Closed Sample Clauses

Closed a Purchased Receivable is Closed upon the first to occur of, (a) receipt of full payment by Buyer from Account Debtor, or (b) the unpaid face amount of the Purchased Receivable has been charged to the Reserve pursuant to this Agreement.
Closed. END FUND - ACCOUNT SERVICES DESCRIPTION. The services included in the Account Service Fee include: Account Maintenance: • Annual services as Transfer Agent, Registrar, Dividend Disbursement and Dividend Reinvestment Agent. • Processing of new accounts, preparation and mailing W-9/W-8 certifications to new accounts and closing accounts. • Posting and acknowledging address changes, tax ID number changes and W-9 and W-8 certification and all other routine file maintenance adjustments. • Posting all transactions • Researching shareholder and broker inquiries. • Daily Transfer Activity Journals • New York Window items • Indemnity Bonds • Suppression of duplicate report mailings. • Maintaining closed accounts.
Closed i. The reason for denial, withdrawal, or closure if applicable;
Closed. A potential status for an issue. An issue is considered closed after it has been resolved, solution migrated to production and validated in production.
Closed. Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Juneteeth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day
Closed. Properties in which:
Closed. The Corporation may at its option for promotion purposes any recording or part of recording of its programs and produce any other form of audio or video recording without broadcast, for the purposes of closed circuit promotion within its production quarters. page
Closed. This Note is closed, and as such, Canary shall not have the right or privilege of prepaying the whole or any part of the Principal or Interest owing hereunder at any time or times except with the consent of the CLI, which consent may be arbitrarily and unreasonably withheld.
Closed. The Order is closed and no further action is required (please note, the RESUBMIT button is always available should a customer issue arise). If RESUBMIT is selected the order will go back into the IN TRANSMISSION status and will drop into the lab system again. NOTE: All orders must be closed before the customer's credit card can be charged and the lab can receive credit for the order. Please note that orders that are resubmitted cannot/will not be charged for the order on the reprint order. UPLOAD IMAGES Upload scanned rolls to customer accounts on website. If the customers have not created their own account, go into Create Account. Setup user by completing all fields of information. Explain that Email is equivalent to the website login name and First Name is the temporary password (Case sensitive). Use Save & Create if multiple accounts need to be created. Once the new user data has been entered choose `Save and Continue' from the options below. This will send a welcome email to the user that provides login, password, and basic instructions
Closed. The complainant failed to cooperate with the investigation.