Auxiliary Sample Clauses

Auxiliary. Auxiliary are those employed for unspecified periods on a day-to-day basis whether for full days or partial days. Auxiliary employment shall not normally exceed 19 consecutive duty days. For those instances where the length of assignment was not accurately predicted, the College will count retroactively the 19 duty days toward regularization. Auxiliary employees are covered by the following provisions:
Auxiliary. 4.5.3 Employees who are offered regular appointments shall confirm acceptance by signing and returning one copy of their offer of appointment letter to the College.
Auxiliary. No. 2 cooling tower, pumps, and systems.
Auxiliary. Power Engineer employees will work seventeen hundred forty eight (1748) hours per year less the applicable vacation entitlement. (Equal to POWER ENGINEER). Pay calculations shall be based on 35 hours per week.
Auxiliary part-time, and other non-bargaining unit employees of the police Department may be used to supplement the work force. This can occur through regular shift assignments, as replacements for other non-bargaining unit members, and as replacements for bargaining unit members on vacation or other leaves, as long as one (1) bargaining unit member is working on the shift, and for emergency situations as determined by the employer.
Auxiliary. A seniority pool will be established for Auxiliary Employees. Access to each Auxiliary Seniority Pool will be extended to all Auxiliary Employees as follows:
Auxiliary. Vacation pay for auxiliaries shall be paid with each pay cheque depending on provincial government regulations and union agreements.
Auxiliary. Levels A and B of each category indicate more and less experience, respectively, within the same category. The transition from B to A will occur automatically after three years of contract at the center (two years in the case of T5), or earlier if the project manager so determines.
Auxiliary. This Committee will conduct socials, trips, fund raising events and assist in the beautification of the Campground.
Auxiliary. Power Unit Repair Agreement between NAA and Delta Air Lines Inc. dated 05 January 2004 term date of 31 December 2004 NAA extended term in writing per amendment #1 31 December 2005.