Breach Liability Sample Clauses

Breach Liability. 11.1 If Party A or Party B (each, a “Party”) directly or indirectly violates any provision hereunder or fails to perform or fails to timely and fully perform any of its obligations hereunder and thus constitutes a breach of this Agreement, the non-defaulting Party (the “Non-Defaulting Party”) shall have the right to send a written notification requiring the defaulting Party (the “Defaulting Party”) to make corrections, take adequate, effective and timely measures to eliminate the effect thus caused, and indemnify the Non-Defaulting Party any losses suffered from the Defaulting Party’s breach of contract.
Breach Liability. 9.1 Under the lease term, if Party B fails to pay the rent for more than three months and fails to make the payment within 15 days of the day on which Party A notifies Party B to pay the rent, Party A has the right to rescind this Agreement.
Breach Liability. 13.1. Any of the Parties (the “Indemnifying Party”) shall indemnify and hold harmless the other Party and any of its directors, affiliates, officers and agents (the “Indemnified Party”) from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, judgments, fines, duties or costs (the “Losses’) incurred as a result of (i) breach of any of its representations or warranties under this Agreement by the Indemnifying Party, or (ii) breach or failure to perform any of its representations, warranties or agreements under this Agreement by the Indemnifying Party, including without limitation any investigation or settlement costs and expenses in connection with any pending or potential lawsuits or proceedings, and any taxes or charges payable in connection with indemnity for any loss under this Agreement.
Breach Liability. 4.1 This Agreement is binding upon and enforceable against each of the Parties. If any Party fails to perform any of its obligations or liabilities under this Agreement, or any of its representations or warranties is untrue or has material omission, such Party shall be deemed to in breach of this Agreement and liable for any loss and damages incurred by any other Party arising from such breach.
Breach Liability. 1) In circumstances where Party B fails to supply the cows, Party B shall compensate Party A with 1% of the undelivered portion of the purchase price;
Breach Liability. During the term of engagement, any party shall not terminate the contract without the consent of the other party; otherwise, the breach party should compensate the other party for the economic damages suffered by the other party. VI. The attachments and exhibits to the contract shall be equally binding on both parties. VII. Should disputes arise during the performing of this contract, the two parties shall settle them through negotiations on their own; if they cannot be settled through negotiations, a lawsuit can be lodged to the court where the party concerned resides.