Bodies Sample Clauses

Bodies. The bodies of KSETA shall include: - The Coordinator; - Two Deputy Coordinators; - The Managing Director; - The Executive Board; - The Board of Researchers; - The Admission Panel; - The Plenum of Doctoral Researchers; - The Advisory Board. The rules of procedure of KIT of March 29, 2014 shall apply accordingly.
Bodies. The General Secretariat and the Court of Justice of the Andean Community are the competent bodies for administering and settling disputes arising from the application of the legal system of the Andean Community.
Bodies. Race organiser: 4 Islands d.o.o • Race jury: The race jury is selected by the race organiser and is a neutral body that makes final decisions on any complaints made by participants and officials.
Bodies. The General Assembly (1 x year) President (term 3 years) Executive Board (term 3 years); the composition (including the number of vice-presidents) to be determined later Secretary General
Bodies. 1. The bodies of the Joint Undertaking shall be the Governing Board and the Director.
Bodies. The following bodies are responsible for preparing the Selous-Niassa ecosystem management strategy:
Bodies. Lessee shall repair to the manufacturer's specifications, any holes or perforations to walls, interior liner, insulation materials, door seals and floors.
Bodies. The Company will be governed by the General Partner Board while the administration and representation will be held by the Administrative Body designated by the Board.
Bodies. Section 1. Bodies at the Regional Level §1. Advisory Committee of the Transboundary Basin of Mekrou