resulting or surviving corporation so that any person who is or was a director, officer, employee or agent of another corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other enterprise shall stand in the same position under the provisions of this Article with respect to the resulting or surviving corporation as he would if he has served the resulting or surviving corporation in the same capacity.
Consolidations. The Trustee may prepare consolidated copies of this Indenture as it may from time to time be amended or amended and restated and may certify the same to be a true consolidated copy of this Indenture, as amended or amended and restated.