Boiler Sample Clauses

Boiler. If the Property contains steam boilers, or other high pressure vessels, insurance covering the major components of the central heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems, boilers, other pressure vessels, high pressure piping and machinery, elevators and escalators, if any, and other similar equipment installed in the Improvements, in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the full replacement cost of the Property, which policies shall insure against physical damage to and loss of occupancy and use of the Improvements arising out of an accident or breakdown covered thereunder.
Boiler. Insurance against loss or damage from explosion of any steam or pressure boilers or similar apparatus located in or about the Premises in an amount not less than the actual cost to repair or replace the insured equipment/machinery. At Tenant's option, the Premises may be included in Landlord's (or its affiliates') blanket policy of insurance, if and so long as the same is maintained by Landlord (or its affiliates), in which case the cost allocable to the Premises will be based on the insurer's cost calculations.
Boiler. The boiler and its controls must not be interfered with. Cleanliness of the hall At the start of Hire period the Premises should be clean and ready in all respects for your use. Please inspect the Hall on arrival and report any shortcomings to NHMC’s Representative as soon as possible. At the end of the Hire period please ensure that the premises are left fully fit for the next hiring. In particular all surfaces, floors, appliances, equipment and utensils should be thoroughly cleaned and, where appropriate, returned to their proper storage places. Any damage, breakages or defects should be reported to NHMC’s Representative. Care of the Premises Tables, chairs, items of equipment etc must on no account be dragged across the floor. Please use the trolley for moving chairs. When not in use chairs should be stacked no more than 5 chairs high and should not be placed in front of the radiators or fire doors. Shoes or boots which might damage the floor must not be worn. Curtains must be opened and closed by the ropes and pulleys to the right. Please do not tape, stick, pin, or otherwise attach decorations, photographs etc to the walls, woodwork, ironwork or fittings. Please observe all relevant food health and hygiene regulations when preparing, serving or selling food. Dairy products, vegetables and meat on the Premises must be refrigerated and stored in compliance with the Food Temperature Regulations. Cooked or uncooked food must not be left on the work surfaces overnight. Kitchen appliances must only be operated by competent persons over 16 years of age. The cookers, electric kettle and water boiler must be turned off at their wall switches. The fridges and freezer should on no account be switched off. Kitchen equipment should be checked against any inventory provided and should be returned clean to its proper storage places. No more than 3 persons should be in the Washing Up Kitchen when the dishwasher is in use. Electrical appliances Please notify NHMC of all appliances which you intend to bring onto the Premises. All such appliances must be previously tested. NHMC may require that they be connected by a qualified electrician. Please ensure that the appliances are safe, in good working order, and used in a safe manner in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Where a residual circuit breaker is provided please make use of it in the interests of public safety.
Boiler. The boiler shall be designed to ensure even and homogeneous flue gas flow and temperature profiles. For the purpose of controlling critical temperatures it shall be possible to measure any critical flue gas temperatures and hot water or steam temperatures in the boiler.
Boiler. Comprehensive boiler and machinery insurance covering all mechanical and electrical equipment against physical damage, rent loss and improvements loss and covering, without limitation, all tenant improvements and betterments that the Borrower is required to insure pursuant to any Lease on a replacement cost basis. The minimum amount of limits to be provided shall be $10,000,000 per accident.
Boiler. Boiler insurance if and when the demised premises contain a boiler or boilers, in the amounts which may be required under the terms of the Prime Lease. However, Xxxxxx will not be required to obtain boiler insurance in an amount in excess of $2,000,000.
Boiler. We will cover up to $500. COVERED: All mechanical system components and parts. NOT COVERED: All other components, including but not limited to: components which are part of the heating system and not part of the boiler, including but not limited to water feeders, thermostats, relays, zone valves, expansion tanks, piping, valves, fittings, external wiring, and additional circulators.
Boiler. Wherever used in this Specification, the term Boiler shall mean high temperature water generator (HTWG).
Boiler. Loss or damage by explosion of steam boilers, pressure vessels, or similar apparatus, now or hereafter installed in
Boiler. A policy of insurance against loss or damage by explosion of steam boilers, pressure vessels or similar apparatus, now or hereafter installed in the building on the Premises, in such limits with respect to any one accident as may be reasonably requested by the Landlord from time to time.