Attorney Sample Clauses

Attorney. Each Party acknowledges and accepts that, if a Party is represented by an attorney in connection with the signing and/or execution of this Agreement or any other agreement, deed or document referred to in this Agreement or made pursuant to this Agreement and the power of attorney is governed by Dutch law, that the existence and extent of the attorney’s authority and the effects of the attorney’s exercise or purported exercise of its authority shall be governed by Dutch law.
Attorney. 10.1.1 For all or any of the aforesaid purposes, on the occurrence of an Event of Default, the Borrower hereby irrevocably appoints the Lender as its attorney or attorneys, and in the name and on behalf of the Borrower, to execute and do all acts, deeds and things which the Borrower is authorized to execute and do under the covenants and provisions herein contained and generally to use the name of the Borrower in the exercise of all or any of the powers under this Agreement and the Transaction Documents or by law conferred upon the Lender and also to execute on behalf of the Borrower at the cost of the Borrower, the powers hereunder or by law conferred on the Lender and also to execute on behalf of the Borrower at the cost of the Borrower, such documents and deeds as may be necessary to give effect to the provisions referred to herein above.
Attorney. The Tenant shall, upon request of the Landlord or the Mortgagee or any other person having an interest in the Development, execute and deliver promptly such instruments and certificates to carry out the intent of this Article 12 as are requested by the Landlord. If ten (10) days after the date of a request by the Landlord to execute any such instruments or certificates the Tenant has not executed the same, the Tenant hereby irrevocably appoints the Landlord as the Tenant’s attorney with full power and authority to execute and deliver in the name of the Tenant any such instruments or certificates or, the Landlord may, at its option, terminate this Lease without incurring any liability on account thereof, and the Term hereby granted is expressly limited accordingly.
Attorney. Section 10.1 By way of security, the Owner hereby irrevocably appoints the Mortgagee (and all officers, employees or agents designated by the Mortgagee), to be its attorney generally for and in the name and on behalf of the Owner, and as the act and deed or otherwise of the Owner to (i) execute, seal and deliver and otherwise perfect and do all such deeds, assurances, agreements, instruments, acts and things which may be required for the full exercise of all or any of the rights, powers or remedies conferred by this Mortgage, the Credit Agreement, any of the other Loan Documents or any Relevant Swap Agreement, or which may be deemed proper in or in connection with all or any of the purposes aforesaid (including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the execution and delivery of a bxxx of sale of the Vessel), and (ii) make, settle and adjust claims in respect of the Vessel under policies of insurance, endorsing the name of the Owner on any check, draft, instrument or other item of payment for the proceeds of such policies of insurance and for making all determinations and decisions with respect thereto. In the event that the Owner at any time or times shall fail to obtain or maintain any of the policies of insurances required hereby or under the Credit Agreement or to pay any premium in whole or part relating thereto, the Mortgagee may, without waiving or releasing any obligation or liability of the Owner hereunder or any Event of Default, in its sole discretion, obtain and maintain such policies of insurance and pay such premium and take any other actions with respect thereto as the Mortgagee reasonably deems advisable. All sums disbursed by the Mortgagee in connection with this Section 10.1, including reasonable documented attorneys’ fees, court costs, expenses and other charges relating thereto, shall be payable, upon demand, by the Owner to the Mortgagee and shall be additional Secured Obligations secured hereby. The Owner ratifies and confirms, and agrees to ratify and confirm, any lawful deed, assurance, agreement, instrument, act or thing which the Mortgagee may execute or do pursuant hereto, provided always that such power shall not be exercisable by or on behalf of the Mortgagee until the occurrence of an Event of Default which is continuing.
Attorney. Each Borrower hereby irrevocably designates the Borrower Agent to be its attorney and agent and in such capacity to borrow, sign and endorse notes, and execute and deliver all instruments, documents, writings and further assurances now or hereafter required hereunder, on behalf of such Borrower or Borrowers, collectively, and hereby authorizes the Agent to pay over or credit all loan proceeds hereunder in accordance with the request of the Borrower Agent.
Attorney. 18.1 Attorney The Chargor hereby irrevocably, and by way of security, appoints the Security Trustee and the Receiver and any agent appointed by the Security Trustee or the Receiver, jointly and each of them severally, to be its attorney (with full power of delegation and substitution), and in its name and on its behalf, to insert the name of the Security Trustee, or its nominees, or of any purchaser, or to make any other alteration or addition in any instruments of transfer or documents which the Security Trustee may require for perfecting its title to or for vesting all or any of the Charged Assets in the Security Trustee, or its nominees, or in any purchaser, and to re-deliver the same thereafter, and without being limited by any of the foregoing, to execute, sign, seal as its act and deed deliver and do all deeds, instruments, acts and things whatsoever which, in the opinion of the Security Trustee or Receiver or such agent (whose opinion shall be conclusive and binding upon the Chargor), may be necessary or expedient that the Chargor should execute, sign, seal, deliver or do for the purpose of carrying out any trust or obligation hereby declared or imposed upon the Chargor, or for giving to the Security Trustee or Receiver, or such agent on its behalf the full benefit of any of the provisions of this Deed for the Secured Obligations, or any part thereof, and generally, without limitation, to use the Chargor's name(s) in the exercise of all or any of the powers hereby conferred on the Security Trustee or the Receiver or such agent. The Chargor hereby covenants that it will ratify and confirm all that the attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents.
Attorney. Each person signing this Agreement as attorney for a party warrants to the other party that as at the date of signing as attorney that person has not received any notice or information of the revocation of the power of attorney appointing that person.
Attorney. 1.4 The Managing Agent is (name. address and telephone, fax): 
Attorney. I may appoint an attorney to act for me in respect of an Account. However, you may refuse to honour any account transaction made by the attorney (or any committee appointed to act for me in respect of an Account) if their appointment has not been made according to your established procedures. I may find out what these procedures are by writing to you at the branch or by contacting Alterna Bank’s Contact Center at the telephone number located at the top of this page.
Attorney. 9.1 Subject to any limitations expressed elsewhere in this Agreement, the Pledgor and the Purchasers, by way of security in favour of the Vendors for the payment of all the Secured Obligations, irrevocably appoint the Vendors and any of its delegates or sub-delegates to be its attorney to take any action which the Pledgor and the Purchasers are obliged to take under this Agreement. The Pledgor and the Purchasers shall ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm whatever any attorney does or purports to do under its appointment under this Clause. The Vendors shall not have any obligation whatsoever to exercise any of such powers hereby conferred upon them or to make any demand or any inquiry as to the nature or sufficiency of any payment received by it, or to present or file any claim or notice or take any other action whatsoever with respect to the Pledged Shares.