Car Park Sample Clauses

Car Park. 10.1. With effect from Practical Completion of the Leisure Centre until completion of the Car Park the Developer will provide the Council with 40 temporary parking spaces at no cost to the Council, in the locations and for the periods set out on Plan No [ ] attached at Schedule 12.
Car Park. Mechanical(Wohr/Parklift or equivalent) /covered/open to sky car parks. Security: High tech Close Circuit TV system. Generator/Power Backup: 24/7 power back‐up facility for all common areas and agreed load in each flat ( Jakson, Volvo, Kirloskar or equivalent).
Car Park. The Landlord shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused to or suffered by the Tenant or the servants agents licensees or visitors of the Tenant or any property of such person or to any private motor car or any of the contents or property of on or in any such car while it is approaching or in or upon or departing from the Car Park whether such loss or damage be due to the negligence of the Landlord or any of its servants or agents or to any other cause whatsoever
Car Park. The TENANT shall be entitled to use the storage facility located in and the car-parking space designated # allocated to the Premises for the purpose of parking one private motor vehicle and the TENANT shall be entitled to park two motor cycles in the motor cycle parking area;
Car Park. The Employee shall be entitled to the use of an allocated car park for each working day, at……………………. The cost of the car park will be met by the Employer. The car park allocated to the Employee may be varied from time to time at the Employer’s sole discretion.
Car Park. The Tenant is entitled to 1 (one) free parking bay for each 750 sq.ft of office space Leased under this Agreement. This is included in the annual Rent payable by the Tenant.

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  • Shopping 4. The methods of procurement are subject to, among other things, the detailed arrangements and threshold values set forth in the Procurement Plan. The Borrower may only modify the methods of procurement or threshold values with the prior agreement of ADB, and modifications must be set out in updates to the Procurement Plan.

  • Premises Parking and Common Areas 2.1 Letting Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor, the Premises, for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the terms covenants and conditions set forth in this Lease. Unless otherwise provided herein, any statement of square footage set forth in this Lease, or that may have been used in calculating rental and/or Common Area Operating Expenses, is an approximation which Lessor and Lessee agree is reasonable and the rental and Lessee's Share (as defined in Paragraph 1.6(b)) based thereon is not subject to revision whether or not the actual square footage is more or less.

  • MIDDLE SCHOOLS 1. Where there are no negotiated provisions concerning the implementation or operation of a middle school program, this article shall govern the implementation or operation of a middle school program in a school district.

  • Fitness Center Subject to the provisions of this Section, so long as Tenant is not in Default under this Lease, and provided Tenant’s employees execute a standard waiver of liability form used at the Fitness Center (hereinafter defined) and pay the applicable one time or monthly fee, then Tenant’s employees (the “Fitness Center Users”) shall be entitled to use the KINETIC fitness center (the “Fitness Center”) in the building located at 600 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, California. The use of the Fitness Center shall be subject to the rules and regulations (including rules regarding hours of use) established from time to time by the Fitness Center operator. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that the use of the Fitness Center by the Fitness Center Users shall be at their own risk. Tenant acknowledges that the provisions of this Section shall not be deemed to be a representation by Landlord that the Fitness Center (or any other fitness facility) shall be continuously operated and maintained throughout the Term of this Lease, and no termination of Tenant’s or the Fitness Center Users’ rights to the Fitness Center shall entitle Tenant to an abatement or reduction in Basic Rent, constitute a constructive eviction, or result in an event of default by Landlord under this Lease. Tenant hereby voluntarily releases, discharges, waives and relinquishes any and all actions or causes of action for personal injury or property damage occurring to Tenant or its employees or agents arising as a result of the use of the Fitness Center, or any activities incidental thereto, wherever or however the same may occur, and further agrees that Tenant will not prosecute any claim for personal injury or property damage against Landlord or any of its officers, agents, servants or employees for any said causes of action. It is the intention of Tenant with respect to the Fitness Center to exempt and relieve Landlord from liability for personal injury or property damage caused by negligence. Tenant’s rights hereunder to permit its employees to use the Fitness Center shall belong solely to Tenant and may not be transferred or assigned without Landlord’s prior written consent, which may be withheld by Landlord in Landlord’s sole discretion.

  • Space In order to facilitate the orderly, as well as the confidential, investigation of specific grievances, the University shall make available to Union Representatives or Stewards temporary use of an office or similar facility.

  • Parking Facilities The parking facilities appurtenant to the Building include asphalt surface parking for visitor parking and a separate parking structure for monthly parking (“Parking Structure”). Tenant shall be entitled to use commencing on the earlier of the Commencement Date or Tenant’s occupancy of the Premises, eight (8) vehicle parking spaces within the Parking Structure for the monthly parking of Tenant’s employees. Two of such parking spaces shall be for parking in the reserved covered portion of the Parking Structure, four (4) of such parking spaces shall be for parking in the unreserved covered portion of the Parking Structure, and the remaining two (2) parking spaces shall be for parking in the unreserved rooftop, uncovered portion of the Parking Structure. Tenant’s use of the Parking Structure shall be based upon a non-exclusive use in common with Landlord, other tenants of the Building, and their guests and invitees. Tenant shall not use more parking spaces than said number, or any spaces (a) which have been specifically assigned by Landlord to other tenants or for such other uses as visitor parking or (b) which have been designated by governmental entities of competent jurisdiction as being restricted to certain uses. Landlord reserves the right to erect such security and access and egress control devices as it may reasonably deem to be appropriate (including, without limitation card controlled gates) and Tenant agrees to cooperate fully with Landlord in such matters. Tenant shall not permit or allow any vehicles that belong to or are controlled by Tenant or Tenant’s employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, or invitees to be loaded, unloaded, or parked in areas other than those designated by Landlord for such activities. If Tenant permits or allows any of such prohibited activities, then Landlord shall have the right, without notice, in addition to such other rights and remedies that it may have, to remove or tow away the vehicle involved and charge the cost to Tenant, which cost shall be immediately payable upon demand by Landlord.

  • Vehicle Parking Lessee shall be entitled to use the number of Unreserved Parking Spaces and Reserved Parking Spaces specified in Paragraph 1.2(b) on those portions of the Common Areas designated from time to time by Lessor for parking. Lessee shall not use more parking spaces than said number. Said parking spaces shall be used for parking by vehicles no larger than full-size passenger automobiles or pick-up trucks, herein called "Permitted Size Vehicles." Vehicles other than Permitted Size Vehicles shall be parked and loaded or unloaded as directed by Lessor in the Rules and Regulations (as defined in Paragraph 40) issued by Lessor. (Also see Paragraph 2.9.)

  • Parking Throughout the Lease Term, Tenant shall have the right to use, on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, in common with other tenants of the Building and free of parking charges, the number of unreserved parking spaces set forth in Section 12 of the Summary, which unreserved parking spaces are located in the subterranean Parking Facility and the surface parking lot serving the Building as shall be designated by Landlord from time to time for unreserved parking for the tenants of the Building; provided, however, that Tenant, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, shall have the right to designate (i) up to six (6) of Tenant’s unreserved parking spaces as reserved parking spaces, the location of which reserved parking spaces shall be in the surface parking lot in an area next to the backside of the common area lobby near the entry to the Premises, with the exact location to be mutually agreed upon by Landlord and Tenant, and (ii) up to twenty-nine (29) of Tenant’s unreserved parking spaces as reserved parking spaces, the location of which reserved parking spaces shall be in the subterranean Parking Facility (within the exact location to be determined by Landlord after consultation with Tenant). Tenant’s continued right to use the parking spaces is conditioned upon (i) Tenant abiding by (A) the Parking Rules and Regulations which are in effect on the date hereof, as set forth in the attached Exhibit D and all modifications and additions thereto which are prescribed from time to time for the orderly operation and use of the Parking Facility by Landlord, and/or Landlord’s Parking Operator (as defined below), and (B) all recorded covenants, conditions and restrictions affecting the Building, and (ii) upon Tenant’s cooperation in seeing that Tenant’s employees and visitors also comply with the Parking Rules and Regulations (and all such modifications and additions thereto, as the case may be), any such other rules and regulations and covenants, conditions and restrictions. Landlord (and/or any other owners of Torrey Ridge Science Center) specifically reserve the right to change the size, configuration, design, layout, location and all other aspects of the Parking Facility (including without limitation, implementing paid visitor parking), and Tenant acknowledges and agrees that Landlord may, without incurring any liability to Tenant and without any abatement of Rent under this Lease, from time to time, close-off or restrict access to the Parking Facility. Landlord may delegate its responsibilities hereunder to a parking operator (the “Parking Operator”) in which case the Parking Operator shall have all the rights of control attributed hereby to Landlord. Any parking tax or other charges imposed by governmental authorities in connection with the use of such parking shall be paid directly by Tenant or the parking users, or, if directly imposed against Landlord, Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for all such taxes and/or charges within ten (10) days after Landlord’s demand therefor. The parking rights provided to Tenant pursuant to this Article 23 are provided solely for use by Tenant’s own personnel and such rights may not be transferred, assigned, subleased or otherwise alienated by Tenant without Landlord’s prior approval, except in connection with an assignment of this Lease or sublease of the Premises made in accordance with Article 14 above. All visitor parking by Tenant’s visitors shall be subject to availability, as reasonably determined by Landlord (and/or the Parking Operator, as the case may be), parking in such visitor parking areas as may be designated by Landlord (and/or the Parking Operator from time to time, and payment by such visitors of the prevailing visitor parking rate (if any) charged by Landlord (and/or the Parking Operator) from time to time.

  • Amenities Borrower will cause, or to the extent provided for pursuant to the Declarations, will use its best efforts to ensure that the Timeshare Owners’ Association, or the manager of the Resort, as applicable, will cause, the Resorts to be maintained in good condition and repair, and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Timeshare Documents, and Borrower will cause each Purchaser of an Interval at the Resorts to have continuing access to, and the use of, to the extent of such Purchaser’s time-share periods, all of the Common Elements and related or appurtenant services, rights and benefits, all as provided in the Declaration and the Timeshare Documents.

  • Area The sphere of operation shall be England, Wales and Northern Ireland.