Communities Sample Clauses

Communities. We strengthen communities by enhancing their ability to support families.
Communities a) Develop new outreach activities with and for communities living in Farnham, Haslemere, Godalming and Cranleigh
Communities. 6.1 Ensuring the integration of entities within their territories
Communities. The User is granted a right to access to as many Communities as it wishes provided that (i) the Community administrator validates User’s registration and (ii) User undertakes and warrants to respect the terms of use applying to those Communities. By default or in case of contradiction, the present Terms apply by precedence to the use of the Service through other Communities. Customer acknowledges that the administrator of a Community shall keep the right to grant or to deny access to its own Community on a discretionary basis. For any information provided by a Community, the administrator of such Community or its members decide whether such information shall be freely accessible, accessible under conditions or not accessible to the members of other Communities. Such Community shall be accessible through the Service and its own terms of use, if any, shall not contradict with the Terms of Use of the Service. For technical reasons, any User who decides to create a new Community through the Service acknowledges, agrees and undertakes to allow Company to: (i) reference such Community, (ii) to communicate to all other users the Service information about the User, such as the description of the Community provided by User, (iii) to reference the users of the Community in the Directory (“Directory” means the directory where all users of the Service are referenced). And (iv) to perform any other technical operation reasonably necessary for the Company to provide or to improve the Service.
Communities. Should one or more share be jointly held by one or several persons, such co-owners shall be bound to appoint a single attorney-in-fact for all of them to act as a single shareholder toward the company.
Communities xxx shall have no liability under this Section 9 for any claim or suit to the extent that any alleged infringement is based upon: (i) the combination, operation, or use of The Palace Software Products with devices, parts, or software not supplied by, (ii) modifications made to The Palace Software Products other than those made by or in accordance with's written instructions, or (iii) use of The Palace Software Products other than as permitted under this Agreement or in a manner for which they were not intended.
Communities. An amendment to this agreement is required if SSO:USA wishes to utilize the Journal structure within CommonKnowledge.
Communities. Over the present Funding Agreement period NMSI undertakes to continue to improve accessibility for priority groups and to increase emphasis on social inclusion and cultural diversity. NMSI will also continue to make and maintain links with local communities in order to give local residents a stake in their museums and use them to improve the quality of life in their area.
Communities. 6.1 Ensure the integration of entities in their territories (region, country) ( , )
Communities. 1. CBAs may give neighborhoods a more meaningful role in the development process than the opportunities the existing land use process provides for public participation. Those who champion CBAs on behalf of local communities articulate several justifications for the agreements. First, they argue that the local government’s normal land use procedures often fail to ensure that the concerns of the neighborhood most affected by the proposed development are considered and adequately addressed.147 They argue that the representatives of the neighborhood are not effective in advocating for the community. In New York City, for example, the community boards’ recommendations are advisory only, and may be ignored by the Borough Presidents, City Planning Commission, City Council and Mayor. Elected officials could disregard a community 146 Cite to cases using the extortion analogy. 147 More generally, communities in many cities have turned the CBAs out of frustration with the lack of meaningful opportunities for communities to participate in the planning and design of federal urban renewal projects, community economic development programs, and land use decisions more generally. See, e.g., Ho, supra note Error! Bookmark not defined. , at 11-19. boards’ recommendations for appropriate reasons, such as the City’s need for a particular development, but may also be perceived as disregarding the community’s concerns because they depend upon developers for campaign contributions or other political support.148 The community boards are given few resources and little training to evaluate development proposals. Members serve at the pleasure of the Borough President, who sometimes replace members whose views he or she doesn’t like. Finally, while New York City gives communities the power to propose their own plans, there is wide-spread dissatisfaction with that process. Similar complaints are heard in many (if not most) local governments across the country. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, neighborhoods wishing to have a more significant role in the land use process see CBAs as a more direct and powerful way for the community to shape their neighborhood’s development.