Billing Records and Exchange of Data Sample Clauses

Billing Records and Exchange of Data. All networks transporting transit traffic will deliver each call to the other Party’s network with SS7 CCIS and the appropriate Transactional Capabilities Application PART (TCAP) message in order to facilitate full interoperability and billing functions, unless the switch of the transiting Party is not technically capable of recording actual terminating minutes of use. To the extent that the industry adopts standard record formats and procedures for originating or terminating transit calls, both Parties will use reasonable efforts to comply with the industry standards to exchange records..

Related to Billing Records and Exchange of Data

  • INFORMATION AND DATA 21.1 At all times during the subsistence of this Agreement the duly authorized representatives of each Participant shall, at its and their sole risk and expense and at reasonable intervals and times, have access to the Property and to all technical records and other factual engineering data and information relating to the Property which is in the possession of the Operator.

  • Records and Reporting 7.01. The Implementing Entity shall provide to the Board, through the Secretariat, the following reports and financial statements:

  • Records and Reports The contractor shall keep such records as necessary to document compliance with the EEO requirements. Such records shall be retained for a period of three years following the date of the final payment to the contractor for all contract work and shall be available at reasonable times and places for inspection by authorized representatives of the contracting agency and the FHWA.