Cannabis Sample Clauses

Cannabis. (Hemp) Oil - oil (cannabinoids and essential oils) extracted from cannabis (hemp) plant biomass using a solvent (CO2, Ethanol or other hydrocarbon). If required, the extracted oil is winterized and filtered to remove waxes and lipids. All solvent is removed from the resultant oil. If terpenes are recovered as part of the extraction process, they are re-added to the resultant oil.
Cannabis. Tenant agrees that the Premises shall not be used for the use, growing, producing, processing, storing (short or long term), distributing, transporting, or selling of cannabis, cannabis derivatives, or any cannabis containing substances (“Cannabis”), or any office uses related to the same, nor shall Tenant permit, allow or suffer, any of Tenant’s officers, employees, agents, servants, licensees, subtenants, concessionaires, contractors and invitees to bring onto the Premises, any Cannabis. Without limiting the foregoing, the prohibitions in this paragraph shall apply to all Cannabis, whether such Cannabis is legal for any purpose whatsoever under state or federal law or both. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, any failure by Tenant to comply with each of the terms, covenants, conditions and provisions of this paragraph shall automatically and without the requirement of any notice be a default that is not subject to cure, and Tenant agrees that upon the occurrence of any such default, Landlord may elect, in its sole discretion, to exercise all of its rights and remedies under this Lease, at law or in equity with respect to such default.
Cannabis. The Tenants or Occupants of the Rented Premises shall not engage in the cultivation or growing of Cannabis in the Rented Premises. A breach of this Rule shall be sufficient basis for the Landlord to seek termination of the tenancy based on the Tenant’s interference with the legal interest of the Landlord. If there are medical conditions where the cultivation and growing of Cannabis is deemed necessary to accommodate the needs of a Tenant or occupant of the Rented Premises and the Tenant provides proof of same, such activity shall not be conducted at the Rented Premises but shall be conducted off-site.
Cannabis. “C Grade” means flower buds the size of a dime or larger but smaller than a nickel.
Cannabis. A Grade” means flower buds the size of a quarter or larger.
Cannabis. Tenant shall obtain and at all times maintain in good standing all permits, licenses and approvals from all State, County and municipal authorities as are necessary to cultivate, process, sell, handle, and distribute marijuana, cannabis and related products for medical and recreational use. Tenant shall at all times operate its business in full compliance with all State, County and municipal laws, codes, rules and regulations. If Federal law is hereafter changed to allow the cultivation, processing, sale, or distribution of marijuana, cannabis, and related products , Tenant shall then obtain and at all times thereafter maintain all required Federal permits, licenses and approvals necessary to operate its business at the Premises. Until such time, if ever, that Federal Legalization occurs, Tenant shall not be required to comply with Federal law regarding cannabis and marijuana.
Cannabis. To the knowledge of Presidio, Presidio does not accept deposits from, has not originated any Loan to and does not otherwise transact business with any person engaged in the manufacture, production, distribution, sale, or other dispensation of cannabis. To the knowledge of Presidio, no borrower under any Loan (i) is engaged in the manufacture, production, distribution, sale or other dispensation of cannabis or (ii) leases any assets to any person engaged in the manufacture, production, distribution or dispensation of cannabis. To the knowledge of Presidio, Presidio has timely and properly filed all mandatory Suspicious Activity Reports as to cannabis and has complied with applicable guidance as to cannabis banking from any Governmental Entity.
Cannabis. Borrowers were not, and are not, an Indirect Marijuana Business, Direct Marijuana Business, or a Hemp-Related Business. Borrowers have not done, and do not do, business with an Indirect Marijuana Business, Direct Marijuana Business, or a Hemp-Related Business, and have not engaged, and do not engage, in any financial transaction involving a Direct Marijuana Business, Indirect Marijuana Business or Hemp-Related Business.
Cannabis. Except as set forth on Section 3.28 of the Disclosure Schedules, the Companies and their Subsidiaries do not sell any products or provide any services directly to any cannabis growers.
Cannabis. (a) Notwithstanding anything else contained in this Lease, the Tenant shall not use or permit to be used the Leased Premises or any part thereof: (i) for any use that is related to the production, sale, distribution, supply, management, operation or any other activity of any nature in respect of cannabis; or (ii) by any business or entity that is engaged in any of the foregoing activities. Without limitation, the Landlord may arbitrarily or unreasonably withhold its consent to a request for a Transfer to any proposed Transferee who proposes to use the Leased Premises for any such use or that is engaged in any such activity.