Communities Sample Clauses

Communities as defined in the Recitals.
Communities. Distributor will commit [***] for [***] marketing, including: [***] Xilinx marketing by [***], joint marketing between [***] and Avnet, [***] and workshops, and expansion of [***] and online workshops.
Communities. An amendment to this agreement is required if SSO:USA wishes to utilize the Journal structure within CommonKnowledge.
Communities. The homeowner not C & M Worldwide Holdings Inc cannot and does not guarantee access to any resort amenities including but not limited to pools, golf courses, fitness centers, recreation areas and restaurants. The homeowner nor C & M Worldwide Holdings Inc shall not be held liable if community amenity access is restricted due to weather, maintenance, construction, resort policies or any other reason.
Communities. Under the supervision of a CEA, each community shall set up a Management Committee to oversee the activities under Part 1 of the Project. The Community Management Committee shall: (i) identify and mobilize members of the community to operate as Nutrition Aides; (ii) allocate appropriate sites for Nutrition Aides to conduct monthly growth promotion activities and provide other support, as necessary; and (iii) strengthen its capacity to analyze and respond to local nutrition problems.