Connection Sample Clauses

Connection. To use the Services, the Client must ensure that it has access to a remote connection (such as the Internet or a private network), which it is solely responsible for and bears the costs of. The Client is hereby informed that the Internet presents technical hazards and security risks that are external to the technical measures employed by OVHcloud in the provision of the Services. OVHcloud shall not be held liable for any faults by Internet access providers or other third party data transport networks (including but not limited to lack of reliability of connection lines, bandwidth fluctuations, connection interruptions, etc.), nor for the consequences of said faults, particularly in cases when they result in the unavailability or discontinuity of the Services.
Connection. Customer must connect to Bandwidth’s network in a manner and at locations determined by Bandwidth. Customer will, at Customer’s sole cost, be responsible for providing all equipment (including proxy servers), software, facilities and IP connectivity (including, without limitation, connectivity to Customer’s End Users, customers or subscribers) necessary for Customer’s Outbound Calling applications and Customer’s network to operate with Outbound Calling, and for providing and ensuring the successful installation of all equipment and software necessary for Customer’s End Users, customers or subscribers to use services sold to such End Users, customers or subscribers. Customer will have the sole responsibility to input, validate and maintain accurate information with respect to Customer’s End Users, customers and/or subscribers; Customer will furthermore be solely responsible for any and all support of and for Customer’s End Users, customers, and/or subscribers as it relates to Outbound Calling. For clarity, with respect to any and all Class 5 Features Customer may offer to Customer’s End Users from time to time, Customer will provide to Bandwidth any and all accurate information required to support Outbound Calling with respect to such services, even if Customer obtains such information from Customer’s applicable End Users.
Connection. 6.1.1. The Supplier (check one): and LDC have entered into a Micro-Embedded Generation Facility Connection Agreement (the “Connection Agreement”) with respect to the Facility. and LDC are the same legal entity and no Micro-Embedded Generation Facility Connection Agreement is required with respect to the Facility.
Connection the procedure by which we give you access to Services. ‘Connected’, ‘Connecting’, and ‘re-Connection’ have corresponding meanings;
Connection. A Project shall be deemed to be connected to the grid when the transmission lines originating from the Project physically meet the common bus bar of the incoming feeder of CTU substation. The line may or may not be charged at this stage.
Connection. If your existing connection to the supply network or associated equipment requires modification or upgrading, you will need to make arrangements with your distribution entity about your connection. In some cases, we can arrange for these things on your behalf.
Connection. For a Collocation arrangement, the facilities between the collocating Party’s equipment and the equipment or facilities of the housing Party (such as the housing Party’s digital signal cross connect, Main Distribution Frame, or other suitable frame or panel).
Connection. 28.1 Connection: Transpower will permit the Customer to connect the Customer's Assets to the grid at the Points of Connection and to remain connected in accordance with this Agreement for the purpose of enabling the transfer of electricity between the grid and the Customer's Assets.
Connection a) The Electricity Seller is responsible for the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of the connection equipment to connect the plant with the transmission grid, distribution grid in accordance with the regulations on transmission grid, distribution grid and other relevant regulations. The Electricity Seller must incur the cost to install the measurement system at the substations in accordance with provisions in Appendix A of this Agreement.